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New EBooks

I recently released several updated or new eBooks, all freely downloadable in either the ePub or Mobi/Kindle formats.

My previous eBook analyzing the global Covid outbreak now includes a lengthy review of all the major books that have released discussing the origins of the virus, some of which have suggested a possible lab-leak, and I focused upon the obvious missing elements in those reconstructions.

A new eBook provides my own analysis of the current vaxxing controversy, the suddenly revived debate over HIV/AIDS, and other important public health issues.

And a couple of months ago I released a short eBook documenting the cases of Glenn Greenwald, Julian Assange, Stephen Cohen, and numerous other leading journalists and academics who were blacklisted and suppressed by the mainstream media for their refusal to conform to the dominant party line.

American Pravda: Our Covid-19 Catastrophe
Was the Epidemic the Result of Biowarfare Blowback?
EPub Format⬇Mobi/Kindle Format⬇ • 54,700 Words

American Pravda: AIDS and Public Health Issues
How Big Pharma Has Been Poisoning America
EPub Format⬇Mobi/Kindle Format⬇ • 31,100 Words

American Pravda: Giants Silenced by Pygmies
Media Suppression of Our Leading Journalists and Scholars
EPub Format⬇Mobi/Kindle Format⬇ • 12,200 Words

I’ve also now grouped together my major articles and eBooks on World War II in a convenient location:

Podcasting Possibilities

Given the extreme topicality of these issues and the unique elements of my own research findings, several people suggested that I provide my information to a wider audience by going on some of the podcasts that become an increasingly popular media source, and this seems like an excellent idea. My Covid articles alone have been viewed more than 400,000 times, but the universe of readers is merely a small slice of the broader public, and the give-and-take of a live discussion always adds considerable value.

Obviously, I’d be thrilled to be invited onto Joe Rogan’s show, given his regular audience of ten million or more, but I’d be very glad to discuss my ideas with any other podcaster as well, so anyone who knows such individuals should have them get in touch with me via Email. Probably the most likely topics would be my controversial analysis of the Covid outbreak or the debate over HIV/AIDS now suddenly revived by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.’s #1 Amazon bestseller, but other issues would also be fine. Here’s an audio link to my recent one hour appearance on Kevin Barrett’s Truth Jihad podcast, in which I discussed both of these important matters:

For those podcasters or others who are unfamiliar with me, here’s a brief summary, including links to major profiles of my background and past activities that had appeared in the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, the Economist, Slate, and Harvard Magazine, as well as a cover-story in the New Republic.

Obviously, the combination of such generally favorable and high-profile past media coverage together with my extremely controversial current views on a wide range of issues might add to the interest of any podcast appearance.

Recent Website Traffic

Finally, I recently updated the readership totals for our own webzine and various others based upon the December figures provided by SimilarWeb, a leading source of third-party traffic information, and the results were reasonably encouraging. Compared with the previous figures from March 2021, our total pageviews had slightly declined but our total visits had substantially increased, while aggregate readership time spent on the website was almost unchanged at well over 100,000 hours per month.

The table below compares our traffic numbers with those of 70-odd mostly alternative-media publications, ranked by total monthly pageviews, and I was pleased to see that we were still near the top.

According to these figures, we have nearly twice the pageviews of such venerable opinion magazines as The Nation and The New Republic, while hours spent on our website is better than three and four times greater respectively. We’ve now even jumped well ahead of Foreign Policy, though other publications such as LewRockwell have meanwhile moved well ahead of us. Most gratifying of all, the lavishly-backed Intercept, bankrolled with \$150 million of funding, continues its steady decline after Glenn Greenwald’s angry departure, now being only slightly ahead of us in pageviews and far, far behind in hours spent.

And unlike most of these other websites, we have achieved these strong results despite having been banned by Facebook and with all our pages deranked by Google.

