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Wastes, Exhausts, and Murders Itself
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Discovered on the campus of this flyover state’s flagship public university
Discovered on the campus of this flyover state’s flagship public university

Because there are exactly three genders:

1) Female
2) Male
3) Mentally handicapped

Jokes aside, Z-Man devotes an hour to explaining how democracy, if it does not die first, necessarily leads to this.

It doesn’t stop here. Like a shark, it cannot stop. Once it does, it dies.

Until then, it indefatigably moves to be inclusive of everything, everywhere, in every context. Eventually the contradictions, dissonance, and mutual exclusivities become so tangled and numerous that it has nowhere left to go that doesn’t mean smashing into what it has already been erected, so the whole edifice eventually comes crumbling down in a fiery crash.

Democracy is like the paint game from the SNES classic Legend of the Mystical Ninja. It starts out with plenty of room for growth. Initially the perpetual social expansiveness seems manageable but before long there is nowhere left to go. Rather than decelerating at this point, democracy continues to accelerate and then, boom!

A heavy hand then moves in to pick up the pieces. When Razib Khan says we haven’t had our Sulla… yet, this is what he is talking about.

Represented graphically:

Parenthetically, the phrase now demanded by the empire of Nothing is “mentally disabled” rather than “mentally handicapped”. To stay ahead of the curve, though, the most eagerly compliant members of the voluntary thought police might consider adopting “mentally challenged” or roll the dice on the blatantly Orwellian “differently abled”:

(Republished from The Audacious Epigone by permission of author or representative)
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  1. This day was like the Access Hollywood tape all over again, but worse. Two convictions and two major indictments. I have no confidence in the GOP holding either house of Congress, and the immorality has gotten to the point that I might sit out the election. I'm not voting for Steve Stivers to give every "graduate" a green card. Perhaps it should be poll-tested whether Trump resigning would boost the electoral prospects(Dem turnout down?), presuming Pence doesn't repeat the mistake of Ford and pardon him.


  2. 216,

    It'll be about as consequential as the Access Hollywood tape, which is to say not very.

    If the Rs ran with the coed runner who was butchered by an invader, they could hold the House (they'll hold the Senate in any case). They won't do that, though, so they won't hold the House.

    I have a governor's race of crucial import, genuinely, so I can't be politically black-pilled at the moment.

  3. AE,

    That woman was liberal, she got what she deserved.

    I never see anything like this from any other group. I think there was perhaps 1 Jew that became an ISIS member. Our people sign up to put themselves on the extinction list. We shouldn't be using her death for political gain, the left will just claim the invader was justified in killing her to avoid deportation. Instead we should be condemning her as the traitor that she was.

    I might be motivated to vote, but only to vote Dem for accelerationism. The GOP can't seriously be intending to win when Steve Scalise (!) is arguing for entitlement cuts. The hundred dollar bill of "South Africa sanctions" is lying on the ground, right next to "remittance tax".

  4. 216 – college students are still mentally immature. Most people grow out of that shit. I mean I majored in liberal arts and the lack of job prospects after graduation was a huge redpill for me.


    Wow, this story is a Feryl/Agnostic trifecta. Corrupt Boomer GOP farmer

  6. Rather reluctantly I have come to the conclusion that all democracies are dysgenic in origin. Right from the very start.
    This is both their strength in the initial phases (as the liberal aspect allows for great economic growth) and their weakness later on as it starts to devour itself.

  7. 216: Spend less time on the Internet

  8. Anonymous[] • Disclaimer says:

    Democracy didn't vote for this – nor abortion, nor pornography, nor crippling the police through the courts…nor…nor…

    Democracy was TOLD to do this or else by the Bureaucracy.

    The Courts simply affirmed and made it "Constitutional" as they have been doing since the New Deal.

    You are not only accepting the Leftist definition and working practice of governing – you are going to war with exactly the wrong people. The Demos.

    True sins of democracy: it went to sleep. Now it's awake and angry.
    Democracy lost control of the Government: democracy aka the actual demos are now aware of the breach and elected Trump here and others abroad to regain control of their nations.

    You are now going to war with the one group that is actually DOING something.
    No – talking and blogging isn't DOING anything.

    You are in the Camp of neither Saints nor Sinners but the lowest form of Cynics – those who having found at last an honest man [Trump] bitch and snipe like barren childless spinsters from their little piece of virtual reality – the Internet.

    Finally democracy didn't waste, exhaust and murder itself.

    Un-elected and most importantly unaccountable bureaucracy was exactly installed during the New Deal to prevent exactly democracy from wasting, exhausting and murdering itself when the government went into the benefits aka social security and the rest. Now in truth they held true to that until LBJ opened the floodgates to butter and guns. They then begin to take corruption – something turned into a political machine by Clinton. > but democracy did not do so…they simply kept nodding their heads yes – and yes in exchange for their lackey's wages of benefits.

    Then a few years ago feeling the pinch of mortality the People awoke.
    The people aren't noble – but neither are you.
    The people are acting in self defense and the weapons they presently wield are the vote.

    The People will probably have to use the other tools they have at hand to survive.
    They will choose survival.

    They will go after their enemies with an American Super-Sized Fury.
    Even Trump can only ride that wave. If he can…

    You are not only sniping from the sidelines – you are profaning the Demos god….and holy war for democracy has and will remain our standard.

