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The Romney/Obama split on individual campaign contributions from current employees of Bain Capital over the last year through the end of the latest FEC reporting period is 77.7%/22.3%. Among those who listed the federal government as their employer, it’s 17.0%/83.0%. It’s obvious an Obama administration will do everything in its power to keep the beast from feeling any hunger pangs, let alone contemplate starving the leviathan. It’s less obvious whether or not a Romney administration will.

Parenthetically, while I’m aware that the Bain name comes from its eponymous founder, Bill Bain, I’m surprised it was adopted in the first place and then not subsequently changed at some point, as the homophone “bane” seems awfully convenient to use as a means of conjuring up images of a despoiled economic wasteland, replete with the buzzards of ‘vulture capitalism’ circling overhead, looking for (or, more accurately, smelling out) dying dinosaurs to pick clean.

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  1. Wait until The Dark Knight Rises comes out…

  2. pat says: • Website

    Not too far off topic I hope.

    No one seems to have commented so far on the fact that while everyone wants to see Obama's SAT scores, nobody wants to see Romney's.

    There is a web rumor – almost certainly false – that Romney got 1600 on his SATs. That was in the days when there were only two parts of the test each of which went up to 800. So that would mean that Romney got a perfect score.

    Since this is unlikely to be true you might think that the Obama campaign would want to attack. But that would only raise unwelcome questions about Obama's own scores.

    This is the dog that didn't bark.

    Romney is misquoted regularly to the effect that "I like to fire people". That's wrong. They surely meant me. That was my career in government for about twenty years. In fact you have to be a little trick in government to actually fire people. I did defund a lot of contractors and I reorganized large groups of employees out of existence. It wasn't really until I went into private industry that I really did any number of real classical firings in the Donald Trump spirit.

    Romney isn't really a hatchet man – pity that. I hope someone in his administration has a taste for it. It will be sorely needed.

    George W. Bush never could fire anyone. Reagan also had trouble with firings and Nixon probably would never have had to resign if he had cut his loses earlier.

    All organizations have a metabolism made of two parts – anabolism and catabolism – growth and death. The major advantage that private enterprise has over public enterprise is that public operations have no way to trim the dead wood. Badly organized and badly run private business just go away. Public operations tend to add more workers when they fail in their mission.


  3. Pat,

    What would the political ramifications of Romney releasing his SAT score be? It's almost certainly just a hypothetical question, of course, because the calculation seems to be that no matter what the score is, it will hurt the candidate who releases it (low scores for obvious reasons, a middling score can be equated with mediocrity, a perfect score would make 'average joes' feel like he is out of touch, pointy-headed, etc).

  4. Jayman,

    I'll be ruining your joke for those who are more perceptive than I am, but I don't get it (I've never seen a batman movie, though, so cut me a little slack).

  5. Jayman,

    Also, I tried commenting on one of your posts but kept getting an authentication error message after jumping through the mozilla browser ID hoop. You should make commenting easier to do!

  6. Cerberus Capital?

    Cerberus [ˈsɜːbərəs]
    1. (Myth & Legend / Classical Myth & Legend) Greek myth a dog, usually represented as having three heads, that guarded the entrance to Hades

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