PublicationTotal PagesTotal VisitsTotal HoursBounce%Tm/VPgs/V
The Daily Caller18,295,6008,630,000349,994582:262.12
National Review14,249,7006,390,000268,025622:312.23
The Daily Stormer9,408,5001,550,000120,986334:416.07
Reason Magazine4,959,4002,740,000105,033692:181.81
The Intercept4,768,4003,640,00066,733801:061.31
American Greatness4,684,8002,440,000105,733662:361.92
The Unz Review 4,403,2001,720,000113,233463:572.56
Global Research3,822,0001,560,00091,867593:322.45
Foreign Policy3,593,4003,390,00062,150761:061.06
The American Conservative3,377,5001,930,00062,725691:571.75
Marginal Revolution3,374,1001,630,00090,556633:202.07
American Renaissance3,303,239832,05085,747366:113.97
Jacobin Magazine2,949,2002,020,00041,522731:141.46
Asia Times2,937,6001,360,00042,311631:522.16
Signs of the Times2,927,4001,190,00065,119543:172.46
The Nation2,567,0001,510,00032,297691:171.70
The New Republic2,243,6001,420,00023,272770:591.58
World Socialist Website2,004,0001,200,00027,667751:231.67
Storm Front1,929,083293,62026,263435:226.57
The Vineyard of the Saker1,712,551774,91039,391463:032.21
Naked Capitalism1,604,259739,29054,831434:272.17
Moon of Alabama1,600,654744,49031,020532:302.15
The Right Stuff1,597,050491,40014,060481:433.25
The Grayzone1,457,526694,06014,460561:152.10
Tablet Magazine1,410,395986,29017,534731:041.43
Off Guardian1,351,818693,24020,990551:491.95
Current Affairs1,246,495532,69018,644742:062.34
Strategic Culture1,223,235390,81017,912562:453.13
Veterans Today1,170,117430,19019,239462:412.72
The Baffler1,062,389508,32016,803651:592:09
Commentary Magazine1,022,868473,55027,098583:262.16
Renegade Tribune943,550331,07022,347634:032.85
Paul Craig Roberts850,885429,74016,593622:191.98
Red Ice837,111412,37012,027471:452.03
Nation of Islam794,597249,0908,165571:583.19
Information Clearinghouse586,421270,24016,214573:362.17
MintPress News489,669335,3906,335741:081.46
Op Ed News454,19595,6208,526535:214.75
Consortium News445,335269,9005,473631:131.65
Chronicles Magazine379,891197,8604,947591:301.92
National Justice356,126217,1505,670621:341.64
Culture Wars352,12163,7901,311421:145.52
Occidental Observer329,351136,6605,390562:222.41
Occidental Dissent311,018139,4707,632533:172.23
In These Times292,179205,7603,658761:041.42
The Duran251,018102,0404,138452:262.46
Tom Woods233,677104,3205,998553:272.24
Dissident Voice192,170112,3802,466601:191.71
Russia Insider174,81889,6504,209562:491.95
• Category: Ideology • Tags: American Media, Conspiracy Theories 
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  1. KenH says:

    Traffic for the Unz Review would probably be much higher if it wasn’t punished with Google’s algorithms which derank sites they don’t like.

  2. saggy says: • Website

    Probably the most likely topics would be my controversial analysis of the Covid outbreak or the debate over HIV/AIDS now suddenly revived by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.’s #1 Amazon bestseller, but other issues would also be fine.

    This stuff is a distraction … for Christ’s sake … the US is trying to start a war in Ukraine and all the ‘pundits’ in the US are quacking about the Covid hoax. Don’t play the Jews’ game !

    • Agree: Kiza
  3. Antiwar7 says:

    Did they change the link URL of the Daily Stormer, to a broken one?

  4. Hey Ron Unz,
    Love your website, I was thinking of writing you an email to suggest you get in touch with Donald Jeffries, I think his blog would be a great contribution to
    Please read some of his blog entries.

    Love your website, I have learned a lot here. Also tell Gilad Atzmon to do some more writing.

    • Replies: @Greta Handel
  5. Charles says:

    I thought that we TUR readers were few and far between but perhaps I am completely wrong. If there is a relatively large readership, and IF people return and read Ron’s own Pravda articles and his collection of banned books…there could be hope yet.

  6. Franz says:


    And because I agree, I have strong suspicions about the numbers for National Review. Conservatives gave up on it years ago, so where’s their audience coming from?

    As always, thanks to Ron Unz for this amazing site.

    • Agree: Pat Kittle
  7. @anyone with a brain

    Is Mr. Atzmon is still welcome and willing to be published here?

    Why’s Gilad Atzmon now Archived?

    Gilad hasn’t published anything for a couple of months, and after a while, a columnist automatically drops to the Archived section:

    He’d been writing so much anti-Vaxx nonsense for a year, it’s possible he decided he was wrong, and is taking a break from publishing until he feels less embarrassed.

  8. I first found out about Unz when I thought it was Ebonics for United Nationz (UNZ). Then soon as I started reading, low and behold, I became awakened.
    Thanks a bunch for all the great writers and commentators.

    • Agree: Kronos, HdC
  9. Mr Unz I don’t always agree with you or your guests but you should be able to express thoughts and Ideas to a greater audience.

