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Yankees Don't Like Blacks, Educators Are Blank Slatists, and Family Values Are (Not) an Asian (Black) Thing
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– Gab Fam man BooksmartBaller wondered about differences in region (presumably among whites) with regards to how they feel about blacks.

In 2002, the GSS asked respondents how “warm” or “cool” they felt towards multiple groups, including blacks. The higher the score, the cooler (ie less trusting of and more hostile towards) a region’s whites said they felt towards blacks (N = 2,048):

Feelings towards blacks Index score
East south central 4.27
Middle Atlantic 3.84
New England 3.83
South Atlantic 3.79
West south central 3.71
West north central 3.59
East north central 3.59
Mountain 3.58
Pacific 3.25

When it comes to white feelings towards blacks, the divide isn’t north-south, it’s east-west, with whites in the established east expressing more wariness of blacks than whites in the uprooted west.

– A couple of episodes back, on Renaissance Radio Jared Taylor guessed a lot of teachers know in their bones that there are innate differences among children of different races even if they, like so many others in the contemporary Western world, feel compelled to pretend that differences arise primarily from aspects of Nurture.

That knowledge must be buried in the subconscious marrow, as they’re a bit less likely (21.6%) than the US population as a whole (25.3%) to attribute a significant genetic role to personality instead of to life experiences, as the balance of respondents do.

Orthogonally–or perhaps not, as IQ inversely correlates with tendency to attribute personality to genes rather than life experiences–the mean IQ of college and university lecturers and professors, of high school teachers, and of elementary school teachers, as given by the GSS assuming a native population IQ of 100 and a standard deviation of 15:

Teaching level IQ
University/College 116.0
Middle/High school 110.1
Elementary school 108.7

Because Wordsum maxes out at a converted IQ of 129, nearly 30% of university and college professors and lecturers are hit by an artificial ceiling when it is used as a proxy for intelligence, while fewer than 2% of them are saved by the existence of a corresponding artificial floor. Consequently the Wordsum method of IQ estimation underestimates means of distributions to the right of the total population distribution and overestimates those to the left of it. The farther from the center of the population distribution, the more pronounced this effect is.

In other words, the university and college mean is probably more accurately pegged in the low 120s, middle/high school teachers around 112, and elementary school teachers around 110.

– The cuckservative canard about Hispanics being “natural conservatives” is so early-2000s, but with little yappers like Ben Shapiro trying to repackage 1990s Rush Limbaugh for Gen Z in the late 2010s, it’s worth challenging the lazy assertion. By Nicholas Kristof’s own accounting, family values is an Asian thing, and, to a lesser extent, a Jewish thing. It is most certainly not a black thing.

Using the GSS, the following tables show, by race, the percentages of first births conceived by teenage parents, the percentages of ever-married people who were either divorced or separated at their time of participation in the survey*, the percentages who have cheated on a spouse, the percentages who have paid for sex, and a “violation index” that simply averages percentages across the four aforementioned measures. For contemporary relevance, all responses are from 2000 onward. Sample sizes are large–in the several hundreds for Jews and Asians on the low-end and up from there:

GSS variables used: ISCO08(2310-2319)(2330-2339)(2340-2349), GENEEXPS, WORDSUM, BORN(1), FEELBLKS, RACECEN1(1)(2)(4-10), HISPANIC(1)(2-50), REGION, EVSTRAY(1-2), MARITAL(1,3,4), AGEKDBRN(10-19), EVPAIDSX, YEAR(2000-2016)

* This method counts those who’ve remarried as “married” rather than as “divorced” or “separated”. It consequently understates the number of marriages that have ended in divorce or separation but there is no obvious reason why this should systematically ‘favor’ certain racial groups in terms of perceived marital success.

Merry Christmas!

(Republished from The Audacious Epigone by permission of author or representative)
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  1. * Not surprised there's an east-west gradient when it comes to warmness towards blacks. I'm a little surprised the West Coast is slightly more cucked than the Mountain States, becauae Oakland and Compton are so notorious examples of black misbehavior, but then I remembered all of the based whites left California and only the rich insulated dandy whites remain.

    * Don't underestimate just how far educators will push themselves into "believing in their students." If you wind up doing Teach for America in a dreadful ghetto school, that might wake you up, but if you have a small but steady stream of blacks not behaving in your classes, you can still chalk up their failures to something other than their inherent lack of intelligence.

