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We Want Our Country Back
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Core America wants its country back.

From Reuters-Ipsos, support for Trump’s executive order banning refugees and restricting immigration from some Muslim countries among married whites with children:

Fake News can crow about it being unconstitutional (it’s not), the (((usual suspects))) can disingenuously claim it’s “not who we are” (it is), petty thugs can try to use street violence to intimidate us (for now), and the Cloud People can heap scorn on us (even more than usual)–we don’t care.

Principles are out.

Interests are in.

For ourselves and our posterity.

(Republished from The Audacious Epigone by permission of author or representative)
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  1. The concept of white identity politics (note: not the same as white nationalism or white supremacy) frightens the left, which is why they've been suppressing it for so long. Now white people are the ones who are getting "woke." The media will continue to scream about Trump, push false narratives, but then act stunned when Democrats lose elections that they were supposedly a lock for.

    This is our political situation for the next eight years.

  2. Among all respondents a plurality supports Trump's EO (48%-42%). They can keep screaming hysterically but "Hitler!", "Wow. Just. Wow.", etc doesn't work. And now that the magic is gone, it's never coming back.

  3. The interesting thing about this poll is the very low "Not sure" percentage.
    It is a polarizing issue, and the battle lines are becoming very defined, with few fence-sitters left.

  4. AE,

    This won't stop at just banning Muslim immigration temporarily.

    Trump is moving the Overton window to a full halt of all immigration for a period of cultural assimilation.

    The combination of less crime, disease and welfare migrants from the Mexico Border Wall Toll Authority and the better employment for natives from fewer illegals is a huge positive feedback loop.

    This is why the Uniparty is going all out now to stop it.

    When we got a immigration pause due to WW1. It lasted from 1916 to 1964, ~46 years.

    That is how powerful immigration pauses are politically, once they get started.

    It's why the Left has erased the almost 50-year immigration pause from our American history courses.

    Real border controls are hugely good for the working & middle classes and once in place, they will stay for a generation, because the working-middle classes will see it as a Social Security-like "3-rd Rail" issue.

  5. Anon,

    Indeed. Even among the general population only 9.7% responded with "unsure".

    Mil-Tech Bard,

    He expanded the Overton Window during the campaign. Now he's working on changing the zeitgeist. These are the steps necessary to Make America Great Again. With the exception of the weird Yemeni raid and the saber rattling with Iran, I couldn't be more pleased two weeks in.

  6. Anonymous [AKA "land of plenty"] says:

    I was afraid your filter being so narrow was hiding something, I wanted to know the worst. But with no qualifications, it's still 48% – 43% for the muslim ban. Trump's got this.

  7. Land of plenty,

    And among likely voters, it's 51%-41%. Indeed he does.

  8. I only wish that it was a full scale Muslim ban. But baby steps I suppose.

  9. I wonder if Trump needs to ignore the courts, like what happened in Australia.

  10. Random Dude,

    Seems to be two schools of thought on that. Scott Adams thinks he'll walk it back from here, that even this limited ban is extraordinary (which in some sense it is, or at least it was given the 2014 zeitgeist; otoh historically it's not at all) and that he'll politically benefit from moderating from the 'extreme' position he's staked out. The other is what you (and I) are hoping for–that he's proceeding methodically, tearing off chunks at a time.


    He should, pending a final resolution on any stopgap rulings.


    Just 43 people on the list who are 31-49 years old. Then again, there just aren't that many of us in general.

    3 Boomers (50 or older) on the list. Lord, grow up would ya?

    185 Millennials (30 or younger). They've got a lot of learning to do.

    Have fun with the surnames. Picking a random spot in the list turns up an Ashkenazi name. I know there's overlap between gentile German and Jewish surnames, but I think we can assume, given Midwestern support of Trump and the East Coast locale, that the majority of "Jewish sounding" names are indeed Jewish. .

    By my count, 35 (!) Jews. Even some Engles show up. YRM vary, as I I'm no expert on Jew surnames and of course some Jews were overlooked due to either intermarriage or anglicization giving them gentile names. Not to mention the aforementioned overlap.

    Also worth noting is how many college towns are listed for the offender's home town. Who really is organizing these agitators? Just 4 rioters have a CA residence. Seems like the commies have regional chapters/efforts. No sense in dragging West coasters that far east when you've got enough comrades back east.

    Trump ought to charge college "leadership" with treason. Before the mid 1960's, college administrators would've fired faculty en masse for the kind of agitation that commie staff have been stoking for the last 30 or so years.

