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Trump's Apology Well Received
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Before getting into tactical considerations, let me reiterate that an alpha male shooting the shit in private with a few other guys is harmless.

Even more, it’s cathartic for a lot of men. In an increasingly feminized world where men have fewer and fewer venues in which they are able to interact exclusively with other men, they’re forced to communicate using female-friendly language. Mixed-sex groups invariably move towards female norms of behavior and away from male norms of behavior, so the breakdown of gender barriers inexorably leads towards the breakdown of masculinity itself.

To condemn it is essentially to condemn virility. Hardly coincidental.

The skirt-clutching is disingenuous. Popular culture is full of stuff far ‘worse’ than anything Trump talked about.

In the case of Fifty Shades of Grey, we have simulated sexual assault being depicted favorably–textually and on-screen–for the purposes of entertainment and in front of a national audience.

In the case of Game of Thrones, we have terrible acts being depicted–verbally and visually–for the purposes of entertainment in front of a national audience.

Trump is depicting less terrible acts–and only verbally–for the purposes of entertainment to a few guys in private who are having fun with it.

That said, Trump’s apology hit all the right notes. Especially effective was the remark that campaigning has changed him. This is a rare instance in his presidential campaign where it has made political sense to offer one, and as much as is possible given the circumstances, he did it from a frame and position of strength:

Social media confirms. Trump’s post has, at the time of publishing, an astounding 350,000+ shares, 20 million views, and nearly half a million likes. We’re not scattering, we’re rallying:

Those are astronomical figures even for Trump, whose posts regularly get around one-tenth of those numbers.

Three primary reasons for the positive assessment:

1) Trump “never” apologizes. So the fact that he is apologizing becomes a story in itself.

2) It really is a distraction. That’s something people are looking for in Trump, a move away from distractions. He’s delivered on that desire, to the point of frustration for many of us in the first debate.

3) The gloves need to come off tonight, but the optics will be better for Trump if Hillary (or the moderator or a questioner in the audience) brings the remarks up. This will ‘force’ Trump to drag Hillary into the mud, an environment he’s more adept at navigating.

Trump says it was private, lewd locker room talk between a couple of guys shooting the breeze, he wasn’t running for office at the time, and he’s expressed regret. He then calls on Hillary to apologize for the women she intimidated with mafia tactics so her husband could get away with rape. Hillary doesn’t want to go down this road.

(Republished from The Audacious Epigone by permission of author or representative)
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  1. It's the crazy season of politics so the type of people who have 50 shades of grey memorized and have a Kindle full of "romance novels" (aka catladies) are suddenly apoplectic about this "scandal." It really is one of those things where if this was a Democrat, they would play up how attractive and virile he is. They did it with Gary Hart, Bill Clinton, and Anthony Weiner's first (lol) sexting scandal.

    The cuckservatives are the guys who this was targeting. It isn't that these guys don't do this kind of thing, it is that any masculinity is pretty much shut down by their ballbuster wives. This type of masculinity is best described as "man cave masculinity" because all he has is his man cave, his sports, and maybe a grill or a smoker that he obsesses over. Those are the only acceptable outlets. To see a red blooded guy like Trump talk about Nancy O'Dell in that fashion gets them mad for two reasons: so their wives will approve and also because they are angry and jealous that they could never even come close to talking about a woman as attractive as O'Dell or any of Trump's wives or girlfriends or Ivanka. Their wives might have been kind of cute when they were 16-18 but those days are long gone. It stirs up a lot of jealousy that these guys will never be in the same league as Donald Trump. They see it as an opportunity to take him down a peg or two. As pathetic as these guys are, they will likely still vote for him once the outrage simmers down.

  2. Trump crushed it at tonight's debate. Watch them go back to the tapes, watch Trump's numbers rise, and watch an angry and desperate media and campaign destroy themselves.

  3. Random Dude,

    Brilliant analysis. The women who hate what they can't have already aren't voting for Trump. This is just an opportunity for them to moralize.

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