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The human race?

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Responding to the post on family breadwinning and caregiving arrangements, William Foster writes: Something this obviously in accordance with nature and at odds with feminism--but I repeat myself--holds strongly across sexes. The following table shows the net desirability score for the six possible arrangements, computed by taking the percentage of respondents saying a given setup... Read More
As someone who sees the future as more clannish and tribalistic than the one he grew up in, I wanted to take a look at whether or not that intuition is borne out by data both within the US and beyond its borders. First, the home front. The following graph shows the percentage of GSS... Read More
Agnostic has an interesting post on female age preferences for men by country. The data are from the late eighties, so dust is a potential problem, especially in countries like China that have undergone major changes in the last couple of decades. Varying sample sizes also present a problem, as he discusses.Nonetheless, suggestive correlations are... Read More