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Tea Party

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Not satisfied (nor fully convinced) by looking at a few select exit polls, I calculated the total number of self-described tea partiers, defined as those who either "support" or "strongly support" the movement, who have voted for the four Republican Presidential candidates up through the Alabama and Mississippi primaries that took place earlier this week,... Read More
While Secular Right appeals to non-religious rightists more concerned with the unrelenting growth in the size of the bureaucratic state than with social issues conventionally associated with conservatives, atheists and agnostics are more openly hostile towards the Tea party movement than even black Protestants or Jews are. The following table comes from Pew's recent survey... Read More
The following table shows net support (% of voters supporting - % of voters opposing) for the tea party movement by state among voters in the 2010 mid-term elections. Exit polling was only conducted extensively in states where the Senate and/or gubernatorial races were at least somewhat competitive:StateSupportOpposeNet1) Texas4825232) Arkansas4323203) Indiana4627194) West Virginia4024164) Ohio4327164) Arizona4630167)... Read More