    People who get into teaching usually mean well, and nice white people believe it's wrong to think blacks aren't mostly wonderful, so teachers are especially inclined to keep on thinking that, and if they burn out and become bitter, will blame "the system" or society for black failure.

    Being a good teacher also means always trying to find ways you can improve your students' understanding of the subject matter, so a lot of them don't think too hard about potential cognitive limitations in their students.

    * Hispanics do quite well relative to blacks on family values, and don't do all that much worse than whites – better even in some respects.

    Except for teen birth rates.

    That might be a low hanging fruit for our programme: find ways to discourage teenage pregnancy in Hispanics.

  2. I think a lot negative feeling comes from experience. The west coast does not have very many blacks.

  3. Merry Christmas

    The first question is interesting. I wonder if there is data about how blacks feel about these regions. Blacks have been moving out of the north and back to the south for decades, so that's a revealed preference, but it may not reflect attitudes.

    I also suspect that New Englanders are lying about their trust of blacks. They can afford heavy signalling on the topic as there are just not many blacks. That and New England remains very segregated. It's the old line about the differences between north and south. In the south, white will live near blacks, but will not treat them as equal. In the north, white will treat blacks as equals, just as long as they don't have to live near them.

  4. Merry Christmas AE. I am honored to be a regular visitor on one of the top sources of actual knowledge in social sciences in the world. It's a shame that our university system and professional intellectual classes are almost universally uninterested in truth.

  5. Merry Christmas! Think about ways to gently remind your cucked Christian friends about Saint-Peter-the-Jew’s sermons to the Jews in which he pretty much calls ‘em Christ-killers, which has the double benefit of helpfully reminding them that Christmas is really about Good Friday.
    “This Jesus […], you [Jews] crucified and killed” Acts 2:22-23
    “This Jesus whom you [Jews] crucified” – Acts 2:36
    “And you [Jews] killed the Author of life” – Acts 3:15
    “Jesus Christ of Nazareth, whom you [Jews] crucified” – Acts 4:10

    When it comes to white feelings towards blacks, the divide isn't north-south, it's east-west

    Contingent on geographical gerrymandering.If you ignore the South, True Yankeedom is distinct from Middle America, which is distinct from the Left Coast. If the Deep South was grouped together, instead of split up into three separate regions, the Southern vs. Non-Southern divide would be more apparent. The South Atlantic region is clearly not meaningful: it contains the entire Swamp, a significant part of the South & Deep South, and Boomer Florida. Similarly, West South Central region would closer to Middle America if AR & LA weren’t pushing the scores up.

    Left Coast – 3.25
    Middle America – 3.59 (+.34)
    True Yankees – 3.84 (+.25)
    Deep South – 4.27 (+.43)

    Btw, that graph says it all about the Jews. “Keep up appearances and cheat like hell.”

  6. > People who get into teaching usually mean well, and nice white people believe it's wrong to think blacks aren't mostly wonderful, so teachers are especially inclined to keep on thinking that, and if they burn out and become bitter, will blame "the system" or society for black failure.

    Yep. I know a few young teachers and they universally believe in blank slate fundamentalism. Fortunately for the poor and disadvantaged (read: minority) youths, these white girls in their early-mid 20s are going to be the ones to finally get through to these people, proving all of those naysayers wrong! It's amusing to watch them try and fail but it gets annoying to see young white women throw away their fertile years trying to turn black kids around when they could just be making white babies instead. A lot more fulfilling than being disrespected nonstop, I'd wager.

  7. Sid,

    It's still, at least in the abstract, okay to teenage pregnancy, but if it is explicitly noted as a disproportionately NAM problem, does it continue to remain okay?


    The question was only asked in one year so the sample sizes for blacks are too small by region–only 8 blacks in New England were queried!

    This complements the Power Hour this week quite well. Propitious timing.


    I am both honored and humbled that you take the time to comment. It's important for us to realize that we are not alone, that we're not the crazy ones.


    I'm wearing my "It's okay to be white" shirt to my side of the family's Christmas gathering. My dad and brother will be on board, the rest will need smelling salts. It's going to be fun.

    Touche regarding the census regions, though New England does still distinguish itself from the similarly politically blue left coast and the cuckservative mountain region.

    Random Dude,

    There must be a lot of residual ego tied up in the crash-landing-in-reality that Teach for America must be. A healthy culture wouldn't laud the raising of someone else's spawn as a way to "discover yourself", it'd praise having your children. Our culture is ill, maybe terminally.

