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In the comments to the post on how Trump is raising awareness about the diversity visa lottery and chain migration, Pithom reacts disdainfully: For the sake of argument, let's grant him the "may well lead to". So what? Immigration restrictionism has been a populist issue for decades, hell probably forever. Its lack of popular support... Read More
A few remarks, in no particular order of importance. - Attacking Trump for working to reduce his income tax bill to the lowest level possible is despicable demagoguery. Yes, she gave millions to the Clinton Foundation she controls. That is of course a blatant way of reclassifying her income so she doesn't have to pay... Read More
When Ted Cruz melted down in the face of impending disaster for his campaign in Indiana, I thought it would render a future run exceedingly difficult for him if Trump ended up joining the Republican party pantheon alongside Reagan and Lincoln. If referring to oneself as a "Trump Republican" became comparable to what "Reagan conservative"... Read More
In a post attempting to explain why voters choose Trump, Nate Silver--who was wildly off the mark on Trump's chances (see here, here, here, and here to observe a rank amateur kicking him up and down the road)--offers nothing close to a genuine mea culpa for having gotten the Republican nomination so wrong.He did concede... Read More
I'm probably using the adjective "presidential" for the first time in my life here but Trump earned the descriptor today if ever he has up to this point.Cruz appeared to snap this morning. It looked as though he was on the verge of a full blown mental breakdown. He seemed unhinged as he savaged Trump.The... Read More
Google Trends search results for the phrase over the last several years: And the top seven (Trends' display number, not mine) states by search index share: The political and punditry classes are becoming aware of a new game-changing cultural force that is shifting the intellectual landscape under their feet. As Trump smashes one PC taboo... Read More
++Addition3++Steve Sailer takes note. It's worth pointing out that this overperformance is, to some extent, expected since undecided likely voters are excluded. That is somewhat offset by the votes for people no longer actively campaigning who aren't inquired about in polls but who still end up getting votes (Cruz lost to Ben Carson in one... Read More
The markets have Trump winning the GOP nomination at 60% and the likelihood of a contested convention at 57%, or a 43% chance the nomination is decided on the first ballot. It's inconceivable that Cruz wins in the first round. Consequently, we're looking at an 17% chance accorded to Trump if it goes into extra... Read More
Since the beginning of April Reuters-Ipsos has conducted a daily tracking poll asking respondents what penalty, if any, should be given to a mother who chooses to illegally abort her fetus. Among Republicans, a modest majority, 55.8%, favors some sort of punishment for the woman to the 44.2% who do not think she should be... Read More
Let's assess Colorado. In August of 2015, the Colorado Republican party announced that it would be cancelling its scheduled presidential preference caucus set for the Spring of 2016. The party did this in response to national party rules requiring delegates awarded to candidates through preference caucuses and primaries--that is, elections where candidates are directly voted... Read More
Drumpf is informative because it is yet another stark illustration of the inverse relationship between how proud one should be of an ethnicity and how much that ethnic tradition has objectively accomplished*, or of Who? Whom? more generally. As Red Phillips sardonically wrote: It's also funny because of how poorly Trump does with ancestral Germans... Read More
North Dakota swore off a primary or caucus this election cycle. The state's lone congressional representative pledged his support for Trump on account of a straw poll in March that indicated a plurality of North Dakota Republican voters preferred the front runner.But the state party establishment is firmly behind Cruz. Eight of the delegates (mostly... Read More
Pew recently released a report on the intersection of presidential campaigning and the American cultural landscape that contains several interesting insights for those who enjoy that sort of thing. This graphic is especially worth taking a look at: On identitarian issues Trump and Sanders supporters are worlds apart. Immigration launched Trump's campaign and it continues... Read More
Trump, the ultimate conversation starter, adds a couple more stories to the the yuge Overton Window he's building:
Total ad spending (combined by candidate and PACs supporting that candidate) per vote received in primaries and caucuses among the remaining presidential candidates through the end of March: Trump's doing the most with the least and the socialist is doing the least with the most. Fitting. If we consider those no longer actively campaigning, though,... Read More
