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The following graph shows net support (opposition) to "the US government doing more to fight domestic terrorism" by selected demographics: Nearly twenty years ago, Republicans, flush with corporate cash, waged a war on terror while ignoring the perceived systematic civil rights violations perpetrated against groups like gays and immigrants. That war created countless terrorists and... Read More
From the same SurveyUSA poll referenced yesterday: "In 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue". Sigh. What a sad, pathetic end to a once mighty civilization. Getting humanity off this planet is entirely in Asia's hands now. Unlike the more introspective Occident, the East doesn't have many qualms about colonization--of other lands in the past and,... Read More
Revisiting a post from late in 2018: This was before the coronavirus catastrophe knocked the economy on its ass and 40 million people--disproportionately younger people--out of work, and knocked many more out of school. With vanishingly few arrests made and most of the arrestees given a slap on the wrist citation if charged with anything... Read More
It took a matter of seconds to find the personal addresses of several of these people (yes, I realize this information is publicly available through the FEC--it doesn't matter). We are seeing the transition from the cultural wars being fought figuratively and by proxy through public champions to being literally waged against private individuals for... Read More
For those who feel compelled to attend public protests and rallies, there are a hundred ways things can go wrong and only one way things can go right. To realize the latter, a person has to be willing to take one for the team and capture it happening on video. Public sympathy will always be... Read More
The progression of events following a Muslim terrorist attack are predictable: Extremist shoots, bombs, or runs over a bunch of civilians. Blue checkmarks preempt a backlash by executing a frontlash. The bolder ones even use the opportunity to point out how the victimized population is the real problem. The same sort of progression followed the... Read More
The Nashville church shooting by a man named Emanuel Samson is obliterating The Narrative from every angle. It is the inverse of everything that the Dylann Roof shooting in Charleston in 2015--that provided cover to launch The Great Erasure against the American confederacy--was. - A black immigrant fatally shoots churchgoing white natives. - He is... Read More
++Addition++Gibson is part-Japanese. And the rally was in fact shut down and ultimately cancelled. --- There's a group on the West Coast called "Patriot Prayer", headed by a guy named Joey Gibson. He could pass as Puerto Rican. His group heavily utilizes traditional patriotic aesthetics--the American flag, the Gadsden flag, etc--and is now prominently signalling... Read More
Season 8, episode 7--the golden age. This post has been updated to comply with the hosting company's demand that violence not be advocated by any of its users. I'm of the opinion that was never the case, but Blogger has given me countless hours of entertainment for free, so what could it possibly owe me?... Read More
All of the the weekend's attacks are rib kicks to Hillary as she tries to pick herself back up off the phlegm-covered ground--New York because it's New York, New Jersey because it's within Trump's reach and along with a flipping a smaller state like Iowa or New Hampshire from 2012 would allow him a clear... Read More
Take a moment to appreciate Trump's instinctive rhetorical brilliance: This was posted just a couple of hours after the Orlando news broke. He beat Hillary to the punch, getting to it before she was able to get her thrice-consultant-approved boilerplate nothingness blather response up. If Obama refuses to use the perfectly descriptive and contextually appropriate... Read More
An exploding Muhammad shoots up a hedonistic bugger dance club on "Latin Night" in the wee hours of a Sunday morning. It's going to really be something to see the left twist itself into a pretzel trying to explain this one. This time around the culprit isn't inanimate carbon rod, of course, it's the gun... Read More
It's been impossible not to notice the visceral negative reactions among leftists on social media sites and the like to the recent Rolling Stone cover showing the younger tax-eating terrorist from crapistan who helped set off bombs in Boston. We're talking about marathons in Massachusetts, not skeet shooting in Chattanooga--SWPLs were really upset by the... Read More
