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White nationalism

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The Imperial Capital is the only 'state' in the country that has, since 1970, lost non-whites and gained whites, in both absolute numbers and in percentage-terms. Funny how the political power center driving the Great Replacement has itself not only remained impervious to that replacement, it has--alone among the states--actually reversed the trend. The following... Read More
Agnostic, in the context of explaining why ¡Ocasio!'s victory means the invasion will end: Here's her campaign platform flyer: And here's her two-minute TV spot:
Revisiting a poll from a few years ago reinforces my belief that the US is headed for political dissolution within the lifetimes of most people reading this. In the latter part of 2014, Reuters-Ipsos asked a huge number of respondents (N = 16,668) if they supported or opposed "your state peacefully withdrawing from the USA... Read More
Reuters-Ipsos' interactive polling explorer site has just added state filters back into the mix after pulling them a couple of years ago. This finally allows a look at non-Hispanic white vote share by state for the 2016 US presidential election. The sample size is huge, with 84,210 whites who either voted for Trump or Clinton... Read More
It's been noted here previously that big-R Republicanism is undergoing a political realignment. It didn't come with Trump wrapping up the party's nomination in the summer of 2016, winning the election in November of that year, or even being sworn into office. It has happened since then. Not with stunning rapidity, but steadily. Pax Dickinson... Read More
Via Steve Sailer, Israel's prime minister Netanyahu recently announced the country's intention to deport 40,000 "illegal infiltrators ... without their consent". Israel has a population of a little over 8 million. The US has a population of nearly 330 million. Adjusting for population size, that'd be the equivalent of president Trump announcing an "accelerated removal"... Read More
In the post on millennials, I overlooked perhaps the most important data set included in the primary source. It wasn't fully fleshed out in the report the GenForward released, but the complete results are there in the topline survey (thanks to commenter milan for the heads-up). Respondents were asked to select their "top three most... Read More
Via Z-Man, more generational survey data to chew on. This one explicitly and almost exclusively focuses on race among those aged 18-34 (mostly millennials but also the leading edge of Gen Z), so I'll make a tl;dr series of observations on it here. - Cathy J. Cohen is the founder and principal investigator of the... Read More
After she died of a heart attack likely brought on from being spooked by a car driven into nearby pedestrians in Charlottesville, Heather Heyer received a nationally televised funeral. The first three youtube results on "Heather Heyer funeral" are videos from PBS, ABC, and Fox News. Donald Trump praised her (for what, exactly, is anybody's... Read More
Heartiste: Reuters-Ipsos recently initiated a poll asking respondents if they "support the stance Colin Kaepernick is taking and his decision not to stand during the national anthem". Only 1,630 people have been sampled thus far, so these results are relatively preliminary, but it looks like the silver tongue nailed this one. The following graph shows... Read More
Everything white Democrats need to know in four short video clips:
In 2016, non-Hispanic whites continued to comprise a majority of all Democrat presidential candidate votes, albeit narrowly so: The Hispanic Heritage Foundation's poll shows that will not be the case for much longer, maybe another election cycle or two: The Democrat party's elite whites are ancient. Non-whites are the party's future at the bottom, the... Read More
The support distribution of high school students by race among those who voted for Republicans and among those who voted for Democrats according to the Hispanic Heritage Foundation's huge presidential primary poll conducted in 2016 follows. For example, the five columns above "white" in the first graph shows how white Republicans distributed their votes, the... Read More
Via Steve Sailer, some cute high school girls went into Howard University, a "historically black university" wearing MAGA gear. They were verbally and (mildly) physically assaulted for the trouble. No apologies from the Trump girls were forthcoming. Instead, they fired back. Sure, their responses were of the DR3 variety ("[They] are the people who are... Read More
The Hispanic Heritage Foundation's poll conducted on over 80,000 high school students in the fall of 2016 found non-Hispanic whites overwhelmingly favored Trump over Clinton. The poll also found white Gen Zers to be substantially more pro-Trump than any other co-racial generational cohort. While I have plenty of anecdotes to place alongside some major cultural... Read More
The reports of white death have been slightly exaggerated! Five years ago the US Census, in an announcement that was joyfully picked up by a host of media outlets, announced that non-Hispanic white (from hereon just "white") births constituted a minority of all births in the US for the first time ever. The claim came... Read More
Expounding on the average perceived differences in intelligence between blacks and whites, the following graph shows the mean score on a 7-point scale asking respondents separately if blacks and if whites "tend to be unintelligent or tend to be intelligent"--the higher the score the more intelligent members of each race are perceived to be--by selected... Read More