    When was the last time one of the big corporations -who run opinion- allowed a debate longer than a 5 minute grab on any subject discussed on this web page?

    The mass media is now just sensation, we have gone from the Frost Interviews to endless celebrity drivel.

    The standard of tv is representative of the society as a whole.

    An example is the behavior of the crowds at Tennis, once they sat and clapped appreciative only after a point was completed, now they Hoot-n-holler like apes.

    Society has regressed.

    • Replies: @Badger Down
  10. Kronos says:

    WOOHOO! The Unz Review is kicking ass!

    • Thanks: JR Foley
    • Replies: @Badger Down
  11. Great job Mr. Unz. Mr. Rogan, I’ve followed Unz for years and while I don’t agree with 100% of his ideas, I agree with nearly all. Please invite him to chat with you!

    Is Unz too toxic for Rogan! Yes Mr. Rogan, I challenge you to invite the great Unz! He has more haters than Malone.


  13. Does the ADL have a podcast? They would love to have you on!

  14. Jared Taylor has a podcast, Ed Dutton (Jolly Heretic), Ben Shapiro (lol), Dan Bongino, Fireside chat with Dennis Prager, The Candance Owens Show, JF Tonight (on Odyssey), Louder with Crowder, Glenn Beck, Get Off My Lawn with Gavin McIness, The Red Elephants, Michael Medved, Tim Pool, Eric Metaxas, Alex Jones, Stefan Molyneux, Tucker Carlson, Cotto/Gottfried on Youtube…

    There are heaps of shows/podcasts that you can get on…I’ll try and contact some of them and get you on Ron….


    • Replies: @Don Unf
  15. Dear Ron,

    David Icke explains that Covid is a complete hoax; there is no virus.

    Take what you can use and throw the rest away.

    • LOL: Thim
  16. It’d be great to hear from you on a podcast. Mr. Unz, where would ZeroHedge stand in these rankings?

    Your commenting system has the best format and functionality of any I’ve seen. I do figure that lots of longer visits and repeat visits occur due to the conversations/discussions/arguments here, say, as compared to VDare, for which people read what’s new and move on. However, as per KenH’s comment, you’re working against a big disadvantage with new readers by being scrubbed.

    • Replies: @Ron Unz
  17. One more thing regarding the site’s “being scrubbed”. I’m mentioned this a couple of times before, but at hotel lobby computers (basically, semi-locked-up corporate computers with public access), I’ve had times in which certain pages could not be viewed due to “hate filters”. It’s weird because I’ve mostly just seen certain pages that couldn’t be viewed while others (say the next Steve Sailer post) got through without problems.

    Anyway, I’m glad to see the good stats. IMO, your selection of writers is better than it was 5 years back. I appreciate your hosting Michelle Malkin now and your fairness in hosting Mike Whitney and C.J. Hopkins, all of like mind with me but not you on the Flu Manchu PanicFest. Ron Paul gets more comments now, which is a good sign. I do miss Audacious Epigone.

  18. Ron, what impresses me about your work is your truly scientific attitude towards these controversies. For example, your view of the COVID pandemic and related vaccine controversy contains several interesting principles, the first of which is almost entirely missing from the reflexive (mindless) antinomianism of so much conservative and alt-right thinking: namely, that the response of the American government to the pandemic was incompetent. I, too, marveled at the sharp, strong, and decisive approach taken by several Asian governments, and I was forced to conclude that the West is inferior to Asia in these sorts of matters. Much of the discussion of public health mandates in the American press simply ignores the well-established legal doctrines that grant governments extensive powers to override civil liberties during a time of crisis. On many other subjects— immigration, geopolitics, etc— you show the same kind of dialectical balance which not only gives a place to the outlandish skepticism of the minority view but also to common sense. The immigration issue, in particular, is one where the difficulty of assimilating new immigrant groups (and the concomitant spike in crime that frequently accompanies mass immigration) should be balanced against the need for growing countries to increase their population. Many of these issues are well-described in Book I of Livy’s Histories. The American system, modeled on the Roman, has long ago implemented a policy of immigration (and conquest) that goes back to Romulus. Perhaps an explicit invocation and defense of those principles would enlarge the public debate about the Great Replacement and defuse the anxiety of legacy Americans about the new ethnic admixtures.

  19. MIA: InfoWARS, Daily Wire, Daily Signal, City Journal, PragerU, Summit News…

    They’re all large or semi-large sites, it seems to me.

