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US military

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Via Reuters-Ipsos, we're reduced to celebrating that at least we probably won't get another Iraq (N = 10,390): And that young MAGAmen are not eager to go in search for monsters to destroy--we have plenty in need of destroying right here at home. And that Max Boot, Bill Kristol, and John Podhoretz are in the... Read More
Agnostic on the political-industrial alignment: Since its inception, the GSS has queried respondents about federal government spending on "the military, armaments, and defense" with three possible responses--"too little", "too much", or "about right". The following graphs show the percentage of liberals and conservatives, by decade, who gave other than a goldilocks answer:   The differences... Read More
Reuters-Ipsos ran a poll in December and January querying people on whether or not they thought "Syrian President Bashar al-Assad" poses a threat to the US. The results, for everyone, for Trump voters, and for Hillary voters (n = 3,246):     To call this highly discouraging would be an understatement. It is that, but... Read More
Trump's facebook posts on Serbia Iraq Libya Syria: The like/love-to-angry/sad reaction ratios are 27-to-1 (216k to 8k) and 24.5-to-1 (208k to 8.5k), respectively. This is discouraging, to put it mildly. Trump's not a deep thinker, but he learns from his mistakes. He's floated trial balloons several times in the last couple of years, most famously... Read More
A guest on Tom Woods' podcast, who worked in intelligence in the state department leading up to and during the Iraq war, mentioned she didn't think Trump's comments in South Carolina about Bush lying hurt him. To the contrary, she said that while current and former military show strong, patriotic faces in public, there is... Read More
Today's Google doodle: Racial characteristics compared (from 2014 US Census data): Google more than doubles black and Hispanic representation and inflates Asian representation by a factor of almost ten. Even the obligatory stodgy old whites are shown to the sides and at a distance. Everyone wins! Well, except for American Indians, it must be conceded.... Read More
With the government-media complex highlighting sexual abuse in the US military as The Issue that now must be addressed straight, with gun control being a political loser, amnesty being undercut by the blatant immigration undertones of the Boston marathon bombing, and the taxing of online interstate sales having it's best chance of congressional approval if... Read More
Out of our most renowned, prestigious military academy's Combating Terrorism Center comes a report entitled "Challengers from the Sidelines: Understanding America's Violent Far-Right". At nearly 150 pages, it was difficult enough to hastily skim through, let alone read it from top to bottom. Sample sentence: "The far right has become more vibrant and more ideologically and... Read More
++Addition++Steve Sailer comments.---Steve Sailer comments on an article in YNet News about how "Israeli youth" (defined as those under the age of 30) are shifting politically to the right, specifically in their desire to join IDF combat units:The GSS allows us to check the racial composition issue, but not mate it. Until the year 2000,... Read More
The fact that Ron Paul blows the rest of the GOP presidential field out of the water when it comes to campaign contributions from military personnel is one that the Republican establishment can't profitably address. This isn't 1975. In 2012, US military personnel are among the most respected and honored people in the country. Consequently,... Read More
Reading Mangan's recent post contrasting the top sources of campaign contributions for the Romney and Paul presidential campaigns, I was surprised to find that the Texas congressman's three largest boosters are the Army, Air Force, and Navy. As Dennis points out, the lists compiled by are comprised of donations from employees, family members, and... Read More
There are those on the right who, attuned to the (liberal) zeitgeist, attempt to bring NAMs into their political ranks by emphasizing the putative social conservatism of blacks and Hispanics. Rick Santorum recently illustrated this, and the late Richard Nadler epitomized it.As the US becomes increasingly multiracial and multicultural, our democratic system will increasingly turn... Read More
In a previous post where I examined self-reported levels of confidence in the US military among straights, gays, and bisexuals, as well as incidentally looking at the same by political orientation, TwoYaks noted that the time period used mirrored the beginning of the war in Afghanistan to the present. As Afghanistan and especially Iraq have... Read More
A couple of weeks ago, OneSTDV explained why he was not surprised by the left's emphatic celebration at the repeal of don't ask, don't tell even though the left is generally hostile towards the military: He may have meant to replace the phrase "Gays don't" with "The left doesn't", as that would preserve the same... Read More
++Addition2++I was thinking of a comment Jason Malloy made on a post of Razib's a few years ago rather than something from Inductivist. ++Addition++In the comments, an anonymous reader presents an alternative table measuring partisan differences in terms of standard deviations. Rather than comparing popular support in each party, it compares underlying attitudes towards each... Read More
When reading about politics outside of the US, I have to be wary of the presumption that descriptors such as "liberal" or "conservative" have the same connotations there as they do here. It's a two way street, of course, so the following may be of use to readers outside America.But it also has utility for... Read More
The following comes from part of a facebook discussion (an appropriate venue for such polemics, I know!) that resulted from one of my status updates (FB's response to tweets). For better or worse, I'm heavily indebted to Pat Buchanan for the tack I take in my approach to US history. Comments and corrections in my... Read More
Last weekend, I created a "fit-to-serve" index by state. As I was constructing it, it felt like too much emphasis was being put on the percentage of each state's population on parole, on probation, in jail, or in prison. So I went back and reworked the numbers in to create a more straightforward, less arbitrary... Read More
A report released a few months ago assessing the percentage of those aged 17-24 able to serve in the US military found three quarters unable to do so. That a majority of young Americans are deemed unfit to serve stems from three major causes: Poor health (including obesity), failure to graduate from high school, and... Read More
In a previous post on the slightly elevated average intelligence of military personnel relative to the civilian population, Dr. Bruce Charlton suggested separately breaking out the GSS data for men and women. Converting Wordsum results with the assumption that the mean score for whites, by gender, is equivalent to an IQ of 100 with a... Read More
The DoD uses four tests (comprising the AFQT) that serve as a proxy for IQ in making recruitment decisions. The lowest quintile doesn't get in at all, and fewer than 4% of those in the armed forces perform at a level that suggests they have an IQ of lower than 93. So it's not surprising... Read More
In response to the post on the relationship between health and intelligence at the state level, Peter wondered why Hawaii's NAEP scores (on which state IQ estimates are based) are so low. Pacific Islanders average in the mid-eighties on IQ tests, so the islands' indigenous populations offer some indication, but 40% of the state's population--over... Read More
Feel for our troops in Iraq. Among those who've been involved in serious combat, one-in-ten say they've lashed out at Iraqi civilians at a time that it was not necessary. The survey was conducted by the Pentagon and based upon personal account, so the real proportion is almost certainly higher than that.I cannot imagine what... Read More