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This is one way to force a level playing field: Call it the Dissident Lottery. The $32.5 million settlement Oberlin College has been ordered to pay for harassing and intimidating owners of a local bakery is a recent precedent, but as Robert Barnes of the Free America Law Center explains in the video, suing individuals... Read More
Pairing up with the failing Kansas City Star, ProPublica deployed an "October surprise" attempt to snatch the Kansas Republican gubernatorial nomination from Kris Kobach. Several national outlets like Ralph Maddow, Single Mother Jones, and Daily Poz simultaneously deployed articles on it. As we've long argued here, this race has ramifications extending far beyond this middle... Read More
Note to Republicans and the media: Do not ever use "undocumented migrant". It's a loaded left wing phrase. The proper phrase, according to the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986, is "illegal alien": Alter, like most cultMarxists, is correct in understanding the importance of language. Congressional cockroaches scurry under dressers and down drain holes... Read More
A DACAmnesty legalizes 800,000. Via chain migration, the number quintuples in a few years and the only sensible vote in 2020 becomes Adam Kokesh running on a platform of dissolving the United States into 51 independent, sovereign states because the last chance at something resembling a nation will be as dead as Trump's reelection campaign.... Read More
It's easy to be frustrated by the president's lack of legislative achievement in his first year. As Z-Man puts it, we didn't vote for Trump so he'd give us a tax cut, we voted for him so he'd roll out the unwelcome mat. That said, Trump deserves high praise for bringing the diversity visa lottery... Read More
The 2016 presidential election utterly destroyed the aura of augury he'd enjoyed since 2012, but Nate Silver is learning. Via Steve, one of Silver's recent posts is entitled "Trump's Hardline Immigration Stance Got Him To The White House". He's come along way from mocking Trump's campaign as a gag on account of it detailing a... Read More
A politically ambitious (or genuinely courageous representative of Heritage America) attaches a 'poison pill' amendment to the forthcoming DACA amnesty legislation Paul Ryan, his quisling band of cucks, and Democrats are currently working together to craft. This poison pill amendment expands amnesty to family members of "dreamers". It immediately bumps the estimated number of amnesty... Read More
Agnostic wonders if a DACA amnesty is suicide for Republicans... or if it is actually suicide for Democrats. He is one of the most original and perspicacious thinkers out there. It would be folly not to take him seriously here. That said, there are some questionable assumptions in the argument he makes: Of the 30... Read More
This is causing a lot of grumbling among immigration patriots: It shouldn't. Congress is an amnesty killing field. The bipartisan swamp attempted it in 2007. Middle America grabbed the pitchforks, surrounded the palaces of their congressional Cloud People, and demanded the McCain-Kennedy be destroyed. It was. The bipartisan swamp made another major attempt in 2013,... Read More
Is Jim Acosta ignorant, mendacious, or both? This is embarrassing:
Agnostic: Perspicacious as usual. Trying to punch at the head of this thing is going to be futile. Better to sow dissension further down the ranks. I sent the following to both my senators and my house representative. Feel free to cut and paste the same to send to yours. Click here for senators (choose... Read More
I found this flier near a construction site this morning: Google translates as follows: High to deportations! Sunday, March 26, 2017/4 PM - 6 PM Church Our Savior Lutheran Church KC 4153 Rainbow Blvd, Kansas City, Kansas 65103 A KC Fight invites you to a conversation with immigration experts, they can answer your questions to... Read More
The single most important confirmation fight for the new Trump administration is going to be over before a lot of people even realize it's begun. Contact your senator (information here) and urge him or her to support Jeff Sessions for attorney general. These constituent 'votes' really do matter. Feel free to cut and paste the... Read More
The latest from the three daily tracking polls have Trump +1 (ABC), Trump +4 (LAT/USC), and Clinton +1 (IBD).Even with all the questionable assumptions and outright rigging that have characterized election polling this cycle, RCP averages now have Trump winning the electoral college if he can flip North Carolina (which Romney won in '12 and... Read More
If you're unsure whether or not the Republican congressperson up for (re)election in November is sticking by Trump or stabbing him in the back in typical cuckservative fashion, ask (here and here). If (s)he is betraying Trump, pledge to vote for the Democrat and carry through on that pledge next month. Trump's candidacy is a... Read More
In a recent Taki's column, the Derb parenthetically notes the unfortunate competition for primacy of the acronym HBD that the phrase "human biodiversity" shares with the phrase "happy birthday". Nothing against congratulating people for managing to survive another year, but the former phrase is enhanced by the abbreviation while the latter is cheapened by it. Human biodiversity doesn't have a... Read More
Today, in tandem with the legislative push for open borders, NPR ran a segment on the Dillingham Commission that, in 1911, found that immigration into the US from northwestern Europe was preferable toimmigration from southern and eastern Europe. It served as a segue into how it is illegitimate to empirically and clinically track and measure differences... Read More
... now shows human biodiversity as the first definition at Urban Dictionary. Nice work again, everyone.