Since 2000 the GSS has asked respondents, broken down by race, if whites and if blacks "tend to be unintelligent or tend to be intelligent", with answers on a 7-point scale, the higher the score the more intelligent the group is perceived to be. Because both questions have been paired every year they've been asked,... Read More
The political dissolution of the US is inconceivable to Boomers. That's not the case among younger Americans, who've had to live with the consequences of the Boomers' obsessive quest to find--or found--the mythical racial El Dorado. A Reuters-Ipsos poll from 2014 found over 1-in-3 people under the age of 30 lending support to the idea... Read More
Core America wants its country back. From Reuters-Ipsos, support for Trump's executive order banning refugees and restricting immigration from some Muslim countries among married whites with children: Fake News can crow about it being unconstitutional (it's not), the (((usual suspects))) can disingenuously claim it's "not who we are" (it is), petty thugs can try to... Read More
Bernard-Henri Levi is the archetypal elitist Jew. His admonition to his people to be wary of Trump reads like it was written by a caricature that makes Kevin MacDonald an apologist for Jewish ethnomasochism in comparison. To middle American gentiles like myself, it really is something to behold. If nothing else I'd expect an Ashkenazi... Read More
Happiness quotients, by race, computed by taking the percentages of GSS participants who self-describe as "very happy" and subtracting from them the percentages who say they're "not too happy", presented in both table and graph formats. The higher the score, the happier the group. For contemporary relevance all responses are from 2000 onward (n =... Read More
MTV is one of many now fully SJW-converged outfits:
You've probably heard the argument that in the US black job applicants face discrimination in hiring even when their educational attainment is equal to that of competing white applicants. This Think Progress article from a couple of years ago is fairly typical but also notable in that it drills down into the assertion a bit... Read More
As a follow up to the previous post showing how free speech is a white thing, note that free speech is an American thing. The US is still as good as it gets when it comes to speaking freely. The subsequent graph shows the percentages of people, by whether they were born in the US... Read More
As they scurry away to the swamps of Ravenna, the enemies of the Trumpening are grabbing at anything that can reassure them of their own moral superiority at such a dark, dark moment in their lives (spoiler alert: It gets darker for them still). This clip has been one of the more prominently displayed of... Read More
We fucking did it. Eighteen months fighting the political establishment, big business, the media-industrial complex, the Obama administration, Hollywood, the SJWs, the 1%, the dishonest polling industry (Nate, we even tried to warn you after you so horribly botched the primaries that you should be careful with the general), the rigged system, the Pope, the... Read More
As a result of my reaction to the Pence pick I found myself in an extended twitter exchange with some prescient god who took issue with my assessment (the exchanges are scattered here). A revisiting, then, to expound and clarify. Sessions would have been the best 'top tier' pick by a mile, no one else... Read More
Pence is from the cuck corridor. German Midwestern niceness doesn't mesh well with Trump's unapologetic pugilistic virility. Pence endorsed Cruz in the primaries, too, so this is a sort of olive branch to those supporters. Pence is a cookie cutter Conservative, Inc pol. He complements Trump's weaknesses among traditional Republicans.Gingrich is all style and no... Read More
Ruth Ginsburg attacks Trump. Weeks ago Trump was bombed from outer space for suggesting that a judge presiding over the Trump University case might have it out for him. Well, in either his capacity as a real estate developer or as president, he could find himself in a situation where Ginsburg, who clearly has it... Read More
I remember more than a decade ago regularly encountering arguments that building a wall along the US-Mexico border would be a prohibitively expensive undertaking. It was a risible argument then and it's a risible argument now. Trump says he can do it for under $12 billion. Skeptics say it'll cost upwards of $25 billion. Financially... Read More
According to The Atlantic, the brownies are "still mostly white" (still? But of course. They need to change, they have to change, and they will change!). The first several photos or pictures depicting actual people, as opposed to just the green and white logo or cookie boxes, returned from a Google images search on the... Read More
++Addition++Throwing Trump supporters to the wolves doesn't appear to have been the result of incompetence or ineptitude. It looks like it was premeditated and intentional. See here.---My initial reaction to Milo Yiannapolous being assaulted at De Paul while security personnel stood by idly was that I was watching a Cathedral tactic in its seminal stages.... Read More
The following table shows the change in the number of white votes Hillary Clinton received in the 2016 Democrat primaries and caucuses compared to the 2008 Democrat primaries and caucuses for states where exit polling was conducting in both years (with the exception of Iowa, whose entrance polls in '08 didn't record respondent race):State%chngWest Virginia-75.9Vermont-65.4Mississippi-51.4Oklahoma-42.0Indiana-36.9Arkansas-34.3Pennsylvania-31.2North... Read More