  8. AE,

    When I looked at the family history of my English ancestors, I was blown away by how many of the men married in their late 20s or early 30s, with some marrying even later in life. As such, I have to admit that starting a family in your teenage years makes as much sense to me as starting a business venture with strangers outside of your clan is to Iraqis.

    Nevertheless, if they can do it successfully, it's not wrong for 18 and 19 year olds to marry their high school sweetheart, find steady employment, and start a family. It's not something that I would've wanted to do but I don't have a problem with others doing that.

    What I think is against good parenting, however, is for high school students to get pregnant, have children out of wedlock, and then have a "baby daddy" who comes in and out of the mother and child's lives. It's probably not as bad in Hispanic families as it is in black ones, but still, it's not commendable.

    Since Hispanics do respectably well on the other metrics of family values, it looks like society could encourage Hispanics more strongly to "wait for the right person" and start families later in life.

    At any rate, the cuckish talk of family values may as well be put to use with the demographic questions.

    Random Dude,

    It's striking how young white women can do more to maintain national IQs by having babies than they can by teaching.

    Teaching is a fine career and it's good to get people who are passionate about it, but it would be better if we tried to impart more realistic expectations on teachers.

    At some point in the future SJWs will accuse young white women in teaching as having the "white savior complex" and there will be a national campaign to liberate black students from white teachers. Hopefully young white women will realize that if they're only able to help white kids, they may as well be quick in producing a few of their own.

  9. Sid,

    There are ways to potentially sell (naturally occurring, soft) eugenics to leftists, and that's one way.

    Another way is in an effort to reduce economic inequality. If a poor couple (net worth $5k) has 1 kid, at their death that kid inherits $5k. If they have 5 kids, at their death each kid inherits $1k. Conversely, if a well-to-do couple (worth $1m) has 1 kid, at their death that kid inherits $1m. If they have five kids, each inherit $200k. The dysgenic breeding pattern leads to a $999k gap (rich kid with $1m, each of the poor kids with $1k). The eugenic pattern leads to a $195k gap.

  10. A good way to induce eugenics is to get paid to have abortions. If Ofelia goes to Planned Parenthood, she gets $2,500. Most minorities are so high time preference that the $2,500 they get up front is preferable to the gibs on the back end. However, this applies only to minorities but it can be easily sold as a social justice initiative since minority women don't have access to health care or some BS like that.

  11. AE,

    Agreed on that. Also, rich families are able to invest more money in their children's upbringings. If you're a rich family, you can hire a superb math tutor if your son isn't gifted in quantitative reasoning and he'll be more likely to scrape together a passable SAT score, especially if he's talented verbally. Put that same kid in a poor family, and his prospects are much more grim.

    (Hardcore g-heads may disagree that tutoring helps, but the leftist normies we would be trying to sell soft eugenics to certainly do believe tutoring helps!)

    As such, "one and done" makes plenty of sense for poor mothers. It's commendable for them to use their resources on just one child. Richer parents can lavish each child with enough care.

    Random Dude,

    It makes sense for the state to subsidize abortions for poor women. That is more of a left wing position than a right wing one, but I'm not a trucon.

    I respectfully disagree with actually paying poor women to get abortions, however. That incentivizes women to actively pursue getting knocked up, only to thereafter abort their children. That's not behavior we should encourage.

    It makes sense, however, to pay low IQ women to get sterilized. I think "one-and-done" is fair. Have one child, and social benefits will come only if the woman gets her tubes snipped.

  12. I appears that at least in the US, IQ correlates with family values. Single motherhood correlates with low IQ in white women as well. Your data largely adds to this.

    I have some similar data about US women. Asian american women top all women in the US.

    Number 1: Asian Women

    Number 2: White Women

    Number 3: Latina Women

    Number 4: Black Women

    What the stats say:

    Highest IQ AW-WW-LW-BW

    Lowest rate of STDs AW-WW-LW-BW

    Highest marriage rate AW-WW-LW-BW

    Lowest divorce rate AW-LW-WW-BW

    Lowest rate of single motherhood AW-WW-LW-BW

    Lowest rate of obesity AW-WW-LW-BW

    Highest level of income AW-WW-LW-BW

    Highest SAT scores AW-WW-LW-BW

    Highest level of education AW-WW-LW-BW

    Lowest teen pregnancy rate AW-WW-BW-LW


  13. Passer by,

    Indeed, though there are some variations when we drill down further. In the US Jews have higher IQs than Asians but Asians arguably have higher IQs. White liberals have slightly higher mean IQ than white conservatives, but the latter have better family values.

