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Transsexuality Is a Mental Disorder
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Larry Wilmore, who despite fully embracing his blackety-black victimhood passes the brown paper bag test, asserts that gays are no more mentally disordered than straights are, a claim Milo Yiannopolous disputes:

The percentages of people, by sexual orientation, who suffered from “stress”, depression” or “problems with emotions” in the last month:

Orientation MentalProbs
Heterosexual 44.5%
Bisexual 55.9%
Homosexual 61.7%

Milo is right, Wilmore is wrong.

The GSS only began asking about sexual orientation in 2008, so all responses (n = 3,238) are from that year onward, well into the era of gays being celebrated as quasi-sacred objects rather than condemned as buggers.

The survey doesn’t inquire about trannies, who are also discussed in the full video clip above, but it’s likely that, from best to worst mental health, the ordering goes heterosexuals, followed by bisexuals, then homosexuals, and finally to trannies, the large majority of whom presumably have poor mental health.

GSS variables used: MNTLHLTH(0,1-30), SEXORNT

(Republished from The Audacious Epigone by permission of author or representative)
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  1. It would be interesting to see whether the mental health of homosexuals has improved over time as society has elevated their social status. Cross-sectionally, it has been noted that homosexuals in places like San Francisco have very high rates of mental illness despite being widely accepted in their local communities. However, liberals may respond by saying that many people in these pro-gay communities grew up in very anti-gay environments from which they fled. It would be significantly harder to dismiss data showing that homosexuals are no more mentally stable today than they were 5, 10, or 15, years ago. I am sure such data exists, but, if the samples are not large enough in the GSS, it may be tedious to find.


    The West Coast is literally the faggiest part of America, though New England isn't much better. And guess which regions were most against Trump? GSS-wise, both regions have long been the most culturally liberal, going by abortion and gay issue responses. Actually, New England has the slight edge as the most pro-fudge packer region, though in any given GSS year it fluctuates between NE and the Pacific with the Mid-Atlantic at times competing (granted, if you took out NYC and DC, the Mid-Atlantic wouldn't be as embarrassing).

    The Mountain states have become much more socially liberal since around 2000, not surprising considering the flood of yuppies and West coast refugees into the region (folks, Colorado voted for Bush in the early 2000's). And the less rooted nature of the region, and the fact that it was never that well populated, means that old-school residents of the region don't have much ability to combat or convert recent arrivals. Meanwhile, GA still votes GOP even after a great deal of carpetbaggers and blacks moved there.

  3. Wouldn't be surprised if the percentage of transsexuals having mental illness is in the 90s-a desire to mutilate oneself is a sign of mental illness, right?

  4. While your result is probably roughly correct, the GSS isn't the best source to investigate due to small samples. I'm willing to bet the above differences aren't statistically significant.

  5. BTW, I use the region of residence at 16 to make sure I'm getting the best picture of a region's characteristics. I'm not going to judge a place by it's carpetbaggers. So that means that the Mountain states allowed themselves to be brainwashed by modern PC culture and mountain climber/ski yuppies. Sad!

  6. Spawk Talk,

    The GSS began asking about mental health in 2002 and has done so every year since then. We can look at the number of partners of the same sex respondents report having had since then to increase the sample size but there remains about an 11 point gap doing it that way (which groups bisexuals and gays together). But we're still looking at samples of ~600 over more than a decade so it's hard to get a confident feel for changes over time.


    If there are weak roots to begin with, any storm that sweeps in is going to deracinate the natives.


    Yes, I subscribe to the notion that transsexuality is, definitionally, the expression of mental illness.


    I'm not sure how to create the customizable variable necessary to test for statistical significance on an item like MNTLHLTH that has 31 possible responses. I used to know but I've let that information atrophy over time. I'm more interested in binary — 0 poor health days on the one hand, 1+ on the other. There's too much noise with someone picking 10 days versus 15 versus 20, numbers that *are* probably pretty arbitrary.

  7. The left always argues that it is wrong to give the right an equal platform because it gives them legitimacy.

    Here I feel that the two gentlemen on the left are benefiting from a platform that they do not deserve. They have no argument, no facts and no data: just empty pseudo-moralizing and pronunciations of "Fuck off."

  8. There are two issues riding alongside each other on the homosexuality-mental health question.

    1.) How much of the mental health problems are due to stigma.
    2.) How much of the mental health problems arise from homosexuality itself.

    A good way to tackle this problem is to ignore mental health disorders which have situational stressors and simply focus on disorders which have organic origins. You can't get OCD from people stigmatizing you.

    Here is a chart on mental health disorders, with sexual orientation of respondents being noted.

  9. >

    LOL at gay men at 0.0% for drug dependence. I know some gay people and the gay community pretty much runs on crystal meth.

  10. Dan,

    That audience slant is grating, too. Why not have it muffled?


    The same for bipolar disorder I assume. All the various anxieties mesh well with Agnostic's Peter Pan syndrome used as a conceptual framework to understand gays (men anyway).

  11. My tinfoil hat theory is that tranny rights are just a trojan horse for normalizing pedophilia. The initial sales pitch was a dude who wants to wear a dress and be called a woman but all of the recent stories now involve minors who want to be a different gender and how brave and mature they are for making this decision. The age seems to creep younger and younger too so now you see a plethora of stories about kindergartners who decide they want to be a girl. Now that LGBTWTFROFL is being taught at the kindergarten and preschool level, they are forcing kids to start thinking about their sexuality. So now a boy at age 6 is supposed to know if he feels like a girl or a boy and know if he feels that he is gay or straight. From that point, we will see a "scientific breakthrough" that confirms that children do know about consent and that opens the floodgates of what is considered consent, when is consent valid, etc.

