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A few months ago, Inductivist showed that blacks rate themselves as more intelligent than other racial groups do. This presents a problem for the cultural explanation that underachieving stereotyping and low self-esteem depress black performance. If anything, blacks need a more sobering culture that checks their relative cognitive hubris.

He also notices an interesting interplay:

Self-assessed IQ seems to be inversely related to actual IQ.

He arrives at this observation from the insight on elevated black self-perception and also on the seeming inverse relationship between national pride (as measured by the percentage of a country’s populace who say they are “very proud” of their nationality) and actual reasons for pride across more than seventy countries.

A nation’s average IQ as estimated by Lynn and Vanhanen in IQ and Global Inequality is by no means a perfect proxy for achievement, nor should national pride be tied directly to it. But the relationship between pride in one’s nationality and that nation’s average IQ is interesting in that it is so robust. The two correlate inversely at .61 (p=0).

The most prideful populations are not only those of the most modest intelligence, they also comprise the youngest nations. As average IQ and median age are inversely correlated at .83 (p=0), it comes as little surprise that national pride and median age inversely correlate at .63 (p=0). These young, confident societies are the nations of tomorrow.

Crudely, the future looks like one in which humans, at least on a per capita basis, think more highly of themselves while pulling off less than they have in the past.

(Republished from The Audacious Epigone by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Perhaps we have s simply answer for why the Black community thinks that the White-Man is holding them down: Since they over-assess their intellectual capabilities, and they clearly under-perform in academics and life, the White-Man must be holding them down from performing to their superior intellectual capabilities.

    What I'd be interesting in is how the Black community self-assesses their athletic capabilities. I'd wonder if they would have a high self-assessment that stems from the actual fact that they are over-represented in the NBA, NFL, track, etc..

  2. Studies also show that black teenage girls are more likely to see themselves as attractive than white teenage girls.

    By the way, I cant help but point out that you misspelled populace in this post and the last one.

  3. This reminds of the insularity of the unintelligent. I consider myself a smart guy, but I don't know dick about advanced mathematics, physics, countless other subjects. Though I know nothing about them, they exist as areas of inquiry, as mysteries. For the legitimately dull, I suspect these things barely exist, and in their small intellectual worlds, they loom large. Though it's an old cliche, the intelligent often know that they know very little.

  4. Nick is right. It may come down to a strange-but-true principle: true humility is a cognitively demanding task that not everyone can pull off. To perceive something as difficult but understandable takes brains; the dim are likely to see things as stochastic and unpredictable that bright non-specialists are likely to guess that someone else actually understands. Thus engineers and lawyers are probably more likely to take their doctor's advice* while the idiocrats just think of their doctor as a guy who talks faggy and tells them to eat food that doesn't taste good.

    * Doctors probably tell lawyers to quit drinking all the time, but other than that smart people listen to them pretty well.

  5. "If anything, blacks need a more sobering culture that checks their relative cognitive hubris."

    We used to have that. It benefitted everyone too. Now we the exact opposite and it hurts everyone.

  6. If you haven't already, I hope you will comment on the movie Idiocracy, which deals with this.

  7. LoW and SC,

    Self-perceptions (relative to reality) follow the three-races continuum Rushton has spent so much time describing. I wonder, though, if the size of the gaps correlate with real life variances (that is, do blacks overrate their athletic ability relative to Asians more than they overrate their levels of intelligence relative to Asians?)

    Nick and Blode,

    So we're left with the 'dad v cad' thing at the societal (or civilizational level), and the cads look like they're in pretty good shape.


    I saw it when it first came out, and enjoyed it, although I think the opening vignette was far and away the best part–the rest was too toilety for me, but maybe we should start getting used to that!

  8. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    I think the real problem is that too many whites and Asians lack confidence in themselves.

    Of course overconfidence is a sign of ignorance, but young people should be overconfident, since the lack of confidence often works against one's potential.

    Mark Twain said it best: All you need is ignorance and confidence and success is assured.

  9. –the rest was too toilety for me, but maybe we should start getting used to that!Toilety? You sure sound faggy. I like sex.

  10. Anon,

    Overconfidence sure seems to benefit 'professional' pundits and other media prognosticators (Dick Morris immediately comes to mind).


    Dude, I got the highest score on the IQ test in the entire country, and I'd been cryogenically frozen for centuries! You couldn't possibly understand…

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