  14. AE,

    So we could say that at least in the US, family values is a High IQ thing and (((those))) who try to destroy them do that with malicious intent.

    I have seen jews bragging that strong family values and high investment parenting is a jewish thing.

    In other words, some (((people))) want stable high quality families for themselves but don't want it for others.

  15. Indeed, though there are some variations when we drill down further. In the US Jews have higher IQs than Asians but Asians arguably have higher IQs. White liberals have slightly higher mean IQ than white conservatives, but the latter have better family values. "

    Verbal IQ (which is prioritized in white countries) elites are attracted to dense areas with poor AFF potential and greater liberalism. The status (and money) boosts associated with living in these areas tempt people to stay there for a while and delay FF, sometimes to the point that it never happens at all. But I did just read an article about Millennials "unexpectedly" leaving the city, with one quoted person saying that more Millennials are deciding that they want to have kids. Well, because of demographics and AFF issues, most whites aren't gonna even try to raise their kids in the city. Younger and childless SWPLs can crow all they want about cultural and ethnic diversity, but when push comes to FF shove, they get real about the unwholesome nature of the modern American city.

  16. Passer by,

    It almost mirrors the disparity in their sentiments about nationhood, immigration enforcement, border walls, and the like in one small middle eastern country compared to the same things applied to Europe and the US. Funny thing, that!

  17. "It's important for us to realize that we are not alone, that we're not the crazy ones."

    Demographic trends including the dropping of global IQ and the massive shift in ethnic makeup of the world is surely the most momentous thing to occur to humanity in the last thousand years or more.

    The fact that this is so rarely commented on by the greats of society makes this clear:
    The towering intellectuals of our age are a batch of renegades on the inter webs (perhaps along with his highness the President, who surely sees more that most).

    Meanwhile organizations such as Twitter and Facebook place their flags in history as the ones who put the most effort into censoring the most momentous thing to occur in a thousand years. They are being really dumb, for thinking that what is arguably the biggest event in human history can be censored.

  18. AE,

    Add to that their sentiments about feminism in Israel.

    They don't have no fault divorce, have low divorce rate, no cohabitation (almost everyone there marries), few single mothers, very high birth rate, and it is illegal to marry a non-jew in Israel. Its almost as if you are describing the US from the 60s.

    Imagine that!

  19. Merry Christmas.
    Re criticizing teen pregnancy: I am already hearing pro-life people say it's wrong to criticize or stigmatize teen motherhood-or unwed childbearing generally-because horror of horrors the skanks might get an abortion. I have also seen pro-life propaganda calling abortion racist because blacks use it more (which actually makes me more sympathetic to the pro-choice side-never interrupt your enemy when he's making a mistake).

  20. and it is illegal to marry a non-jew in Israel.

    This is simply not true. What is true is that there is no civil marriage in Israel. If a Jew wants to marry Christian or Muslim, they go to a priest or an Imam, easy peasee, especially the latter (Christians can be fussy and ask questions). Conversely, if two atheist Jews who are too twattish to go to Rabbi want to get married, they can't. Except they can because it costs maybe 100 bucks to go to Cyprus and get married there and then the state recognises it. My cousin did this.

    no cohabitation

    ? Where do you guys get this stuff?

    very high birth rate

    Absolute disaster. Low IQ Mizrahim and parasite Haredim are in a race to outbreed low IQ parasite Arabs. Result: unless something is done to reverse this 30,000,000 in an area the size of New Jersey with an economy like Jordan by the end of the century.

    Add to that their sentiments about feminism in Israel.

    We have problems. You have problems. You'd probably have fewer problems if you weren't so pathetically and myopically obsessed with us.

  21. Dan,

    Hopefully Trump's Poland speech will be one our descendants will look back upon and recognize as the moment the West, in fits and starts, figot to work saving itself.


    Yes, the "60 million babies killed since Roe v Wade" (or whatever the number is) includes a lot of black bodies.


    Agree. We should spend about as much time and effort on Israel as we do on Hong Kong or Latvia. Instead when it comes to our foreign policy it's often the tail that wags the dog while–and this is the most frustrating part of us–its own national security measures are something our rulers refuse to allow us to imitate.

