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Trump Stronger Down the Stretch
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The Bidens’ alleged corruption, Trump’s indefatigable last week barnstorming across the country, and a potential reason for the polls tightening modestly as the election approached:

• Category: Culture/Society, Ideology • Tags: Election 2020, Polling 
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  1. Twinkie says:

    Late voters also broke for Trump in 2016 and sealed his victory with razor-thin margins in the key battleground states.

    If the Pfizer vaccine data had been announced – as planned – in late October, I think Trump would have coasted to a comfortable victory. COVID was his only major vulnerability – partly bad luck (the pandemic could have hit after the re-election), party of his own making (being obstinate and careless with his words, turning masks into a political issue, contracting it and holding possible super-spreader events), and, as we now know, partly treachery.

    • Agree: AnotherDad
  2. In truth, the D voters really didn’t know all along who they’d vote FOR. They very well knew who they’d vote against, however.

  3. This is why I’ve said Giuliani and Bannon misplayed the Hunter laptop October surprise. It needed to come at a much earlier point in the election to have an effect–before all the mail-in ballots had been filled out.

    • Agree: Twinkie
  4. This is a pretty good argument against early voting; events may unfold during the campaign that can affect a decision. It’s not as easy to “recall” an already-submitted ballot as it is to change one’s mind at the polling place.

    Any absentee ballot should have to be cast in person, after signing an affidavit that one will be absent on election day, and handed to the election official then and there. Mail-in ballots are an invitation to fraud.

    • Replies: @LondonBob
  5. I forgot to add that in France there is no system of absentee ballots. If you can’t vote in person on election day, you give someone else a power of attorney (procuration) to vote on your behalf. I don’t now how you can verify how that person voted, however; best to give your procuration to someone you trust!

    France did, on the other hand, postpone some elections earlier this year over the Covid-19 hysteria. It might happen for the 2022 presidential elections.

  6. LondonBob says:
    @Diversity Heretic

    True, but do we have any reliable stats on early voting, I have read in some states Trump led and that the decisive margins for Biden were in the states the fraud was concentrated in.

    The pollsters I followed had late deciders breaking Trump hard, I think it was this that ensured the fraud was more obvious than they intended.

    • Replies: @Verymuchalive
  7. @LondonBob

    The real question is: are any of the polls reliable at all. That includes the exit polls and the ones that attempt to breakdown the vote further like this one. I see also that it was commissioned by Fox News. That must be suspect, given their subsequent behaviour.

    • Replies: @LondonBob
  8. LondonBob says:

    Just saw NC early voting stats, Trump lost early voting by just a couple of points.

    • Thanks: V. K. Ovelund

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