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Trayvon Martin Day
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The administration of Carrick high school in Pittsburgh planned and subsequently scrapped “Trayvon Martin Day” in which students would be encouraged to wear hoodies in celebration and remembrance of the dead teenager. The school stepped back after opposition from several parents who publicly expressed concerns over the day, specifically with the consequences it would bring to students who chose not to participate.

If this were a school on Martin Luther King boulevard or in a plush area of Belmont, there would likely still be media ‘controversy’ surrounding the proposed honorific day, but visceral fears for the safety of the students from parents at said schools probably wouldn’t be a part of it.

Why so much worry about violent fallout among the student body at Carrick? Diversity. In addition to strength, it’s also social combustibility! A pie chart of the racial composition of Carrick’s student body:

Residuals are 5% two or more races, 1% Hispanic, 1% Asian. Despite Zimmerman’s Hispanic heritage, his persecution and the coverage surrounding it operated upon the old binary racial template of oppressed black America under the thumb of oppressive white America. Too fitting.

And the school’s unsurprising scholastic profile (Carrick students’ proficiency rates, Pennsylvania’s statewide proficiency rates):

Math — 38%, 60%
Reading — 57%, 68%

Science — 16%, 42%
Writing — 80%, 83%

(Republished from The Audacious Epigone by permission of author or representative)
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  1. That writing score must be really useless.

    16% understand science at grade level, but 80% can write competently.

    I call BS.

  2. Off topic, but since you've commented on this sort of thing before, I have to point out: The headline in my local paper today said, "Obama Appoints First Woman as Fed Chairman," and I thought, "That's weird that he would select Eve."

  3. SG,

    Predictably, the lower the statewide proficiency rate, the wider the gap between Carrick and the statewide average. Exactly what's expected for a below average set of test takers. Illustrates well the 'solution' Steve regularly suggests to attenuate the racial gap on firefighter tests–make the tests easier and easier.

  4. Silly girl,

    There is a similar phenomenon in Nobel Prizes. People get cred for being expressive rather than coherent.

  5. Your race is your uniform

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