In a Taki's Magazine column, John Derbyshire writes: For as long as I've been paying attention to the world around me, a point in time that corresponded closely with 9/11, Islam has been a perennial media subject. But I'm aware that that coincidental timing will leave me with a skewed understanding of Islam's historical importance... Read More
Umar Mutallab and Nidal Hassan, the underwear bomber and Ft. Hood shooter, respectively, are two more recent, highly visible affirmations of former CIA officer Marc Sageman's finding that rather than coming from the dregs of society, international terrorists tend to be more educated and affluent than is most of the population in the countries they... Read More
Jack Cashill has not abandoned his dogged diligence in digging up suggestive evidence that Bill Ayers played a significant role in President Obama's 1995 book, Dreams from my Father. His suspicions have been corroborated by a couple of other investigative journalists. A sampling of the newest discoveries:Rather astonishingly, as Mr. West points out, at least... Read More
Writes Paul Craig Roberts, who knows the official 9/11 account to be false but whose omniscience unfortunately does not extend to what actually transpired:George Noory scoffs at a lot of official explanations, a response that is not terribly unusual for those of Middle Eastern descent. So what? Most Europeans do not find the narrative of... Read More
++Addition++Steve Sailer reminds his readers why an Obama ghostwriter is unlikely: Steve's probably spent more time with Dreams than anyone else has. Jack will need to produce a smoking gun, not just suggestive circumstantial evidence, to definitively make his case. He tells me he's sure he is right, and that he has more coming soon.... Read More
The State Department, DHS, and the NCTC urge that it's time to forever separate Islam and terrorism--in our diplomatic lexicon, that is: "Islamo-fascism" never made much sense. "Islamic fundamentalism" is a better descriptor of the ideological force driving terrorist attacks on Western targets. Of course, such a phrase indictes Islam as a compelling engine of... Read More
Pat Buchanan, in criticizing what he sees as the US' undue focus on the Islamic Middle East, frequently points out that Pakistan is one bullet away from a nuclear-armed, Islamic-led nation of 160 million people, nearly half of whom have a favorable impression of Osama bin Laden.Bhutto's assassination underscores as much. Given the successive attempts... Read More
You might say they're assimilating to European culture, albeit a relatively novel brand of it from the slums outside of Paris: Oops, that was the Expatica version of the story. If I didn't know better, I'd accuse the English-language European news provider of a grievous, intentional error of omission. I'll give the service the benefit... Read More
Parapundit's Randall Parker reports that 24% of suspected terrorists in Britain are Islamic asylum seekers: From turn-of-the-century figures, Great Britain receives about 100,000 asylum applications each year, of which about three-fourths are deemed to be legitimate. By contrast, there are over 1.5 million Muslims in the UK, the majority of whom are of Middle Eastern... Read More
The foiled Rambo attack plot on New Jersey's Fort Dix epitomizes the inanity of our immigration situation in several ways. At least three of the six plotters likely crossed illegally into the US via the Southern border: A legacy of the 1986 amnesty that our Executive and most of our Senators want to repeat, albeit... Read More
When I dwell on American involvement in Iraq, from the 3,300-plus promising Americans now in the ground and the tens of thousands more who've been severely injured to the alienation of our most natural allies in Europe, Israeli influence on US politics gets my blood boiling. But irksome as Israel's attempts at self-preservation (through a... Read More
The traditional Marxist explanations for the root causes of terrorism don't work. We've come upon a couple of sources suggesting that it is not the most destitute and unenlightened who are the most likely to become terrorists. A thorough analysis by former CIA case officer in Afghanistan, Marc Sageman, revealed just the opposite: Foreign Policy... Read More
Maybe the elusive 'moderates' in the Muslim world should counter the traditional belief in 72 virgins for Islamic martyrs with more pictures like these (WARNING: Violent image of ugly reality). Even if you're rewarded with dozens of houris at your beckon call, in such a condition it doesn't look to be the most pleasurable of... Read More
It's tough to teach old dogs new tricks. One old sow tried to pick up the art of suicide bombing, a Palestinian industry that has recently been opening up to women, but her debut wasn't particularly successful:The Israelis should isolate their nation from the wretched Palestinians by extending the security fence across the entire land... Read More