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Trump, Bring the Angel Moms to the Third Debate
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Topics for the third presidential debate have been announced:

Wallace will ask questions about debt and entitlements, immigration, the economy, the Supreme Court, foreign hot spots and the candidates’ fitness to be president, according to an announcement made Wednesday by the Commission on Presidential Debates. Each of the six segments will last 15 minutes.

It’s stunning that Team Clinton is permitting the subject of immigration to be discussed. Trump’s restrictionism is more popular than he is, and Hillary’s open borders are less popular than she is. Immigration is a populist issue she’s extremely vulnerable on.

Trump should invite some of the “angel moms” to attend the debate and then during the segment on immigration point them out in the audience and demand Hillary apologize directly to them:

After she stumbles through a response–if the command doesn’t trigger a seizure–Trump should link Hillary’s Goldman Sachs speech calling for a “borderless world” to Bill Clinton’s speech the day before 9/11 calling for exactly the same thing. Go into how for thirty years Hillary has been in a position to secure the border and get control of immigration but instead all she’s done is made sure it stays wide open.

Outside of VDare’s readership, Bill’s call for a borderless world is virtually unknown. This is the perfect time to rectify that, knock Hillary on her ass, and let middle America see itself in the faces of the angel moms.

(Republished from The Audacious Epigone by permission of author or representative)
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  1. He should also frame Hillary as war-lusting for WWIII with Russia that will be nuclear and will kill millions of Western lives. Why would you put someone in office who will start WWIII and has their finger on the nuke button assuring mutually ensure destruction? She herself has said, Putin hacked the DNC to harm her election meaning that Putin thinks diplomacy can be achieved with Trump but Hillary ensures WWIII and nuclear armageddon. Maybe even through in the fact that Democrats will conscript women into this war as well (as they have been pushing for female conscription into the army) to depress her women's vote and the father's vote.

  2. Jeremiah's message- Pray your homeland prospers, if it does, you shall also prosper
    People have said both candidates are ‘equally’ bad. They aren’t.
    There’s 1 who intends to do good for the country & 1 who means it harm.

    Pretend we didn’t know either candidate’s past, we Only know what each would do if elected. According to her private speeches, HC wants a ‘Borderless Hemispheric Common Market.’ – In other words, an end to a sovereign America!

    Folks– The end of America! HC is an EMP bomb plunging all of US into darkness!
    How would one measure the tears in Heaven from all the Patriots who died for USA?
    How do you begin to calculate the blood spilled over 240ys of history defending the US?
    HC wants to end the USA & create a super-state combining N & S America!
    Who’d stop her? Our current crop of yella-bellied RINOs?

    The USA is the Cadillac of the West Hemis. Everyone else is a 9yr-old Yugo. The Yugo drivers would Love the wealth re-distribution, but what happens to Your standard of living if we combine economies?

    When Leftists say they care about you, they mean only until they get your vote. Wiki has shown Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Catholics are only votes to them. They do what THEY want in office. Proof? Did they care about PubOpin passing Obacare? PubOpin re gender/ bathrooms? Care about the pub’s low priority re Climate Change? Wall St. bailouts?

    The Left hates the Constitution & go around it with ‘ExecOrders’. They say it’s a 'living document' making it malleable instead of inflexible. Not so! It isn’t playdough. But a Leftist SupCrt won’t agree, & will rubber-stamp the Left’s agenda, & let unconst’l ExecOrders stand. We’ll lose 1st & 2nd amends & much more. The next Prez may have 3-4 SC appoints. If HC makes those choices, that EMP bomb sends us back to the stone age.

    MrT, warts & all, wants USA 1st. Period. John 8:7 says, ‘Let him who is without sin cast the 1st stone.’ Trump is a sinner, as are we all, but he won’t dismantle the very nation that enriched him. – They are not equal –

  3. Chris,

    He's pitched to disaffected Bernie supporters on multiple occasions. In this vein he should mention Jill Stein's recent tweet saying that Hillary Clinton's foreign policy is more dangerous than his because she wants war with Russia.

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