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Virtue-Signaling Gets Personal
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As Hillary was going on about the strength and vibrancy of our black communities:

It’s really unfortunate that [Trump] paints such a dire negative picture of black communities in our country. You know, the vibrancy of the black church, the black businesses that employ so many people, the opportunities that so many families are working to provide for their kids. There’s a lot that we should be proud of and we should be supporting and lifting up.

I said to my monitor–hoping to psychically sync up with Trump–“ha, yeah and I’m sure you’re moving to one after you lose this election. There aren’t any blacks in Chappaqua, folks.”

I’ve started taking a similar approach in realtalk conversations (which are increasingly all I can tolerate having anymore) about politics and specifically about diversity with goodwhites. It’s become formulaic–I steer the conversation in this direction as soon as possible because it’s so rhetorically easy and it makes them squirm like worms.

I say explicitly or let them insinuate that I’d prefer to live around other white people. I immediately turn it around by saying something to the effect of, “So I assume you live in a neighborhood that is less white than [the relevant metro area] is. That way you’re able to get more house for the same amount of money in somewhere like [Sun/Sol neighborhood/city] than you’re able to in a white neighborhood like mine, and you get more diversity, too. It’s perfect! If you don’t–and I know you don’t–then you’re really just full of shit, aren’t you? Or you’re slacking, badly. I’d be happy to help you, I’m good with Zillow. Sound good?”

It stultifies them every time. I’ve had a few people go the bad schools/high crime route, to which I say “that’s exactly the point–unless you can name me a diverse area that has great schools and low crime? I’m all ears!”

Then comes the shiv–“Isn’t it the height of hypocrisy to condemn other people to live around people you won’t live around? You’re saying it’s great that the country is coming to resemble a neighborhood you’ll do anything to avoid living in. And you can’t even keep your head down while you’re doing it, you have to virtue-signal by attacking other people who can’t run away from diversity like you do.”

Parenthetically, I suppose I’ll eventually stumble into a goodwhite who lives in a Sun/Sol neighborhood and isn’t desperately trying to get out, but given how reliably segregated living arrangements are across the country, less-white-than-the-whole-area is close to a sure thing (it has been every time for me so far), especially when we’re talking about a metro area that includes black urban areas.

(Republished from The Audacious Epigone by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    I agree with these tactics. Cut to the chase and stop giving libs a way out. Instead of looking down at the floor with liberals once the conversation gets to that point, "yeah, something needs to be done about jobs in the inner cities," etc, ad nauseum, ask them a simple question: "When?"

  2. "Good schools," coincidentally, never seem to have many blacks or Hispanics. God I want the elitist scum called out on this bullshit so badly.

  3. Anon,

    It's imperative that we not cede the moral high ground. Principles are out, interests are in. We win easily when those are the dynamics, so the extent that we deal with principles at all it is to show the principles as hollow and their practitioners as hypocrites.


    Right, which is why they have to be jabbed with the open-ended opportunity to talk about these alleged good Sun/Sol schools in nice, safe areas. I mean surely examples abound everywhere since we know how great Diversity! is, right? Right?

  4. The left has successfully framed the idea that the perception of being racist is one of the worst things you can be considered in modern polite society. As a result, the left uses it as a cudgel to beat back Republicans to where they have to retreat behind MUH PRINCIPLES so they can rationalize why they lose the narrative time and time again. That is why there is such a disconnect here in 2016: Hillary and the media keep calling Trump a racist but Trump keeps plowing through that and with that has earned the support of tens of millions of Americans who aren't racist but are tired of getting accused of being one. The narrative is shattering in front of our eyes. All it proves is how fragile the left wing narrative really is and how we need to keep pushing in order to restore normalcy instead of social policy that is defined by anarcho-tyranny.

  5. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Consistently socially and politically liberal here. All European ancestry, half Jewish. I live in Washington, D.C. I'm a disability rights lawyer. Probably going to be phone banking against Trump. I could go on, but I am pretty sure we'll be on the same page that I am liberal just with that little bit of biographical information!

    I have three kids and a wife. I support with a single income. We could have moved to majority white Virginia suburbs (which would be 10 miles closer to my work). Instead, we live in a heavily majority black neighborhood. Economic data here: , Find us on the race map here:

    Yep, I got a cheaper house, in a lower crime area of the city (still high crime, this is a major city). I'm not stupid. I got a security camera system. In my mind, it is all about rational risk management. Just like deciding to drive a car is a calculated risk every day. Anyway, I got a cheaper house because its a black neighborhood, and lots of people are scared of black people. Really, once you get to know them, they aren't that scary. Try it for a few years. You learn lots of great things from people who have often gone through a lot.

    So thank you. Instead of a statistical analysis of crime data, most people do a statistical analysis of race data. The correlation is close, but not consistent. I slipped through the window, and benefited from prejudice. Yours, apparently, and that of most of the people agreeing with you.

    So again, thank you. I appreciate open racism as opposed to hidden. Of course I have to fight to destroy those beliefs that are poisoning our country and killing our citizens. But that is just a difference of ideals and nothing personal.