    Where are they?

    • Replies: @Ron Unz
  20. Smith says:

    For higher traffic, less grievance culture based on American politics, more discussion on geopolitics, weaponry, technology, etc.

    Less emotions, more facts.

  21. anonymous[141] • Disclaimer says:

    Especially remarkable in that chart is the ultra-high ranking of Andrew Anglin’s Daily Stormer, despite all the bannings, domain name seizures etc … where for significant intervals in 2017-18, the only way to read the Stormer was either via Tor, or via the late Aaron Swartz’s innovation of the clever Tor-to-normie-browser link, during those many periods when the Stormer had no normal url address … till he finally found safe harbour at .su

    The Stormer case needs to be studied by all web dissidents for maybe the most remarkable anti-censorship comeback in the history of the internet

    No doubt humour is a factor, as many read the Stormer for the often ‘wicked racist’ laughter-inducing posts, with memes from 4chan and elsewhere

    The Stormer’s remarkable survival is partly credited to the genius of Anglin’s long partner, computer genius hacker Andrew Auernheimer aka Weev … who is according to numerous sources, sometimes quoting Weev’s mother, of significantly Jewish heritage, and sometimes linked at times to past Zionist-tinged activity suspiciously at odds with the Stormer’s ‘neon-Nazism’

    The remarkable survival and triumph of the Stormer has led many to speculate on how much Stormer is ‘controlled opposition’, a charge levelled at one time another at most in the dissident sphere, especially when any principal has Jewish heritage

    There are claims that the bitcoin etc funding of Anglin and the Stormer is enormous, in the millions, according to some who ‘track crypto wallet transfers’

    With Weev there is speculation that he got out of prison, not on the merits or due to effective legal work, but precisely to serve as controlled op agent

    Some also point to Anglin’s ‘Nazbol’ proclivities, e.g., his strong, almost complete support for China … the ‘China – Russia good!’ theme a frequent one in ‘alt-media’, and one which makes critics suspect funding from an international elite supporting New World Order 2.0, in which those countries will take over the lead in globalism, from a demolished, discredited USA

    • Replies: @saggy
  22. Realist says:

    Mr. Unz I think broadening your media exposure and disseminating your thoughts and information is an excellent idea. Your website is the best.

  23. Bob P says:

    Congrats, Ron. I visit your site every day.

    • Agree: HdC
  24. JackOH says:

    College and university journalism department podcasts and Zoom interviews? I’m pretty sure my local Podunk Tech has done podcasts as part of its journalism program.

    Norman Finkelstein spoke here, and I think he got a respectful interview from a student journalist.

  25. Many congratulations, Ron Unz.
    Unz Review is a premier site imho; excellent (mostly) articles and discussion untrammeled by politically correct censorship; learned contributors in both sections.

    Wishing you success in podcasting.
    A golden opportunity given the craven, frivolous, deceitful msm’s almost total lack of credibility. Wise to exercise discretion before committing as it seems that some of the “alternative” sites are influenced by the (((same players))) as are now baling out of the discredited msm.

    • Replies: @Realist
  26. Ned kelly says:

    Top political websites: According to Feedspot Unz is #24. Right below Mother Jones, which has been around for years… a leading independent news organization. I’m impressed, I did now Unz was that big of a deal.
    Content Matters: I went over to check out the Daily Kos #7 same old Jew/Queer roundup: All talk of Ukraine seems to banned… that’s because they’re peace activist! Their wokeism still looks like tokenism–but that only applies to Blacks… Hispanics and Asians don’t exist…
    Important topics: Possible First Lesbian Governor! Florida trying to ban talk of Queers in elementary schools! Rep. Boebert forgets her place, makes (anti-Semitic!) slightly off-color remark to Jews

  27. Che Guava says:

    I am always wondering abt. the correct way to pronounce ‘Unz’. I think I was asking directly once, several yrs. ago, but as comment 100 and something or more, no reply.  
    Easily understandable.

    Srsly, esteemed Ron, I and I guess other non-U.S.A. posters would like to know.

    • Replies: @Ned kelly
  28. @KenH

    “Probably”? I’d feel comfortable saying “certainly” in this case.

    UR is probably the best single source for jogging people out of their media-induced dogmatic slumber, ergo it’s so dangerous the establishment players don’t even mention it, ever.

    I proselytize for this site every chance I get.

  29. Ned kelly says:
    @Che Guava

    UNZ is pronounced Uno… as in Numero Uno.

  30. Realist says:

    This stuff is a distraction … for Christ’s sake …

    Don’t play the Jews’ game!