    Of course, the left will still encourage the book to be thrown at an 18 year old boy having a 16 year old girlfriend and girls will still be taught in colleges that all men want to either rape or beat her. This pedo push is meant for those with "alternative lifestyles" and our new Muslim friends who are flooding into the west en masse. We're continuing our slide into anarcho tyranny and that will involve more than just BLM looting and rioting.

  12. Random Dude,

    Thanks. It's seductively plausible. There's an element of suspense, too, as though they're racing against the clock in anticipation of these recent pedophilia raids in Scandinavia and the West Coast and the pizza gate rumors blowing up.

  13. Allow me to clarify: when I say your result is "roughly correct", I mean the notion that non-heterosexuals have more mental illness than heterosexuals is correct. Obviously the numbers are nowhere near correct; 45% of heterosexuals do not have a mental illness.

  14. Jayman,

    Right. In this context we're talking about self-reported responses of poor mental health, defined by the three conditions above. Far more people will feel depressed from time to time than will ever be clinically diagnosed with depression, etc.

  15. Re pedos and muzzies, I have special scorn in my heart for the cucked men of Rotherham. I will forever regard them as Earth's lowest lifeform, lower even than the men who raped those girls.

  16. My tinfoil hat theory is that tranny rights are just a trojan horse for normalizing pedophilia.

    They tried before, NAMBLA used to be a big thing in radical liberal circles and in the homosexual movement. Then they retreated because they were seen as an albatross around the deviance normalization project's neck.

    See this article about how far it went in Germany.

    Keep in mind that this deviance normalization project is like a shark, it can't stop, it has to keep moving. There is always some deviance out there which becomes plausible for reform as the margins of normal move ever outward.

  17. Dan,

    Were there even men around, men with skin in the game, that is? Rhetorical, apparently.


    I'd forgotten about that. When I first started taking baby steps in the direction of trying to understand the world, when I was in college in the early 2000s, I remember Bill O'Reilly exposing that organization regularly. Good for him.

  18. Why ''Jaymman'' think he's (also) expert in [homos]sexuality* why*

    When someone say s/he have ''problem with emotions'', ''stress'' or even ''depression'' (exagerated term… a simple sadness become depression for many people, ab-use of this word this days) it necessarily doesn't mean s/he have mental disorder.

    Self-reportedness; reasonable number of people interviewed, but when we are talking about minorities then the bigger, the more precise, 45% versus 65% don't appear super higher discrepancy.

    We have basically (or not) three types of vulnerable people:

    those who born with mental disorder, whatever place they are they will become early or late disordered

    those who, because very disadvantageous environment, become disordered

    those who are a mix of two things

    Be homossexual is not easy, period, even in supposed tolerance this days homossexuals [and other groups] tend to deal with constant and i still say, chronic problems with daily social interactions. Most homossexuals start to refuge in liberal bubbles because in other places they tend to be routinely mistreat. When you have a half of the world against you mental problems can become a common place, it's just logical isn't*

    We are talking about constant and gratuit discrimination every time even in PC policy that is more instrumental to shut up dissidents than to operate as instrument to the real social justice.

  19. In the many dark holes of the internet (places like, I've done some reading about recent pedo rings and subcultures. Not surprisingly, the 70's saw a growth in pedo activism as an adjunct to the general homo movement. By the late 70's these groups were beginning to gain publicity and even a decent amount of support (primarily in NW continental Europe).

    Since nobody gave a damn about kids in the 70's, these things happened.

    In the 80's there was a sudden burst in awareness of the effects of 70's hedonism, especially on kids. In the 70's most adults were too busy "expanding their consciousness" to notice how horrendously out of control serial killing, child molesting, and the like were getting. People didn't want to accept the traditional/conservative "domino theory" of violated norms, in which not teaching or enforcing behavioral restraints and accountability leads to deviance and criminality. Greater drug use, weaker criminal punishment, radical politics, disrespect towards authority, and promiscuity were gateways to violent mayhem and degeneracy.

    The initial culture war came about in the 80's because of the Left-wing's post mid 1960's promotion of "don't judge me" personal morality. People in the early to mid 80's felt that the conservative response to the Leftist 60's and 70's was justified and beneficial. By the time of the '88 election, many people (particularly on the decadent West coast) were beginning to tire of what they saw (sometimes accurately) as Right-wing hypocrisy and hysteria (exposed televangelists, picking on benign people and institutions, scapegoating MTV and Hollywood, etc.). Just the same, we've mostly let it sink in in the subsequent decades that too many (everyday) people in the 70's got carried away with defiance of behavioral norms.

  20. Homossexuality and pedophilia are not the same thing, obviously, so don''t try to put ALL homossexuals in the same boat than pedophiles. I no have any sexual desire to the child, period.

    In the same time leftists can't understand moral because they can't understand ''some'' fundamental facts the same happen with rightists, the same bad apples, they can understand very superficially well this fundamental facts but they are unable to conciliate it with feelings, because they are insensitive.

    The decadence of the west is like that: histerical versus insensitive, both truly degenerates.

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