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Last week, YouGov included a couple of interesting but clumsy questions about jobs and trade. The organization has released a new poll this week with a much cleaner question that cuts to the chase. It asks respondents if "free trade is good or bad" for the US. The following graph shows, for selected demographics, the... Read More
It's yet to be seen whether Trump's stamp on the Republican electorate will be indelible or wash away once he's gone. Since becoming the de facto spiritual leader of the party in late 2015, though, immigration has jettisoned to the top of the issue importance list and free trade has come to be seen if... Read More
As the zombie-Reagan agenda continues to rot away, its organic material is fertilizing the Clinton wing of the Democrat machine. The following graph sourced from a current Reuters-Ipsos poll shows percentages of respondents, by selected demographic characteristics, who agree that "international trade hurts average Americans because it keeps wages down due to the cheaper costs... Read More
Trump's shattering expectations. I got on the Trump Train back in July 2015 for three primary reasons: 1) Immigration -- his candidacy was a referendum on a wall. 2) Political correctness -- any other political figure who'd said one-tenth of the things he did would've been toast. Instead of groveling, he doubled down. Rather than... Read More
As a result of my reaction to the Pence pick I found myself in an extended twitter exchange with some prescient god who took issue with my assessment (the exchanges are scattered here). A revisiting, then, to expound and clarify. Sessions would have been the best 'top tier' pick by a mile, no one else... Read More
Many people who swim in libertarian circles have complained for years that Gary Johnson is an incurious intellectual lightweight. He makes Ron Paul, who has never worn a suit that fits, look like Percy Blakeney by comparison. He's an open borders purist even by libertarian standards*. His most vociferous criticism of the major party candidates... Read More
Pew recently released a report on the intersection of presidential campaigning and the American cultural landscape that contains several interesting insights for those who enjoy that sort of thing. This graphic is especially worth taking a look at: On identitarian issues Trump and Sanders supporters are worlds apart. Immigration launched Trump's campaign and it continues... Read More
India is concerned about a free trade agreement further increasing the deficit it is already running with China: Bilateral trade between the two gargantuans amounted to $39 billion last year, with India receiving $10 billion more in goods and services than it exported to China. Even though India is poorer (with $3,100 in PPP to... Read More