  31. Realist says:
    @Arthur MacBride

    Wise to exercise discretion before committing as it seems that some of the “alternative” sites are influenced by the (((same players))) as are now baling out of the discredited msm.

    You do realize Ron Unz is Jewish???

    • Replies: @Arthur MacBride
  32. Mr. Unz is going to be outside the Overton Window of most podcasts. A lot of people just aren’t going to swallow the Red Pill.

    Another problem is that podcasts tend to be free ranging and jocular. Sometimes going into areas of people’s personal life. So he needs a podcast that he is comfortable with and one that is comfortable with him.

    How is Unz going to present himself? A celebrity? An expert? A concerned citizen?

    A partial list of some potentially simpatico podcasts:

    You Are Here

    RT’s Crosstalk

    Greg Hunter’ podcast

    Lex Fridman

    Dark Horse podcast

    The Portal (Eric Weinstein)

    The Realignment

    It might be better if Ron started his own podcast or one linked to his site.

    • Replies: @Rev. Spooner
  33. It doesn’t matter what you and the graphs show or prove, UNZ Review is getting boring. I come just for the comments and for Philip Giraldi and few other columinists.

  34. Walker says:

    Thanks, Ron, for running this webzine.

    I am sure the icelandic commenter is especially proud.

  35. @Si1ver1ock

    It might be better if Ron started his own podcast or one linked to his site.

    Excellent Idea. We rats in this sinking ship will listen to it.
    As for ankle bites and hissing, Ron can squash us at his leisure.
    P.S. This site is getting stale and boring.

    • Replies: @Badger Down
  36. Rahan says:

    This stuff is a distraction … for Christ’s sake … the US is trying to start a war in Ukraine and all the ‘pundits’ in the US are quacking about the Covid hoax.

    Could be other way round tho.

  37. Ron – go on The Daily Shoah at TRS! You are an honorary goy.

  38. @Realist

    Yes; as also are Nathanael Kapner, Gerard Menuhin, Henry Makow, Rabbi Weiss of Neturei Karta, commenters on this site like Mevashir and a fellow from mid-west USA.

    Otoh Bill&Hill, Ole Joe, Macron, Boris and a whole slew of others are not Jewish afaik.

    While the latter group, with non-Jewish “journalists” and politicians, actively promote the death-dealing policies of Hofjuden banksters, the former do not. Some have for many years been very active and outspoken in exposing and condemning the practices of Jewish elites and their masonic goyim servants.

    It is my belief that Ron Unz, albeit with apparently standard msm views on some matters (like vaxx) falls in the first group in promoting free debate.
    But not all, maybe not even most, “white” podcaster hosts are as open or trustworthy, some are reported to hold standard History Channel views on 3rd Reich, holofraud etc just as the “journalists”, masonic/corrupt politicians.
    My hope was simply for Mr Unz to avoid those “false friends”.
    For his own sake, also that they do not deserve patronage of any kind.

    • Replies: @Realist
  39. Anon[177] • Disclaimer says:

    Where is your proof that Google “deranked” UR via its mysterious all-powerful “algorithms”? Do you even know what an algorithm is? Have you ever coded one? Is there enough proof such that UR could file a lawsuit for damages? Spare us your conspiracy theories please.

    • Replies: @Ron Unz
    , @roo_ster
  40. Sky says:

    For what it’s worth, I find most sites from links from other sites – blog rolls and links in articles and comment sections, and sometimes recommendations from friends. I’ve been reading UR for years and don’t recall how I found it, but it was probably a link from another site.

    Once you find one good alternate site you’re well along the trail to finding others, often ones that are even better than the one you started with.

    Most search engines do hide or bury alternative sites, which leaves a lot of people under the impression that there isn’t much real dissent from the mainstream view. I think that’s changing.

    The list shown here surprised me a bit. I’ve never thought of National Review as either alternative or independent, same with a couple others listed.

  41. Ron Unz says:

    Where is your proof that Google “deranked” UR via its mysterious all-powerful “algorithms”? Do you even know what an algorithm is? Have you ever coded one? Is there enough proof such that UR could file a lawsuit for damages? Spare us your conspiracy theories please.

    No, it’s absolutely true that all the pages of our website were totally deranked by Google in early May 2020, days after we were also banned by Facebook. Since then, I’ve published several columns describing that situation, and here’s a couple of paragraphs from one of them:

    For the last ten years, my article The Myth of Hispanic Crime had regularly ranked #2 among the 180 million search results Google returned for “Latino Crime” and the 60 million for “Hispanic Crime,” an achievement for which I had become inordinately proud.  But although comparable search engines such as Bing and DuckDuckGo still rank my piece near the very top, Google has completely “disappeared” it.