  12. Scott Adams is a fool for thinking either: Trump will walk back on a lot, or: Trump will undergo a net positive image rehabilitation for selling out..

    Trump's in too deep. The moment he spoke of Mexican rapists and strong borders, and acted as though he meant it, was the moment he forever alienated cultural elites and kissed the West coast goodbye. These very things have also endeared him to Eastern proles. Adams, in California, is viscerally aware of how loathed Trump is CA. As is anyone who isn't demented. But what Adams doesn't get is that (futile) efforts to get the Left coast and dense urban areas more in Trump's camp will not only fail, but they will also alienate his original base in the process. Second term, see ya.

    Trump's best strategy is this:

    – disfranchise/deport the teeming masses of blacks/browns who are firmly on Team Dem, thereby giving you a better shot at Nevada and MN, and preventing the Dems from inciting dark-skins to steal PA, NC, MI, and Colorado from us.
    – keep your fingers crossed that 3rd party voters don't cost you MN, NH, NM, and Colorado
    – Assume that the vast majority of states that voted for you the 1st time will vote for you again (with the exception of MI, PA, and NC), if you give them what they want.
    – CUT THE HEADS OFF THE HYDRA! Podesta, the Clintons, Soros, David Brock, etc. Most of 'em are up to their eyeballs in sleaze (Pedo stuff for one thing). Bust the media up too (in particular, evict Carlos Slim from media ownership)

    Legion of lawyers and judges stand in our way. We've got to make an example out of some of these people, or at least scare them. If Trump's officials can't figure out a way to do in it in safe and "legal" way, then perhaps the rabble needs to apply some pressure. We're talkin' a few "gentle" reminders on their phones, social media, etc. Don't be an idiot either. Don't get traced, don't be violent, don't make specific threats. We've got some slick people on our side (anonymous, to name one). We've got the tools and need to use them well. The Italians in NYC voted for Trump; they of all people might be willing to roll their sleeves up for some action in the Northeast.

  13. Why didn't the ban touch SA, Qatar and other main sources of human bombs?

  14. "Principles are out.

    Interests are in.

    For ourselves and our posterity. "'



  15. Feryl,

    Have you seen a demographic analysis of that list anywhere? If not, I'll give it a shot. May even be able to get an estimate on race with social media.

    Couldn't agree more wrt to Adams, aware as I am of how betting against his analysis over the last couple years has a rough track record. But there's no way his perception isn't skewed by where he lives.

    California really is the epicenter of the anti-Trump barbarity. Trump's San Diego rally was either the most or the second most violent one of all (the cancelled Chicago one being the other), Milo was almost shut down at a UC campus to start his tour and then he was violently shutdown to end it, etc. It was one of the few states to become more blue between '12 and '16.

    The rest of us hate this shit and hate the people perpetrating it. It's not hard to conceive of the GOP bucking the mid-term trend and extended their House and Senate advantages.

    How about firing the hell out of these bureaucrats. If their cushy sinecures are put on the line, a lot of these spineless seat-warmers will get in line. The temporary AG seems like a good example.


    The only country that owns more American politicians than Israel does is Saudi Arabia. Even Trump may not have what it takes to wrench US foreign policy making out of the grasp of the house of Saud. But taking the Saudis' side against the Houthis is going to be hard to square with diffusing potential conflict with Iran and Russia.


    WEIRDOs care about principles. In WEIRDO societies, we can afford to be guided by principles. It's probably even preferable. But if the invaders are guided by interests and we're not, we're artificially fighting asymmetrical warfare at a self-imposed disadvantage. No longer.

  16. > Why didn't the ban touch SA, Qatar and other main sources of human bombs?

    This is why I believe (read: hope) Trump's goal is in fact a gradual Muslim ban. First he starts off with the bottom tier Muslim countries. Does anyone except SWPLs (for the purpose of demographic replacement of course) really think we're a better country by important more Yemenis or Somalis? These countries are probably the worst in the world. It's really hard to disagree with blocking them since there's almost nothing to be gained by importing them.

    Then as a next step, he goes up to the middle tier Islamic countries like Pakistan where they are again awful countries but they're not the utter ass of the world like Somalia is. At this time our Second Greatest Ally (Saudi Arabia) starts getting nervous and will likely try to begin negotiating with Trump. Maybe Trump commands them to stop funding ISIS or ISIS' successor. Maybe he forces them to work with other Arab countries to start creating safe zones or a mass resettlement program instead of Europe or America.

