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Wealth inequality

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The following graph shows mean redistributionist scores by selected demographic characteristics. Since the late seventies the GSS has asked a question about how much redistributive action the government should take through taxation to reduce income inequality. For ease of understanding, the scores are inverted from how they are reported in the survey. The question is... Read More
Steve Sailer draws attention to the BBC complaining that the Gun Control Movement (which is Good) is too white (which is Bad) and too rich (which is Bad insofar as it proxies for whiteness). Setting aside the parenthetical connotations of white and rich, it is worth pointing out that white proles want to keep their... Read More
Steve Sailer, via James Flynn, reports that the (credited) namesake's effect could be a thing of the past. Specifically, scores at the top aren't rising and may actually be declining. This presents a good enough opportunity to point out what has caused me some low-level cognitive dissonance for years now--there isn't much evidence in the... Read More
In a great discussion between two leading libertarian minds who forthrightly deal with immigration and the National Question--that is, they don't ignore HBD--Stefan Molyneux asserts a strong association between atheism and socialism:
A few points worth remarking on from a Pew report gauging public opinion on the subjects of inequality, optimal economic systems, and the like in a host of countries: - Of the 44 countries where the survey was conducted, residents of only one, Argentina, have a less favorable view of "a free market economy" than... Read More
As a provincial in the hinterlands, the title of Thomas Frank's What's the Matter with Kansas? has been stuck in my craw since I first started blogging nearly a decade ago. It's not due to a necessarily strong attachment to the state I call home, but to the presumption that being in a place like... Read More
Recently, I created a boring graph tracing the federal tax burden over a 15 year period by income quintile. The story has been and will likely continue to be steady as she goes. There are no intended polemical points in that post or in this one--they're just outgrowths of my ignorance and curiosity.The following table... Read More
In a post where he presents a table from the CBO showing the share of federal tax liabilities by income quintile in the US from the beginning of the 21st century to a few years into the future, Randall Parker points out how much taxes would have to increase on the top 20% of income... Read More
I'll justify ripping off VDare's recurrent article naming theme by segueing into congratulating the site for getting a much needed aesthetic makeover, and I'll even do so upon discovering that this humble blog has apparently been dropped from VDare's roll as, I hope, an incidental consequence of the revamp. Anyway, I wanted to publish a... Read More
Pew recently published a report accompanied by a press release that highlights the recent growth in the ratio of the median wealth of white households relative to that of black and Hispanic households. As of 2009, the median white household's net worth was 20 times that of blacks. Just four years prior, the multiple had... Read More
++Addition2++Agnostic calculated the Spearman correlation. Using the 'standard' Pearson correlation (which I default to unless otherwise noted), and median family income for '06-'07, a correlation of .48 between the political money divide and a state's median income. So I was wrong in asserting that Republican states show more of a political money divide than poor... Read More
I came upon a post by Ron Guhname at Inductivist from a little over a year ago in which he looks at mugging rates by country as reported in the International Crime Victimization Survey. His impetus was a reader who apparently suggested that free market economies breed criminality. The guy clarifies in the comments section... Read More