    I think a reasonable measure of a topic’s importance is the total number of search results it returns.  Communism and Communists dominated the entire twentieth century and the political party of that name still holds sway in gigantic China. So a search on “Communism” returns 163 million results, a vast number but still somewhat below the total for “Latino Crime.”  Imagine how an academic or journalist might feel if his article analyzing Communism had spent a full decade ranked #2 across the entire Internet, but Google had then suddenly decided to blacklist it for reasons entirely unrelated to its intrinsic or objective quality.

    Until very recently my article was still ranked #1 on both Bing and DuckDuckGo, but now it’s been “disappeared” from those other search engines as well, though it’s still #1 on Yandex.

    Because of that deranking, our Google traffic dropped by about 99% and that obviously reduces the likelihood of new people discovering our website. As I discussed in my articles, Google “disappears” results or websites that they don’t like, including the more sordid aspects of John McCain’s background.

  42. Ron Unz says:

    As for podcasts, I’m not too familiar with most of them, so if any of the commenters are regular listeners and think one of them would be interested, perhaps get in touch with them and suggest that they contact me at [email protected].

    Aside from quite a number of appearances on Kevin Barrett’s podcast, I’ve done a few others over the last year or two, but just a few:

    • Replies: @Bumpkin
  43. HeyHo says:

    You can actually confirm that the site has been blacklisted by Google.

    Almost all other media names (or any other non-swear word) will get auto suggested follow up words by Google.

    If you write «The Unz Review» you will get absolutely nothing – just like if you were to write the name of a porn site or something like that.

  44. This website is an excellent collection of very smart English speakers. Well done.

    The best podcasts to be on are Joe Rogan, Jimmy Dore, Grayzone and anything that’s anti-imperialist.

  45. Miro23 says:

    Completely off-beat, but the UK Daily Mail has crushed all its online competitors by appealing to a mass audience – celebrities, royalty, all the love/shock/emotional issues while still covering UNZ type issues with a fairly solid level of censorship – although a lot slips through (and it gets a great reaction).

    This is totally intractable, but tits, bums, royalty, celebrities and health problems seems to be the only way to attract a mass audience that moves the public and attracts enough of them to even look at real issues.

    I wouldn’t want the UR to go that way, so it seems destined to stay in its interesting and conflictive ghetto – which is actually a leadership position – the mass market can follow along later. Anglin looks like he’s in the same place.

  46. saggy says: • Website

    The Stormer case needs to be studied by all web dissidents for maybe the most remarkable anti-censorship comeback in the history of the internet


    The thing about the Stormer is that it is extraordinarily good, and that is because AA is extraordinarily good. At the same time he can be a complete idiot, so it’s an odd mix, often you’re can’t tell if he’s just jiving.

    He just added a weekly article on rap tunes translated to English …. it is extraordinary (what else?) …. in that it is amazing on the surface and at the same time reveals the incredible depth of the cultural divide in the US.

    You constantly see things on the Stormer that are beneath the radar of every other site I’m familiar with.

  47. Anonymous[249] • Disclaimer says:
    @Ron Unz

    Google “disappears” results or websites that they don’t like, including the more sordid aspects of John McCain’s background.

    This raises the issue of whether an Unz Strategy could be employed here.

    (1) Find another “problematic” but area generally believed to be important that has been swept under the carpet by Big Tech.

    (2) Encourage rumors/curiosity leading new people to try searches that may reveal some of the disappearing acts.

    If only Comrade Dzhugashvili (PBUH) had had Google in his armory!

    BTW – it is probably (still) legal to PAY new readers an incentive. E.g. a weekly draw of 10 \$100 prizes for high schoolers. Existing readers might be willing to sponsor the effort by a specific gift.

    To participate, a high schooler must answer a few questions with correct clerical details (for easy automatic verification), e.g. “What was the title of the last major article on UNZ.COM that mentions the death of John F. Kennedy, Jr.?” Additional prizes could be awarded e.g. for highest participating school, etc.

    To sidestep local laws concerning lotteries etc., it may be possible to restrict draws e.g. non non-U.S. residents. This could also generate an interesting reverse-psychology effect within the U.S. – “Why can’t we get \$100 from UNZ.COM?”