    All the best,

    – Ben Eisenberg

  6. Ben,

    Granting veracity to your situation, the appreciation is mutual. Most people don't practice what they preach, but you're willing to do so. Are your kids in school yet? Will they be attending public schools? From my work with NAEP data, I recall getting the sense that white kids in public schools in DC is a rarity.

  7. Random Dude,

    The part in Hillary's Alt Right speech when she started going through the litany of -isms and -ists was perfect–she ended with "you name it". There's a palpable sense of PC fatigue settling in, with more and more people struggling to even go through the motions of ritual denunciation of those who utter hate facts.

  8. I tried that in 1985 with a virtue signaler from Grant's Pass, Oregon.

    He triumphantly replied, "I've been mugged three times!"

  9. My double extra white in laws and their double extra white daughters live off Independence Ave. in an 1880's Victorian of like 7500 sq. ft.

  10. The rest of our friends in KC live in Olathe and the kids go to Blue Valley like their parents.

  11. Steve,

    I specifically remember that article. After I was introduced to your writing in 2005, I went back and read your VDare archive. I was 21 and a senior in college at the time. I doubt there will ever be another time in my life when so many scales fall from my eyes in such a brief period of time.

    Silly girl,

    Ha, they need to downsize (but upgrade) and get into Brookside. Gentrify, gentrify, gentrify. We live in Olathe, bordering with Overland Park (Blue Valley). I'm sure I've come across some of your friends in some context or another. Small world!

  12. I am of Middle Eastern descent (1st generation) born in the heart of Detroit back in 1972. And yes my parents were legal aliens.

    I get to virtue slap all sorts of people. When people ask me why I no longer live anywhere near a big city I tell them the truth. Too many brown people, of any shade, will always cause problems.

    I don't get so much flak but I do get awe. Awe that someone so openly says it. Even the most ardent sicko progressive can't/wont argue with me. I don't tell them I was raised Catholic so they assume I am a Muslim.

    I am a gold medal athlete in the Oppression Olympics. According to them: I am a ghetto rat brownie Muslim raised by a divorced mother who was an immigrant.

  13. Sigma K,

    It's been my experience that non-white, non-black people get a pass but for whatever reason black "uncle Toms" don't. Someone like you, or even someone like Justin Garcia (who you might like if you haven't come across him), is "disadvantaged" and consequently comes in for relatively light criticism. Even gays get a significant measure of protection, like Milo. Jews have the force field, too.

    Ben Carson, on the other hand, like Clarence Thomas, gets absolutely brutalized. I'm not sure why that is.

  14. Question for audacious: You stated in the past that your family is more Belmont than Fishtown, which I assume means you consider yourself to be upper middle class. Why do you live in Olathe, where the median family income is only $82,747? That's middle middle class, not upper middle.

  15. AE,

    It all has to do with the mythical protected class.

    It is funny how feminists want to destroy men and the patriarchy but they also want to protect certain classes of people as if they were the patriarchy.

    Proof right there that women make awful leaders/decision makers. They can't even make up their minds about a simple core (and over looked) tenant of the patriarchy; the inherent nature to protect things.

    I should mention, I just found out I am about 20% jew from the old country jew… I am a special class.

  16. The problem is that women on average, have too much 'feel good' logic implemented into their brains. The rationale for it is because if you're weaker / less capable, this kind of logic allows you to live longer by parasitizing on society. If you don't have to fight, you get to live another day. If you're against the strong, you can dog collar them up by extolling/blackmailing for resources.

    Women don't complain about non-representation in garbage pickup, forklift operation or any 'unsafe, unclean, …,' occupations. Women disproportionately get air-conditioned office desk jobs or less tenable/laborous/high-risk jobs when referred by an employment agency.

    Men on the other hand are not known to be naggers or complainers, because they simply do it. They don't complain about female predominance in nursing or dental hygienists or whatever.

    Men use women as political tools. The 'feels good' ideology grabs votes of minority groups and allows them to stay in power while feigning goodness all in the name of diversity and equality. The irony is that pursuing equality through equity of resources spreads more inequality. If a 6-sided dice of pleiotropic genes has lower numbers, then these people will inherit more ugliness, stupidity, etc. These people on average out of all sets of possible environments will disproportionately be less able to contribute in terms of $$ value to society or commit more crime or whatever. Nobody wants to be born poor or ugly or stupid… yet we build social nets, medical interventions and reduce selective pressures and allow businesses to not fail/be subsidized.. all causing recurring harm. Altruism only exists because there are incapable/weak/lesser entities within any group. It is used to satiate and reduce tension/hostilities. It also exists in times of high prosperity, since there is no marginal cost to helping others when everyone is equal, and high marginal benefit of reciprocation for future needs.

    Anyhow it's not necessarily that blacks are unintelligent, it's just that these cluster of genotypes are co-inherited and these 'dies' have never experienced genetic drift towards higher means and needs significant outbreeding.. or stronger selection than running away from subhara desert lions and more towards storing knowledge/libraries..

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