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The following graph shows the percentages of respondents, with the 13% answering "don't know" excluded, who express a favorable opinion of the people who trespassed into and vandalized the Capitol Building on January 6: Overall, for each person with a favorable opinion, six respondents express a negative one. Not as widely despised as 9/11 obviously,... Read More
One issue with Steven Pinker's The Better Angels of Our Nature is the book's presumption that popular entertainment may reliably be used as a proxy for cultural sensibilities on the ground. Medieval Europeans did bear baiting and burned cats alive for entertainment. Hardly surprising since their societies were more violent than the most blighted urban... Read More
Extrapolating from these poll results, well over 100 million Americans do not expect the Trump administration to go gently into that good night after Joe Biden is declared the president-elect: The 12% of respondents who answered "not sure" are included in these results of the residuals that are not shown. Among those with an opinion,... Read More
Cell phone video of a white boy being pummeled by several black kids on a public school bus in Florida: From blacks being sent to the back of the bus to whites already there being savagely beaten for sport in a couple of generations. Parenthetically, I've not seen evidence this attack was motivated by the... Read More
The graphs in this post are derived from a Reuters-Ipsos poll asking respondents if "to achieve my idea of a better society, violent acts are acceptable". To preface, The Current Year is not Weimerica. We're nowhere near the levels of political violence the country experienced in the late 1960s and 1970s, when domestic terrorist bombings... Read More
There are a couple of ways I fantasize about this playing itself out: - Trump as Cicero, Brennan as Catiline - Trump as Mark Antony, Brennan as Cicero A historical repetition of either a couple millenia later would fill my heart with joy, though the latter is probably a better fit. The thought of Brennan's... Read More
The idea that violence is primarily being done by Trump supporters against Trump opponents has become increasingly risible over the last year-and-a-half. It's long since passed the point of absurdity and has now reached the point of being embarrassing even for most moderate leftists to treat seriously. The quantity of video evidence refuting the blood... Read More
++Addition++See Tangoman's arguments for the necessity of an ethno-state in the comments. --- - I use a termite bait station to keep termites from getting into my house because I know their presence will lower my family's quality of life. I support the construction of a border fence to keep illegal immigrants from south of... Read More
How the distribution of perpetrators of violent crimes perpetrated against blacks would look in a perfectly diverse, multicultural utopia: How a naif might think the distribution looks based on the perpetual cherry picking and gross omissions served up by the major media: Piggybacking on the 2012-2013 NCVS numbers crunched by Heather Mac Donald, how the... Read More
A concise, decidedly lowbrow summation of Jayman's well-marshaled post on the dynamic relationship between guns and violence: In terms of electoral predictive power, the Gun Gap is right up there in Affordable Family Formation territory, alongside the Dirt and Baby Gaps and trailing just behind the Marriage Gap.