    • Replies: @Anon
  48. roo_ster says:

    Ron Unz is well-known for his background in physics and coding. I have BTDT and can tell you that algorithms are part and parcel of the melding of those two disciplines.

    That, along with Ron’s empirical evidence in his reply post, ought to answer your question in the affirmative.

  49. Realist says:
    @Arthur MacBride

    Your use of the echo (((same players))) seems to imply all Jews…since echo is used to designate Jewishness.

    • Troll: Steven Wytyshyn
  50. @saggy

    Precisely. If we spent a fraction of our time building our own communities that we spend on arguing the hows, whys, and wheres, of their deceptions in THEIR communities we would not even know of this scam.

    The broken system cannot be reformed by participating in the broken system.

    It is achieving exactly what they designed it to achieve: death, destruction, and division.

  51. @Cookie Boy

    Dontcha just hate those websites that don’t deliver: Click to see the next page, which won’t tell you either.

  52. @Ron Unz

    Only the technology has changed. When books and other forms of printed media were the primary sources of information, Zionist who owned every major book publishing company in the Western world refused to print any book or article critical of Jews dominating every aspect of the average person’s life, and bought-out all anti-Israel newspapers..

    Jew-owned continues the tradition..

  53. roo_ster says:


    I have listened to the audio renditions of some of your articles and I think you would do fine on any reasonable podcast dedicated to discussion. I encourage you to make the time to go on several podcasts. I suspect that appearances on the podcasts would expose TUR to a broad audience and result in a broadening of the readership of TUR.

    In addition to podcasts that will expose you and TUR to relatively large audiences, I think that you ought to engage with podcasts that may be smaller affairs, but would provide–perhaps–more pleasure in the discussion. To broaden the impact, readers on TUR could drop links to these podcasts in their social media.

    First on this list would be The Kevin Michael Grace Show (The KMG Show)
    [email protected]
    KMG is gentlemanly and well-read and would give you a fair hearing.

    The Myth of the 20th Century
    These guys know how to run a discursive podcast with several attendees.

    The Guide to Kulchur
    [email protected]
    Fróði Midjord is a fine host who lets a guest and topic develop.

    [email protected]
    Greg Johnson and Nicholas Jeelvy both host cordial discussions on prickly topics on their respective podcasts.

    Borzoi & Alex McNabb are not afraid to take on big, sticky topics in a genial fashion. An affiliated podcast, The Third Rail, may also serve, but would be a bit more raucous affair.

    Others have suggested Jared Taylor and Gregory Hood at American Renaissance.


    Last, I suggest your readers compile a list of podcasts to avoid. These would prove more frustrating than they are worth.

    First on that list is The Ralph Retort / The Killstream.
    I can say many unfavorable things about TRR and its host, but suffice to say that its host is not gentlemanly and well-read and the “discussions” on TRR more closely resemble a food fight held in a pig sty.


    I wish you well and look forward to listening to you and others chew over topics the ruling class would rather you didn’t.

    Good Day.

  54. eldorado says:

    Just get a publicist, it’s only a few thousand a month and well worth it. For example:

    • Agree: JackOH
    • Replies: @JackOH
  55. Don Unf says:

    An interview/discussion on The People’s Square with Unz might be interesting.

  56. Ron Unz says:
    @Achmed E. Newman

    It’d be great to hear from you on a podcast. Mr. Unz, where would ZeroHedge stand in these rankings?

    My traffic listing was just alt-media websites along with a handful of more mainstream ones, and I certainly didn’t bother including the largest. I checked ZeroHedge just now, and it gets roughly 25x our traffic, which is pretty much what I would have expected.

    Although I hadn’t previously made an effort, I have been interviewed on a number of podcasts over the years, especially Kevin Barrett’s Truth Jihad. Here’s a link to about a dozen of them:

    • Thanks: Achmed E. Newman
    • Replies: @republic
  57. Ron Unz says:
    @Westbrook Pegleg XIV

    MIA: InfoWARS, Daily Wire, Daily Signal, City Journal, PragerU, Summit News…

    I checked a few of them. Our pageviews are more than 3x larger than City Journal, with hours spent roughly 6x larger. Traffic and hours spent are both 40-50% greater than PragerU. But InfoWars is a huge website, 6x larger than us in traffic and 4.5 times larger in hours spent, while Daily Wire twice is large as that.

  58. @Kronos

    “Kicking ass!”
    Americans see this as a good thing, no?


