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Why It's Okay to Screech at the Manosphere
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Writes OneSTDV:

The $PLC did recently profile the so-called “Manosphere” as a community rife with “guttural hatred” …

The race realist blogosphere, loosely defined as the sites on my blogroll, does not have a similar profile on $PLC. $PLC only has one article about Steve Sailer on their site, so one presumes the rest of the HBD-osphere has not caught their attention yet (or maybe this week we’ll be in for a surprise!). One wonders though why exactly the HBD-osphere doesn’t have its own section on the site as does the Manosphere.

One excerpts the $PLC’s condemnation, from which at least part of the answer is contained within:

Some of the sites make an attempt … to back their arguments with facts.

That’s actually quite a generous concession for the $PLC to make, and I suspect it’s lacking in sincerity. That the manosphere and game blogs are virtually fact-free zones is a big reason why the $PLC and associates don’t fear them as much as they do HBDers, who they putatively ignore, though I know Steve Sailer in particular is monitored very heavily by a lot of different people and organizations. One observes:

It is indeed very perplexing that there is exactly one article on SPLC about Sailer and it’s just excoriating CNN for citing him awhile back.

Similarly, Media Matters has gone after him, too, but in a similarly indirect way, for example, hammering MSNBC for providing him a forum on cable television and censuring the Washington Times for excerpting him. Not only do they not want HBD ideas entertained, they don’t even want anyone to be aware that they exist.

(Republished from The Audacious Epigone by permission of author or representative)
• Tags: Blogosphere, Game, Hbd, Racialism 
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  1. The Left secretly fears the disparity between the "celebrate diversity" narrative and cold, hard race reality will eventually become so obvious that it undermines the narrative. For that reason, the Left must do everything in its power to suppress reality. This is one reason cultural conservatives are extinct in academia. Let us hope the Left's fear comes to fruition.

  2. I noticed the SPLC didn't go after Roissy, who is well equipped to defend himself in verbal combat.

  3. Also, I don't how trustworthy they are, but it's amusing to Google up the divorce depositions of Morris Dees's first wife.

  4. It's blatantly obvious that the liberal media will censor HBD, since it would scientifically disprove many delusional liberal agendas such as total Utopian egalitarianism aka. communism and much of feminist principles would also collapse if HBD was involved.

    Scientific statistics and cold hard truths are ignored in favor of feelings and what "feels" right.

    Collectivist endorphin rush from mass delusional thinking is the true opiate for the masses.

  5. Since when is hatred a crime?

    I mean, usually crimes are specific actions and under certain conditions, inaction.

    Hating something or someone or group is not a crime, nor is expressing hatred.

    Staying away from haters is just exercising our right to free association.

    Let haters hate. Let them say hateful things all day long. It is not a problem. Liberals exercise their right to say hateful things everyday.

  6. Now hatred–real or illusory–IS a crime if expressed in the commission of another crime. And in Old Europe it's a crime unto itself if directed at preferred groups, i.e. Muslims and non-whites.

  7. Here's what Steve is referring to, and this is who he's talking about.

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