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Are there any municipalities in the US that provide home owners the option of making a lifetime property tax payment exempting them from property tax liabilities in the future? I'd envision something like this--a property is assessed at $100,000 and the county rate is 1.5%. The owner's annual property tax bill is thus $1,500. The... Read More
A shutdown, complete with worker furloughs, will reveal to most people how unessential everything it does is for their lives. Normalizing life without DC doing whatever DC does is an essential step to selling political dissolution to the general public. We are headed for a breakup one way or the other. A soft landing, with... Read More
And tax cuts. From Reuters-Ipsos, the issue registered Democrats and Republicans identified as the most important one in determining their mid-term congressional votes (N = 26,785): The contrast between the priorities of congressional Republican 'leadership' and what their voters care about is why the GOP is called the Stupid Party. That's unfair to people like... Read More
The following is from a someone I went to high school with who holds some sort of outreach position in the state Democrat party. He's second-generation Afghani but, rather remarkably for a youngish POC in an official Democrat capacity, almost never has anything to say about race. It's all Old Left focus on economic and... Read More
Heartiste: Let's recruit the GSS to pile on. The survey has a question that gets right at the heart of the growth of the state. Unfortunately it was only asked in a single year (1996) but the sample is large enough and the trend stark enough to serve our pedagogical purposes here. It reads "If... Read More
The following graph comes from data from a Reuters-Ipsos poll asking about support for the Republican congressional tax reform plan. The poll has been running since mid-October, so the results are presumably mostly in response to the House plan rather than the one from the Senate, which came out last week (N = 4,390): Inspiring.... Read More
The Derb, excerpting George Orwell: With all the caveats about self-reported data, especially on ancestry among the European mongrels who make up America's contemporary white population, as well as the limitations caused by having just two years of survey data and thus suboptimal sample sizes on the question under examination taken into account, the following... Read More
Given the amount of attention it receives, costs it imposes, and passion it engenders, I'm surprised by this Reuters-Ipsos polling result. In a sample of 5,199 Americans, (admittedly vague) responses to the question "How satisfied are you with your health coverage?" breakdown thus: Only 1-in-8 express some degree of dissatisfaction. The demographic differences are modest.... Read More
Excerpting TWCS, Heartiste talks about quantifying the costs of Diversity!, the structure of which is characterized by an iceberg effect with the most conspicuous costs representing a small fraction of the total while the most go unnoticed by all but the few who deliberately look for them. While TWCS defeated the kraken, I'll throw my... Read More
A little while back I began worrying that while poll fudging would create a headwind the Trump Train could do without, electoral fraud could be the equivalent of barreling through a tornado. As Heartiste remarked regarding the former: The same goes for cooking the electoral books. There will be bipartisan, unified Establishment opposition to investigating... Read More
Recently, I created a boring graph tracing the federal tax burden over a 15 year period by income quintile. The story has been and will likely continue to be steady as she goes. There are no intended polemical points in that post or in this one--they're just outgrowths of my ignorance and curiosity.The following table... Read More
In a post where he presents a table from the CBO showing the share of federal tax liabilities by income quintile in the US from the beginning of the 21st century to a few years into the future, Randall Parker points out how much taxes would have to increase on the top 20% of income... Read More
A month ago, the polymath looked at changes in the religious composition of the two major US political parties over time. The short version is that Catholics are becoming a relatively smaller piece of the Democratic party, while Protestants are taking it in the chin in both parties to make room for those who lack... Read More
Be wary of the stealth tax inflation can hide. It doesn't just destroy dollar-denominated wealth. In a progressive income tax system, such as we have in the US, inflation destroys real income even when that nominal income is effectively indexed for inflation if tax brackets do not undergo an increase corresponding to the increases in... Read More
++Addition++The Inductivist did a similar analysis with similar findings a month ago based on voting patterns in the 1996 Presidential election.---With the embarrassing number of hopeful Obama appointments running into tax cheating problems (the latest being Ron Kirk), it's natural to wonder if evasion by high profile leftists is illustrative of a real world trend,... Read More
Mike Huckabee's ascension paralleled the ascension of the FairTax idea--replace the federal income tax with a national sales tax. That rise is evident on the editorial pages of the WSJ, where multiple pieces in opposition to the idea have been run in recognition of Huckabee's potential VP spot on the GOP side. The board's position... Read More
I feel like I have a lot in common with Bruce Bartlett. So he has a lot more real-world experience and influence than I do, makes a lot more money than I do, rubs elbows with people who are a lot more important than I do, and... Ahem! Enough of where we diverge. We have... Read More