Half Sigma asks "What are you doing about HBD-denialism?" Creating definitions in the Urban Dictionary, that's what! Hey, it's something, at least. And voting these definitions to the top of their respective entries is something any reader is able to do right now, by going here and clicking on the thumbs-up for what is currently... Read More
... now constitutes the first entry in the Urban Dictionary. Great work everybody!
The Steveosphere has created some catchy and useful acronyms, but they're mostly just used in-house, otherwise unfamiliar to the broader public. Well, one way to induce thinking about HBD is to raise awareness* of some of its unique terminology. I've created the following entry for NAM in the Urban Dictionary: It's competing with nine other... Read More
A cliched but legitimate argument made by restrictionists in opposition to any type of "comprehensive" immigration plan that purports to happily marry enforcement with amnesty is that the same false promise was made 25 years ago, when, numerically-speaking, the stakes were a lot lower. Fool us once, shame on you; fool us twice, shame on... Read More
From an NPR book review earlier this week:A story about the daughter of a black woman and a Jewish father who abandons them is at the heart of American identity? You really can't make this stuff up. It's so blatantly preposterous that it is beyond parody. A whopping 0.2% of married white men have a... Read More
It's neither my forte nor my foible, but when Razib and Randall get this worked up about something, I'd be a pretty crappy squire not to pay attention. The AMA doesn't want you to be able to access your own genomic profile directly from companies like 23andme (as I have). In the proceeding video, doctor... Read More
Medical Hypotheses, the ideologically iconoclastic medical journal edited by academic and Steveosphere giant Bruce G. Charlton, is under siege for entertaining the ideas of 'AIDS-denialist' Peter Duesberg. Dennis Mangan takes an in-depth look at what has transpired. Rather than try to rehash what he has written, I'll urge you to go there to get the... Read More
Minuteman Project co-founder Chris Simcox has officially announced that he is seeking to bump John McCain as the GOP's nominee for Arizona Senate in 2010. His campaign and donation pages are both now operational.Needless to say, this is an enormous opportunity for restrictionists to essentially end the political career of the Republican party's national champion... Read More
++Addition++The House bill passed with the provision included. The Senate version, which will likely be voted on next week, does not include it. So what happens in conference committee will be crucial. Consequently, there is still ample time to contact your Congressional representatives in front of the SCHIP expansion passage.---It appears one of the first... Read More
Lake County provides an illustration of how the 287(g) program should work: Once ICE is notified of an illegal immigrant's residency status, the county is reimbursed for the criminal's incarceration exp
After a nearly two year hiatus, I've begun receiving regular donation solicitations again. Three came yesterday: A "census" questionnaire from the RNC, a form letter from the McCain campaign, the third from President Bush. The temptation is to just drop them into the trash with most everything else. But recalling the 'mass' phone bank firing*... Read More
++Addition++The full Senate is going to begin 'working' on the bill tomorrow (Tuesday). There is still time to share your thoughts on the amendment with your Senators. Contact them here. --- The Senate Appropriations committee has approved a free-riding Feinstein Ag-Jobs amendment to an upcoming Iraq spending bill. According to NumbersUSA, it will grant legal... Read More
The Democratic party's freshmen class in the House have shown themselves quite willing to buck the party's leadership on the issue of immigration. While the 30 Republicans who lost their seats in the '06 mid-term elections were more supportive of open-borders than the rest of the GOP was (the loss rate was three times higher... Read More
Steve Sailer's blog is the intellectual treat I look forward to more than just about any other, and looking at my blogroll, that's saying quite a lot. He's fused a lucid, illuminating writing style with an uncanny ability to make sense of, well, things. All kinds of things, especially insight into why people do the... Read More
++Addition++John S. Bolton points to this telling bit from the CIS' latest report on immigrants in the US: As the report details, immigrants are primarily involved in the same lines of work as are members of the native working- and underclasses (since 2000, immigration has increased the size of the US workforce with less than... Read More
++Addition++Predictably, it was shot down again. People do not want birthright citizenship, already constitutionally questionable, expanded to adolescent citizenship.---The DREAM Act is back again, this time as a stand-alone bill (S. 2205) that Reid is trying to fast-track. With 60 votes needed to stop debate on the floor, this should be a relatively easy victory.... Read More
The precocious Marcus Epstein has a full-length column on the impending "DREAM Act" amendment to the pending defense bill in the Senate. The thing is going to hit the floor soon. A couple of points I couldn't agree with him more on:To repeat, this is to be a legislative extension of the dubious interpretation of... Read More
Early next week, the Senate will take up defense proposals. Roy Beck has been alerted that several Senators have come together and will attempt to attach immigration provisions onto the bills that come up for approval. Many Republican Senators, in dire straits because of the continued Iraq mess and who are not really opposed to... Read More