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Trump Is the Anti-Idiocracy Candidate
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Just when you thought everything but the kitchen sink had been thrown at Trump, here comes something else: The assertion that he is president Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho. It looks like that sinking feeling is spreading throughout CultMarx ranks, then, as they preemptively concede the election to one very specific man!

What would do more to retard or prevent a decrease in the United States’ mean national IQ of 98 than sending back all the so-called Syrian refugees (Syria’s mean IQ being 79) the Obama administration has accepted so far and then refusing to take any additional ones?

A moratorium on Muslim immigration into the US (majority-Muslim countries mean IQs ranging in the upper 70s to upper 80s), that’s what.

And what would do more to retard or prevent a decrease in the mean national IQ of the US than the moratorium?

A wall along the US-Mexico border and the deportation, voluntary or otherwise, of the 11-30 million illegal immigrants currently residing here, the majority of whom are from Mexico (mean IQ of 88), that’s what.

Trump’s proposals will do more to avoid an American slide into Idiocracy than those of any other serious presidential candidate since at least Pat Buchanan.

What a beautiful conversational segue the Camacho comparison provides. Have fun with it.

(Republished from The Audacious Epigone by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Academia is Idiocracy.

    Just as Psychology Depts are a Madhouse.

    Academia and it's kingdoms are where the weak and unfit rule in real life, real time in the present. The next step up on the bottom feeder food chain being the media.
    They've found each other and their own level.


  2. AE,

    The following is clipped from a Bill Kristol Weekly Standard column.

    It points out who are the real idiots in this election —

    To: Lone Star Committee supporters & interested parties
    From: Rich Danker, Lone Star Committee founder
    Date: April 24, 2016
    Re: The 2016 Republican race

    Trump's simple, straightforward strategy of trying to win in every state, take as much free media as possible, have an inclusion attitude toward getting voters, and appear in front of as many people as possible proved to be sledgehammer against the old way. And unlike just about every other past self-funder, Trump did not let his campaign take him for a ride.

    Political professionals have gotten so much power in presidential campaigns that they have diluted the candidates of a message and put up barriers to getting votes. They convince the candidates to run from most media interviews for fear of a gaffe (making them ultimately more gaffe-prone since they get rusty), stick to a boring, limited stump speech to give their talking points more resonance (even though saying something in a new way is more potent), and slice and dice the voters so that virtually everything the candidate says is geared toward an interest group rather than the electorate per se.

    Why? Being stage-managed gives more power to the consultants. It makes the candidates more dependent on staff and vendors to navigate them through the torture chamber those people make the election into. The consultants become the smart people and the candidate is a commodity. This attitude is shared by the political media, whose access to the candidates is dependent on sharing a worldview about campaigns with those consultants.

    It's giving Trump too much credit to say that he meant to expose the stupidity of professionalized politics, but that's what he ended up doing. And he got lucky in the sense that his final primary opponent – although in just about every other way the type voters were looking for in 2016 – was somebody who leaned on that professionalism.

    "We professional consultants were idiots, and Trump beats us by not being idiots, because he was too stupid to listen too us."

    Yeah, right.

  3. To call Trump the Idiocracy candidate means they have to admit IQ exists. Trump wins again!

  4. Vox Day summed it up nicely, starting with this line adapted from TEAM AMERICA: World Police."

    Trump, because…Fuck you!

    We really don't care about his myriad flaws. If Trump stripped naked in front of television cameras at the Washington monument, did a little pole dance, confessed to a daily cocaine-and-call-girl habit, then promised to put every Congressman and Senator on trial, he'd gain five points in the polls. Maybe ten.

    We have watched the twin establishments of the bifactional ruling party methodically dismantle everything that the United States of America used to be for the last 24 years or more. They gave us Clinton, then Bush the Younger, and then the parody that is Soetoro/Obama. They could be selling the cure for cancer with one free Victoria's Secret model in every box and the American public still wouldn't buy it.

    If all Donald Trump does is build a big beautiful wall and start sending Mexicans and Muslims back home, we don't care if he gilds the White House, puts his logo on it, and turns it into a combination strip joint and head shop.

