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White flight

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Prompted by a post where Steve Sailer discusses how unlikely it is that American whiteness will be redefined more broadly, thereby extending further into the future the point in time when the US becomes "majority-minority", here are the percentages of respondents identifying ethnically as Hispanic who simultaneously racially identify as "white", by decade of birth... Read More
Racial population distributions in South Africa, by age cohort:       This data is from 2011. Farm murders have stepped up since then. So has black immigration into South Africa from other sub-Saharan African countries. White emigration from South Africa has increased, too. The demographic situation is thus even bleaker than the above graphs... Read More
In 2016, non-Hispanic whites continued to comprise a majority of all Democrat presidential candidate votes, albeit narrowly so: The Hispanic Heritage Foundation's poll shows that will not be the case for much longer, maybe another election cycle or two: The Democrat party's elite whites are ancient. Non-whites are the party's future at the bottom, the... Read More
In addition to asking respondents to racially self-identify from among 16 categories, including "White", "Hispanic", and "Other", the GSS separately asks respondents if they are "Spanish, Hispanic, or Latino/Latina". The following graph shows the percentages of those who racially identified as "White" (rather than as "Hispanic" or "Other") who, when asked whether or not they... Read More
According to The Atlantic, the brownies are "still mostly white" (still? But of course. They need to change, they have to change, and they will change!). The first several photos or pictures depicting actual people, as opposed to just the green and white logo or cookie boxes, returned from a Google images search on the... Read More
In the 2008 Democrat presidential nomination campaign, Hillary beat Obama among whites and among Hispanics, but he crushed her among blacks and ultimately ended up as president for eight years as a consequence. This time around Hillary is the new Obama and Bernie Sanders is the new Hillary. These Nevada entrance poll results illustrate the... Read More
From a recent NBC/WSJ poll: We see that 11% of the survey sample is from a Hispanic-speaking background. When the subsequent question about racial self-identification is asked, respondents are given four options to choose from: White, Black, Asian, or Other. However, 6% refused to pick one of the four options provided and instead volunteered "Hispanic"... Read More
Today's Google doodle: Racial characteristics compared (from 2014 US Census data): Google more than doubles black and Hispanic representation and inflates Asian representation by a factor of almost ten. Even the obligatory stodgy old whites are shown to the sides and at a distance. Everyone wins! Well, except for American Indians, it must be conceded.... Read More
Among the 50 states and DC between 1990 and 2012, only one has seen the share of its non-Hispanic white population grow. In the other 50, whites have declined as a percentage of the total population. If the curiously explicit inclusion of DC didn't give it away, well, the one exception is the nation's capital,... Read More
Commenting on the threshold of 28% sub-Saharan African ancestry for people in the US to self-identify as black, I suggested it likely a consequence of the broader flight from white phenomenon. Long-time blogging polymath and budding regular NYT op-ed writer Razib Khan disagrees: If by adopting an assumption of whiteness he means they don't adopt... Read More
The idea that contemporary "white privilege" exists is hard to reconcile with real world actions and behaviors. Data from 23andMe shows that the threshold for black self-identification is around 28%. That is, among people who are, say, 20% black by ancestry, the tendency is to identify as white. But among people who are only 35%... Read More
Initially, we hear that a white cop shot a black, unarmed, freshly minted high school graduate. The pretense was something like jaywalking, but of course the real impetus was irrational racial prejudice. The cop was white, the 'victim' was black. What more do you need to know? In response, a feral gang of youths (or... Read More