    Trump is playing from a position of strength but he has to make the first move instead of going all in. In my opinion, he wants a full Muslim ban but knows he can maybe make some concessions with Arab dictators to stop flooding the west with their worst.

    The left will scream bloody murder about this because they oh so badly want demographic replacement and the opportunity to break the backs of Christianity and white people. So they will be kicking and screaming every step of the way. Scott Adams thinks that the insurgent Trump Republicans should triangulate and moderate to appeal to the left but the left doesn't deserve a seat at the table; they deserve to sit in the corner with a dunce cap on while we Make America Great Again.

  17. Random Dude,

    Scott Adams thinks that the insurgent Trump Republicans should triangulate and moderate to appeal to the left but the left doesn't deserve a seat at the table; they deserve to sit in the corner with a dunce cap on while we Make America Great Again.

    Exactly, the #NeverTrump cuck crowd, too. Trump's policies are popular–often more popular than he is. He has a mandate and he's had endless examples of bad faith on the part of his erstwhile opponents. Now is not the time to let his foot off their necks; it's time to deliver the coup de grace.

  18. "Have you seen a demographic analysis of that list anywhere? If not, I'll give it a shot. May even be able to get an estimate on race with social media"

    As usual, subversive/insidious elite left-wing circles appear to be dominated by whites/Jews. Some Latin and a few presumably Arab or dot Indian names do show up, but given how non-white Millennials are the arrestees appear to be remarkably white. Without white guidance and support (including light-skinned blacks/"white" hispanics), sun people can't organize anything. It's an open question as to the degree of white commie influence/control of mid-century black radical groups like NOI and the Black Panthers, but then again, both of those groups hit the gas so hard on the crazy that they soon degenerated into chaotic violence and corrupt/paranoid Big Man leadership. Which leads me to believe that whites had little to no involvement (what white in their right mind wants to be feuding with thuggish blacks?) especially after each group's nominal leaders went way kookoo.

    The most subtle and sympathetic racial activism involved comparatively sane and reasoned (and perhaps, compromised) charming blacks with lots of strings attached to white and frequently Jewish handlers.

    The preponderance of people under 31 suggests several things:
    – People over 30 are less gullible, less reckless, less childish, and just not interested in goofing off in college kid dominated riot culture.
    – Perhaps a generational effect, with X-ers and very early Millennials either never caring for protest culture, or being too racially aware to imbibe fully in post 60's Left-wing horse crap, or they once participated as youngsters but became alienated by a lack of results or unexpectedly damaging results.

    One can only wonder how Western Euros and Jews expect to remain powerful and true to their utopian goals in a heavily non-white place founded by guilt ridden NW Euros. If demo changes proceed as they wish, we will lose our identity and become yet another dreadful 3rd world country. With non-NW Euro founding stock that means a fair ruling/business class keeping darker people in their place, like you see in Latin America and Central/South Asia. With a NW Euro original culture, it probably means something more like South Africa or what we already see in coastal California, with whites vainly trying to rescue NAM's from themselves/each other while whites tell themselves and each other comforting polite fictions to avoid provoking the horde or admitting defeat in the grand racial project.

  19. @Feryl

    People like you keep talking about coastal California like it's some dystopian hellhole, but then why do high IQ young whites from rich families (my friends from school) keep moving there? Why have none of them moved to very white WV?

  20. Feryl,

    Also under 30 is the prime of life for criminal activity. I wonder what percentage of the have no realistic prospects for anything other than downward mobility. I see it with kids of the well-heeled middle class and upper-middle classes all the time. They're 26 and still working on a BA, they don't know anything and still act like they're 16, they live with their parents or off their parents. This is the archetype I have in my head of these punks, anyway.


    California is right in the middle of the country in terms of net migration (24th as of 2015). West Virginia is near the bottom, but there are plenty of other white states ahead of California.

  21. Cuz of status, why else? In high striving times, elites tend to focus on a relative handful of locations as the bulk of people get used and fall behind elsewhere (see: the further you go from major cities the better Trump did). I read an article about how midwestern cities like Kansas City used to have a bigger business presence. But by the mid 90's the majority of elites thought that medium tier cities like that didn't measure up to the, uh, cache of Manhattan, L.A, and Frisco in the 1st tier, with places like Seattle, Boston, Chicago, Minneapolis, and Atlanta in the 2nd tier.