    The DC Establishment does not understand they are -hated-.

    And in America, unlike Europe, the head of state is directly voted upon by the people allowing that hate to be expressed.

    Interesting times…arriving.

  5. They probably noticed that movie mentioned somewhere, realized it was relevant to conversation somehow… But parrot-approximated us without understanding.

    This seems to happen sometimes… Or could be deliberate obscuring of what we mean. *shrug*

  6. I call it the opposite rule of liberalism. The people who truly believed electing Obama would alter the earths climate are now calling Trump voters mouth breathing dullards. In this case as in most others, they project onto their bogeymen the things they most hate about themselves. Obama was and is just a performance, like President Comacho. It's why you never hear anyone quote him at length or talk about his great speeches. Even his fans simply don;t care. It's the show that matters.

    I see Nate is going all in on his Trump problem.

    It's interesting to see how Silver has learned nothing from the last year.

  7. Mil-Tech Bard,

    Bill Kristol was spectacularly wrong about the nomination process even by the standards of the average clueless professional pundit. Why he has any relevance anymore is beyond me. Does he even have a constituency? Jewish hawks? He's toxic.

    Trump understands what Vox was getting at. He basically admitted as much with the comment about how he could shoot someone in broad daylight in Manhattan and his supporters would still back him.



    Talk about IQ? Sure thing. Hey, don't blame me, you brought it up!


    Right, I don't detect any humility from him. Now he's trying to hedge by going the weatherman route with this 25%-75% prediction. That way even if he's wrong (yet again), he allowed for a real possibility of Trump winning, so what do you want!?

  8. Audacious Epigone ,

    I agree with you regards Kristol.

    Rich Danker, however, has a successful future ahead of him as a political consultant.

    He told his marks…err "campaign funding contributors" …two utter truths about what Trump did and how (AKA reality) while arse licking the hell out of them over their preconceive notions about Trump and political consultants.

    That man is one to watch.

  9. The movie ANIMAL HOUSE had a much shorter and better written mea culpa than the Nate Silver one at the Five Thirty Eight link below:

    "You f***ed up. You Trusted us."

    How I Acted Like A Pundit And Screwed Up On Donald Trump
    Trump’s nomination shows the need for a more rigorous approach.

    By Nate Silver

  10. "What would do more to retard or prevent a decrease in the United States' mean national IQ of 98 …

    A moratorium on Muslim immigration into the US (majority-Muslim countries mean IQs ranging in the upper 70s to upper 80s), that's what."

    To be fair, the average IQ of Muslim immigrants to the U.S. is likely significantly higher than that, and may be a bit higher than the mean IQ of the country in general.

    Not that that is necessarily a good thing.

  11. M-T B,

    That's a long-winded kinda-sorta mea culpa. I suspect there is some self-serving BS in there that I'm going to point out in a post (if after running the numbers it comes up as I think it will, haven't actually done the legwork yet).

    You're a font, man, thanks.

  12. JayMan,

    Right, at least for now, although I'm not sure what percentage of Muslim immigrants into the US come in via the diversity lottery. I assume it's much, much higher than the percentage of non-Muslim immigrants who come in.

  13. I hated the media before, but now they're beyond any relevance at all. They lie every single day, all day long. We need a total revolution. That's what Trump has exposed more than anything else. It's all corrupt and it's all bankrupt.

    Dems are the biggest demagogues on the planet. Yet, you have Third World socialist agitators like Obama and Bernie saying Trump is the demagogue. Soros and DNC fund and organize riots against Trump, and then claim Trump is responsible.

    DNC is the party of low-IQ Third World conquest. They want a society rife with incompetence, dependency, enforced miscegenation, dysgenic breeding and entitlement which is exactly what Idiocracy is. Yet they try to say Trump represents Idiocracy. How does an Aryan with a genius IQ, who is athletic, handsome, financially successful and virile into his late 50s represent idiocracy?? Jews in media and politics are the worst liars you will ever see. Satan himself couldn't do a better job.

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