    • Replies: @Kronos
  59. @Ned kelly

    I thought it was like “Gott mit uns”! (God with us = With God on our side)

  60. Bumpkin says:
    @Ron Unz

    DDG still links to your article at as its top result when I just tried searching for your hispanic crime article, but you’re probably right that has been removed there too now. lists your article twelfth, so they appear not to have gotten the ADL memo yet. Time to trash DDG as my main search engine, no big deal as they would often have problems just responding to search queries.

  61. Bumpkin says:
    @Ron Unz

    The problem is that your Wikipedia profile is likely poisonous to most podcasts, who don’t want to get canceled for having you on. You may want to try Tim Dillon though, was surprised to see he’s had Whitney Webb on multiple times. He revels in controversial topics, though you may be outside even his Overton window. While he’s some kind of “comedian,” I was surprised at his knowledge in his Greenwald interview last summer:

    I suggest you get his or his booker’s contact info through Whitney or Glenn and see if he’ll have you on, perhaps sending them links to your Covid and public health articles.

  62. @Rev. Spooner

    You remind of another member of my gang when I was a teenager. She was gorgeous to look at, but all she ever said was “This is boring. God, I’m so bored. This is SO boring.” and so on. I wonder what became of her.

    • Replies: @Rev. Spooner
  63. JackOH says:

    eldorado, I was thinking also of a booker, agent, rep, publicist, speaker’s bureau, but I sort of got the idea Ron just wants to dip his toe in the podcast water gradually without a lot of fuss.

    Informal conversation with a publicity guy may give Ron some idea of the “package” or “lead” needed to sell himself and his thinking to a skeptical public.

    I’ve described Ron in a published letter and brief essay as a “writer” and “brilliant and quirky essayist”, and those descriptions were chosen with a view to offering a quick defense of his work to critics. I also used “Wild West shootout” to describe UR to a local newspaper editor, and she continued to publish my letters.

    His American Pravda series, I think, will hold up well for years in helping us understand an America gone very wobbly.

  64. mike99588 says:

    Unz’s list is missing two fast growing right leaning sites with substantial traffic, that I like a lot:

    The Gateway Pundit – early on political news

    The Conservative Treehouse – a huge following

  65. mike99588 says:
    @Ron Unz

    I’d like a good link to bitch at DuckDuckGo, that’s outrageous.

    Also, I’m open on search engines that don’t suck, both politically and on mundane subjects.

  66. Ron Unz: a (((Spinoza))) for our time….

    and getting the same treatment

    from most of the Jews.

  67. Kronos says:
    @Badger Down

    As long as your not on the receiving end. 😀

  68. Anon[342] • Disclaimer says:

    BTW – it is probably (still) legal to PAY new readers an incentive. E.g. a weekly draw of 10 \$100 prizes for high schoolers. Existing readers might be willing to sponsor the effort by a specific gift.

    What about a weekly draw of prizes of high schoolers? Imagine how much of an incentive such specific gifts would be…

  69. Che Guava says:
    @Ned kelly

    it is a genuine question, is the ‘u’ as in up, a short ‘oo’ as in hook, or a long ‘oo’ as in moon, suppose I should have used IPA, but am out of practise in it now, and few read it.

  70. @Badger Down

    You remind of another member of my gang when I was a teenager. She was gorgeous to look at, but all she ever said was “This is boring. God, I’m so bored. This is SO boring.” and so on. I wonder what became of her.
    So you are a boring person then and even now? The gorgeous teenager said so.
    And please dont make it her fault, she was expecting excitement and you failed her, shame on you.

  71. Ron Unz says:

    For those interested, I’ve now added a page grouping together my articles and eBooks dealing with “conspiracy theories”:

  72. republic says:
    @Ron Unz

    What is the breakdown for international traffic viewing

    • Replies: @Ron Unz
  73. Ron Unz says:

    What is the breakdown for international traffic viewing

    These days, about 63% of our visitors are from the US, with another 6% from Canada. Next come the UK, Australia, Germany, the Netherlands, France, and Russia, ranging from 4% to down to 1%.

    • Replies: @JackOH
  74. JackOH says:
    @Ron Unz

    Those commenters from outside the USA offer very good comments. I had only a sketchy idea of intra-Slavic enmities, of the White observations of contemporary Black-run Africa, or of the Anglo-European “despair” (probably not the right word) over the African and Asian diaspora in their countries until I stumbled upon UR.

  75. Che Guava says:
    @Ned kelly

    I suppose you have heard the name pronounced, I, relatively long term commenter, thought yours most likely, but the other two possible. Since
    our gracious host has not contradicted you, wyou must be correct. Thx.

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