From an article on the potential for a brokered convention: This those-are-the-rules-I-didn't-make-them approach isn't just disingenuous, it's blatantly false. The rules committee meets as the convention commences to determine what the rules of that convention are going to be. The rules were rewritten in 2012 to keep Ron Paul off the ballot and they will... Read More
Using NumbersUSA's immigration scorecard grading system and 538's primary endorsement methodology where senatorial endorsements are worth five times what house endorsements are worth, and also discounting endorsements from current congress critters who originally endorsed a a top candidate (as a Trumpian this pains me because I'd love to throw Lindsey Graham's cuckservative performance into Cruz's average... Read More
; or why the left fears and loathes Trump but isn't threatened by Ted:
Why is Trump getting so deeply under the left's skin while True Conservative Republicans like Cruz and Kasich barely register? The answer is complex, but allow me to take a stab at the heart of it. Kasich and Cruz, like the rest of Conservative, Inc, are propositionalists. They believe that with the correct incentives in... Read More
Steve Sailer recently commented on a story about an analysis of how feminine or masculine the various presidential candidates sound based on their speeches and debate performances. Strictly from verbiage, Trump is deemed the second-most feminine after Hillary Clinton. When non-verbal communication is added into the mix, he is deemed the most feminine. Cruz, in... Read More
Gavin Bledsoe via Twitter: Sigh. Here we go again. Results from tonight (with 99% of votes in), first among college graduates: And then among those earning at least six-figures: And from Reuters-Ipsos' most recent national daily tracking poll among Republican college graduates earning at least $100,000 per year:
Yes, exit polling is subject to margins of error just as opinion polling is. But this is a "teachable moment" for understanding why the polls showing Trump performing worse against Hillary than the other Republican candidates should be taken with a healthy dose of skepticism. From the same exit poll and same pool of 1,363... Read More
Most of the primaries and caucuses that have taken place so far on the Republican side have not been closed. In these contests, independents and in some cases Democrats are allowed to vote for a GOP candidate. Pointing this out, a friend who supports Cruz argued that Trump is only leading in total votes received... Read More
It was undeniably a good night for Cruz, who earned more delegates than Trump. Trump did, however, narrowly edge Cruz out on the actual number of votes received today:Trump -- 230,443Cruz -- 230,209Rubio -- 85,064Kasich -- 62,554Little Marco was the big loser. He wasn't merely uncompetitive in all four states, he couldn't even manage second... Read More
Using official results and exit polling data for the nine states* that held their primaries yesterday, the distribution of self-identified ideologically moderate voters among the top three GOP candidates: Moderates made up one-in-five (19.7%) voters across these nine states. Compare this to candidate shares of total votes received among the four still in the race... Read More
The trickle of attention we observed from New Hampshire has turned into a torrent, as established voices on the right are taking notice of how Trump is turning out YUGE numbers of primary voters. And not just registered Republicans, either--unaffiliated voters who have their choice of primary are far more likely to choose the Republican... Read More
Nevada Republican caucus entrance poll results, by race: This is the first empirical field test of how (Republican-inclined) Hispanics are reacting to Trump. In short, they like him. Turns out appealing to middle-American whites without any Diversity! pandering doesn't repel non-whites anymore than anything that doesn't explicitly promise them government goodies. Citizenism is on the... Read More
Seeing this: Served as an impetus for these:  
We've seen that Trump cleans Hillary's clock among independents by a more than 2-to-1 margin, while against Cruz she actually holds a modest lead with them. What about Democrat likely voters in November? Turns out Trump does better than Cruz here as well. Hillary vs Trump: Hillary vs Cruz: If Trump is able to beat... Read More
Reuters-Ipsos interactive online polling interface allows for users to create their own cross-tabs. It permits us to look at four hypothetical presidential match-ups among "likely general election voters", and to do so with large samples. First, Hillary vs Trump, as of yesterday (2/16): Hillary vs Cruz: Trump is more competitive with Hillary than Cruz is.... Read More