    Part of this is exclusivity; coastal (including the great lakes) cities are more expensive by default due to geography restricting housing. Oceans/large lakes and young mountain ranges also provide scenery and recreation opportunities which elites love to partake in. One thing about Texas's numerous and growing big cities is that to this day, they don't have anywhere near as much elite cache as coastal and upper Midwestern cities. Why? No big water bodies or mountains to drive up housing prices or provide scenery/recreation.

    Strivers in a decadent time period will move more often. If they're down on their luck at the moment (as many debt riddled youth are these days) they'll move to a crappier neighborhood/crappier house or apartment that's close enough to a trendy area. Hopefully, they'll eventually land the right gig, get to know the right person, get to sleep with the right person, and be able to afford to live in an elite epicenter, from which they've earned the right to lecture and condescend to middle America. As has been said in Hollywood, "fake it 'til you make it". All kinds of neurotic and desperate people pile into the West coast. In a healthier time period, people better grasp the value of living near one's family and old friends. After all, what incentive do a bunch of strangers have to take care of things and each other?

    Thanks to toxic striving (in which rising to the top via an intellectual profession is prized), Gen X-ers and Millennials have far fewer practical life survival skills than Boomers or pre-Boomers for that matter. So many (actual and wannabe) architects, artists, lawyers, judges, actors, CEOs, scientists, professors, etc. Pre Gen X-ers, when their elders and communities raised them, were taught the value of learning a variety of practical skills since it was expected that the majority of them would not grow up to be so hedonistic and/or rich that they would hire regular help (by the 90s, the biggest elites had full time servants). I once posted about how even in some of the higher end areas of Minnesota, the majority of home owners mow their own lawns. Somebody from elsewhere thought that sounded weird, since in his recent experience, many people in the Sunbelt now seem to think basic yard work is beneath the dignity of a white person.

    Younger elite liberals extol the virtues of all kinds of fashionable and pretentious pursuits while mocking Trump's mission (MAGA). Their totally clueless about the fact that what used to be great about this country was that we prided ourselves on the dignity that came from self-sufficiency and pragmatic know-how. Up to and including making things of tangible value (beyond just tech gadgets for trendy strivers, though of course America's homegrown electronics industry used to be much stronger) instead of putting all our eggs into the FIRE basket.

  22. "Also under 30 is the prime of life for criminal activity. I wonder what percentage of the have no realistic prospects for anything other than downward mobility. I see it with kids of the well-heeled middle class and upper-middle classes all the time. They're 26 and still working on a BA, they don't know anything and still act like they're 16, they live with their parents or off their parents. This is the archetype I have in my head of these punks, anyway. "

    Yeah, the biggest revolutionaries often serve from golden platters. Part of is the Joos. Another part of it is that upper class people often develop this odd affectation of representing a "downtrodden" group, whether it's Russian factory workers in the early 20th century, or Asian peasants (the mid-20th century), or "innocent' black men being shot (the Obama era). Naturally, their programs to help these people often ignore the root cause of their problems and/or create altogether new problems.

    Unless we're smack dab in the middle of a wholesome period, most upper class people who try to help out another class will often end up looking like idiots, if they can even be bothered to put effort into a good faith attempt to help out. See Paul Ryan's utterly laughable attempt to bring the Austrian School to the ghetto. Trump actually knows what he's doing (fewer foreigners and better trade policy equals better pay, more jobs, less welfare and thus less taxes) so the proles respect him while the mostly decadent elite class hates him though some will cynically hitch their wagon to Trump hoping to win while others lose. Basically, for some time we're going to have to deal with elites who either continue to stand against us or give us a boost not out of sincere concern for us as much concern for their own hide.

    Agnostic has made the point that strivers in decadent periods tend to focus so much on boutique cultural issues and less on the obvious/practical results of day to day economic policy on common people because it frees them from the burden of facing their sins and helping everybody out. No, strivers instead would rather focus on pissing contests involving ostentatious displays of ideology, wealth, leisure, and "taste".

  23. Feryl,

    This is timely:

    "The vast majority of left-wing protesters arrested on suspicion of politically-fuelled offences in Berlin are young men who live with their parents, a new report found.

    The figures, which were published in daily newspaper Bild revealed that 873 suspects were investigated by authorities between 2003 and 2013.

    Of these 84 per cent were men, and 72 per cent were aged between 18 and 29."

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