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As the zombie-Reagan agenda continues to rot away, its organic material is fertilizing the Clinton wing of the Democrat machine. The following graph sourced from a current Reuters-Ipsos poll shows percentages of respondents, by selected demographic characteristics, who agree that "international trade hurts average Americans because it keeps wages down due to the cheaper costs... Read More
Steve Sailer draws attention to the BBC complaining that the Gun Control Movement (which is Good) is too white (which is Bad) and too rich (which is Bad insofar as it proxies for whiteness). Setting aside the parenthetical connotations of white and rich, it is worth pointing out that white proles want to keep their... Read More
Searching for data on the relationship between wealth and intelligence almost inextricably leads to a study by a guy out of Ohio State saying that there isn't one. He used the National Longitudinal Study of Youth (NLSY), the same one Murray and Herrnstein used for The Bell Curve. It's not my intention to cast aspersions... Read More
Using six centuries of data from England, Gregory Clark shows in A Farewell to Alms that from the years 1200-1800AD, the wealthier a person was, the more descendents he tended to have. This long-running, naturally eugenic trend is often presumed to have come to an end in the West with the onsets of the Industrial... Read More
Cross-posted at HuffPoThis post will appear lacking in systematic structure because poor people tend to be fatalistic. Low future time orientation and few social obligations combine to create an existence that seems impulsive and chaotic from vantage points higher up the ladder. We look at the poverty and pretend to wonder why. We know the... Read More
Moved by data rather than doctrine, Inductivist listed the percentages of respondents in the World Values Survey who said "wanting to get rich" sounded either "very much like me" or "like me" by country. Despite the putative obsession Americans have with money, the US ranks 41st out of 52 countries when it comes to (admitting... Read More
++Addition++After reading multiple comments critiquing the post for the same thing, it's clear that I did a poor job of explaining what the table purports to show. It's not supposed to be an exact measure of IQ by profession by any means, as it is based entirely on average annual income figures. In other words,... Read More
Periodically it is asserted (usually by one-time commenters who drop in through search engines here) that using wordsum scores as a proxy for IQ produces no relevant information since intelligence tests are much more than simple vocabulary tests. Looking at wordsum scores by region and comparing them to several other good-faith IQ estimates suggests the... Read More
A paper by Helmuth Nyborg tracking white adolescents by religious denominational membership, IQ, and income by way of the NLSY, reveals that people who belong to more dogmatic religious traditions tend to be less intelligent than those who belong to more liberal traditions are, with atheists and agnostics falling on the higher-IQ end of the... Read More