There is another candidate who unapologetically welcomes the support of white men should those of you who've finally had enough of doing the bidding of a political machine that has no seat at the table for you: Trump has prudently toned down the attacks on Sanders. Sanders' supporters are facing the same sort of Establishment... Read More
Pew recently released a report on the intersection of presidential campaigning and the American cultural landscape that contains several interesting insights for those who enjoy that sort of thing. This graphic is especially worth taking a look at: On identitarian issues Trump and Sanders supporters are worlds apart. Immigration launched Trump's campaign and it continues... Read More
The KC Trump rally was an experience. The motley band of societal misfits comprising the protesters was a sight to behold. A smattering of illegals waving Mexican flags, Arab 'refugees' waving Iraqi flags, stencil-necked omega males with neckbeards and double-digit T-counts, physically repulsive feminists who would lose a beauty contest with a pillow every time,... Read More
In less than two minutes, Trump illustrates why his phenomenon is the most exciting, consequential political development of my lifetime:
From a recent NBC/WSJ poll: We see that 11% of the survey sample is from a Hispanic-speaking background. When the subsequent question about racial self-identification is asked, respondents are given four options to choose from: White, Black, Asian, or Other. However, 6% refused to pick one of the four options provided and instead volunteered "Hispanic"... Read More
How the distribution of perpetrators of violent crimes perpetrated against blacks would look in a perfectly diverse, multicultural utopia: How a naif might think the distribution looks based on the perpetual cherry picking and gross omissions served up by the major media: Piggybacking on the 2012-2013 NCVS numbers crunched by Heather Mac Donald, how the... Read More
Among the 50 states and DC between 1990 and 2012, only one has seen the share of its non-Hispanic white population grow. In the other 50, whites have declined as a percentage of the total population. If the curiously explicit inclusion of DC didn't give it away, well, the one exception is the nation's capital,... Read More
Created using preliminary data on US births in 2014: A few years ago the Census bureau announced that (non-Hispanic) whites no longer comprised a majority of newborns in the US, the implication being that in (less than) five years' time they would no longer constitute a majority of kids under the age of five, in... Read More
Thinking about the fate of working-class whites is, ahem, not in vogue, but since they do still constitute around one-third of the country's population (depending on the particulars of how they're defined), they can't simply be wished away--yet. The following graph shows the percentage of working-class white adults who have self-described themselves as Democrats since... Read More
Illegal Alien With Criminal Record Kills AZ Clerk Over a Pack of Cigarettes: The corpulent cherub had been arrested on previous occasions on his way to acquiring a felonious rap sheet. Inexplicably, he still wasn't deported. Don't expect to hear anything about this from the Justice Department or from Barack Obama about how Grant, the... Read More
For accosting a criminal brazenly disregarding the law and then acting in accordance to police training and protocol, a white police officer's fatal act of self defense is immediately regarded as an exhibit of murderous white racism by the major media and its race-hustling and guilt-tripping comrades. Despite any empirical evidence supporting such vicious accusations,... Read More
An adept commenter pointed me in the right direction, allowing for the creation of a non-Hispanic white (hereafter simply "white") vitality index by state based on CDC data (the site's interface takes a bit to get the hang of, but the filtering capabilities and consequent exacting outputs are great). It gives an indication of the... Read More
See if you are able to detect something sinister about the following typical write-up of an up-and-coming community organizer and activist: I couldn't, but based on the tone of the entire article, I feel like there must be something terrible lurking here. And then there is this, which will surely blow your mind. It certainly... Read More
For my 30th birthday, Rasmussen conducted a straightforward poll on perceived racism in the US by race. The results: The reaction on the left (to the extent that it the poll has been acknowledged at all) has been predictably dismissive and disparaging of Rasmussen as an organization. Individuals aren't the only ones susceptible to Watsoning... Read More
For the sages of the 'conservative' Establishment (I'm looking at you, Sean Hannity), a revisiting of recent history that illustrates why a coloring in of the country isn't just bad for Republicans' electoral prospects, it bodes terribly for a whole host of social, cultural, and economic positions that define the contemporary American right. The lesson at... Read More
There's been a palpable shift among those in the Establishment towards openly, without the air of furtiveness, subjugating the concerns and well being of heterosexual white men to those and that of all our assorted 'minorities'* since Obama's reelection earlier this month. The "new normal" was prominently on display today on NPR's Morning Edition, in... Read More