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The Great Awokening

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In 2004, the General Social Survey asked respondents to identify from a list of ten the three most important personal attributes or characteristics for describing who they are. The percentages who identified "racial or ethnic background" among the top three, by, well, racial or ethnic background: One of the major objectives of Wokeism in general... Read More
New York governor Andrew Cuomo's fate isn't particularly interesting insofar as retail politics are concerned. But the meta ramifications could be fascinating: He has virtually no public support. One-third of respondents are "not sure" and are excluded from the above, but outright majorities of most groups and strong pluralities of even Democrats and of liberals... Read More
In a matter of weeks the Establishment went from singing New York governor Andrew Cuomo's praises to tossing him to the curb. Pale stale males still have tactical uses, but they're expendable. No position is too ensconced, too high-ranking, to protect them when the decision they've outlived their usefulness has been made. Obstacles occupying spots... Read More
Apropos recent remarks about how conservative whites will increasingly come to wield civil rights legislation as an aegis against systematic oppression against them, consider two current events germane to the subject. The first has garnered a lot of attention--gone "viral" as they say: But, but, it's whiteness, not white people per se! POCs can fall... Read More
Respectfully disagree. As long as the dollar doesn't break, the system is sustainable. There has been a consolidation of power by the neo-liberal corporate wing of the Democrat party over the last four years. This is a reality that goes widely unnoticed and unremarked upon, but it is undeniable. Bernie Sanders got 45% of the... Read More
A white circle of protection, that is. And they'll need the mana to use it, so let's get appropriate legislation started now: Via Tusk, Wizards of the Coast understands that the phrase "White Lives Matter" is repugnant. There's a card to deal with the cancer of human history. It remains legal and damned well better... Read More
Is there anything Wokeness won't spoil? Rhetorical: The subsequent pieces of art will all be replaced online with this: With Wokeness there can be no art,
The more concerned you are about racism, the more racist you are. The first step to combating racism is admitting it's a problem: It's a twist on the aphorism about wisdom and knowledge--the more you know, the more aware you become of how much you don't know. For every internal demon of racism you slay,... Read More
From YouGov, the percentages who favor overturning the 1954 Brown v. Board of Education ruling declaring unconstitutional racial segregation in public schools. "Not sure" responses, constituting 21% of the total, are excluded so that the residuals are the percentages who favor allowing the ruling to stand unchallenged: This is a question for which full cross-tabs... Read More
The GSS scale does not include descriptors like progressive or socialist, so liberal is as woke as the survey gets (for now): Note the y-axis starts at 25 and ends at 75. I have an aesthetic preference for focusing on where the action is, deal with it! Nearly 3-in-4 white Democrats now self-describe as liberal.... Read More