  22. "If a Jew wants to marry Christian or Muslim, they go to a priest or an Imam, easy peasee

    Well, various sources mention that Israeli law does not permit marriages between members of different religions within its borders. Interfaith marriages are not recognized.

    So while people can marry outside Israel and then return, still the point is that the Israeli state is trying to discourage such marriages, this is why you have interfaith marriage restrictions in Israel in the first place.

    Low IQ Mizrahim and parasite Haredim are in a race to outbreed low IQ parasite Arabs.

    Yep, thats true, but even secular jewish women in Israel are at replacement fertility rate and have higher birth rate than white euro women from any western country.

    Add to that their sentiments about feminism in Israel.

    As for feminism and gender equality in Israel, there is far less of it in Israel than in western countries.

    There is higher gender pay gap in israel, ensuring that israeli women have less influence in society and are more dependent on men. Women make mere 66% of what men make – a figure that hasn't moved significantly in over thirty years, placing Israel at seventy-first in the world out of 135 countries on the World Economic Forum's gender index of economic equality.

    There are far fewer women in israeli government and parliament than in most western governments and parliaments, as well as fewer women in various administrative positions. Of 106 government authorities, only four have a woman director and only 3 percent of israeli mayors are female.

    There are fewer rich women as a percentage of rich people in Israel compared to the US.

    There is no alimony and in divorce, men hold more cards compared to the west since their Get (permission) is required for divorce. This leads to fewer divorces and fewer single mothers in Israel.

    A married woman who had a sexual relationship with another man is not allowed to marry the latter once her marriage is dissolved.

    The system that manages marriage is run by men.

    Family law has been excused as a painful exception to the rule of gender equality in
    Israel. The adoption of religious law in the realm of family law has had a double effect. First, it embraced the position that women are subordinate to men, as
    the religious systems are traditionally patriarchal. Second, it has prevented women from participating as judges and lawyers in the religious courts’ legal process. The result was that women have been denied access to most effective participation in the
    construction and shaping of the law in this field.

    no cohabitation

    ? Where do you guys get this stuff?

    Nonmarital cohabitation is extremely rare in Israel compared to the West, since only 5 percent of children are born to mothers who are not married compared to around 40 percent in most western countries. In other words, unlike in the West, almost everyone who plans to have children marries.

  23. AE: I'm wearing my "It's okay to be white" shirt to my side of the family's Christmas gathering. My dad and brother will be on board, the rest will need smelling salts. It's going to be fun. 

    That’s great to hear. I’m not in a position when I can do something like that yet, but fortunately there are no shitlibs or SJWs in my family.

  24. You can look at stats, but they don't tell you the Real Truth. People who believe in Egalitarian Fairy Tales are prejudiced. The people who HATE blacks are those who MET THEM. Stereotypes are based on Truth. Samizdat doesn't dispel the Truth. "Educators" make big bucks "hepping" minorities. Nobody expects them to succeed.
    Con Men look for Money Pits. Hopeless cases are how useless bureaucrats avoid Hard Work and make long careers without Hardly Working. A problem that CAN NEVER BE SOLVED is how "educated" people AVOID HARD WORK and get paid six figure salaries.

  25. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Gabriel M is correct and Passer By is incorrect:

    There are a huge number of cohabiting couples in Israel, and the number is rising rapidly. 2nd citation says 88,000 in 2014. It is over 100,000 now. In a country of seven million, that is a lot. Cohabitation is different from what happens in the United States because people in Israel are essentially subject to common law marriage regulations almost immediately if they living in the same home in the same room as a couple.

    If you marry through a religious court in Israel, your are subject to its divorce court. This is a practice unchanged from Ottoman times. There are separate Jewish, Christian, and Muslim family courts. Many people don't want to do this, especially religiously mixed couples or secular couples. These tend to be the couples that cohabit or marry abroad. Both of these methods allow couples to be subject to the secular, rather than the religious, family courts. People who are fighting for civil marriage in Israel want to be married in a religious ceremony, but subject to secular family courts.

    Why is there no civil marriage in Israel?

    Why Far More Unmarried Israeli Couples Are Living Together

  26. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Joshua Sinistar – "The people who HATE blacks are those who MET THEM". This is incorrect. Emotions are evolved unconscious processes that make fast decisions. Sometimes those decisions are adaptive, sometimes not. They are not the same in all individuals. I have met black people, and I don't hate them. The difference between us is in how our brains work. It is not that you have met black people and I have not.

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