    You are picking the wrong enemy when you have NONE and NOTHING to back it up.
    You gain nothing here.

    The Demos are presently the only game in Town. It's the Game God Emperor Trump plays.
    You might want to learn from him….and not undermine yourself.
    That's all your doing.

    The only game in town that's winning and indeed acting is the Demos game.
    I suggest you sit at the table as ally. Or be silent in your criticism.

    Not even Alcibiades attempted what you are doing.

    He was better at playing the game then you.

    Learn from Trump. It's the only game we've actually got…


  9. …a guy in a wheelchair isn't necessarily mentally disabled. He is physically disabled.

    What you really should have said is "women, men, and physically disabled people."

  10. Anonymous [AKA "/pol/tard"] says:

    >That woman was liberal … Our people sign up to put themselves on the extinction list

    MOLLIE TIBBITS WAS NOT A WHITE WOMAN. She was a HAPA, of mixed Korean descent.

    She was also dating a White man, the picture that's in widest circulation has him cropped mostly out of it, but her twitter feed has the original, taken at a college handegg game.

  11. You omitted my favorite, "mentally defective", which dominated all challengers around 1915 and continued to lead the field well into the 1960s.

  12. > This day was like the Access Hollywood tape all over again, but worse. Two convictions and two major indictments. I have no confidence in the GOP holding either house of Congress, and the immorality has gotten to the point that I might sit out the election. I'm not voting for Steve Stivers to give every "graduate" a green card. Perhaps it should be poll-tested whether Trump resigning would boost the electoral prospects(Dem turnout down?), presuming Pence doesn't repeat the mistake of Ford and pardon him.

    Sorry but this post is crap. I'm tired of the right wing commentariat reflexively crying doom. There is over two months left before midterms. Remember that two months ago #AbolishICE was raging while a stronk lahtinx won a low turnout event. Also remember that shortly after, Democrat leadership was scrambling to run damage control once it became obvious that Democrats were now advocating for lawlessness and said stronk lahtinx was actively fighting Nancy Pelosi. Seems like a distant memory but a lot happens in two months these days.

    I think the do or die moment is the September budget. In March, I was told by magapedes that this was going to be the real fight so now it's time for the real fight. If they cuck on immigration or decide to delay the budget "fight" to after the midterms, then it's time to start wringing your hands into bloody stumps. If Trump makes good on his promise to shut down the government to get wall funding, E-Verify, etc., then there's a good chance that they can even make net gains in the House. This requires a level of testicular fortitude that unfortunately we haven't seen from Trump outside of Twitter. So it's time for him to ante up or else he's done because if the Democrats win the House, then it's going to be nothing but nonstop impeachment attempts for the rest of his miserable time in office. He has to know this and he has to know that cucking is one of the worst things he can do, despite what Ryan and McConnell will tell him. It will be an interesting few weeks, that's for sure.

  13. Regarding Mollie Tibbetts, I have a lot of friends and family in Iowa and they are furious. However Iowa is thoroughly in the cuck belt and the Iowa GOP is dumbassedly banking on muh tax cuts and muh regulations for 2018. Unsurprisingly Iowa looks to be a location where Democrats are hoping to flip the state and for good reason as nobody cares about muh tax cuts and muh regulations in Iowa. Right now all of that just went down the toilet. If the Iowa GOP refocuses on immigration, they will win and win bigly. However I suspect the Iowa GOP will only double down because the farmers have the party by the balls and they love their cheap immigrant labor. It's sad to see. Steve King will have to lead the way.

  14. Anonymous – democracy is bureaucracy, and Democracy elected the Bureaucracy. America 3.0 essentially started with FDR, who was so popular that it took a constitutional amendment to get rid of him.

    The massive weakness of large swathes of the political "right" is that they still believe that the system, as designed, is wonderful, but has simply been hijacked or poorly maintained. In reality, the system is doing precisely what it's designed to do.

    Before the Civil Service Bureaucracy we had the spoils system. If there's any system worse than the Bureaucracy, that'd be it. It's too bad FDR was so evil; if a reactionary president had the same power to reform, he could really make America great… again.

  15. 216 –

    As if on cue:

    Blackpilling is objectively anti-white. Repent.

  16. 216,

    Used the thoughtful commentary, thanks.


    You and John Adams, among others.


    Push at different levels. Democracy is tactically useful for now. Strategically we have to figure out where this constitutional republic went so horribly wrong and ensure that we don't lay the groundwork for a repeat.

    The straw man attacks are silly. I have three kids. I was active in the Trump campaign and am very active in the current [redacted]. I'm increasingly networking with other people on the ground level. We are not just idly flapping our figurative lips on the internet, though that's of import, too.


    It doesn't work rhetorically that way. Gender confusion is not a physical handicap, it's a mental one.


    Ha, way too… candid!


    What's the source on that? I've seen it asserted but neither of her parents look Asian at all. Is she adopted or are one of the parents actually a stepparent?

    Random Dude,

    Yes, that was the defense earlier in the year when Trump appeared to give away the house in the last budget (or continuing resolution or whatever it was)–he'd get another swing at it in September. And that'll obviously be a lot fresher in people's minds than the Spring surrender.


    Though it was a quote, we just had a president of the US speak positively of whites–or a subgroup of whites, anyway–explicitly. When is that last time that happened? Wilson? Coolidge? FDR? Not sure. Not in my lifetime!

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