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Except for when it comes to climate change and evolution, Republicans tend to be more scientifically literate than Democrats. That tendency shows up in a recent Ipsos poll on beliefs in the occult: Another tendency, for moderates to be dopier than people on the ends of the political spectrum, is also apparent. Respondents are not... Read More
We've seen that 1-in-5 Americans, and 1-in-3 among those under 30 years old, claim no religious affiliation. Similarly, we've seen that nearly half of all Americans (47% in 2014) and most of those under 30 (55%) do not attend worship services. Lastly, let's take a look at how the percentages of those who are atheistic,... Read More
In the comments of a post showing sex ratios of various supernatural beliefs, someone suggested that the heavy male skew among atheists and agnostics might have to do with the fact that men are more likely to be in STEM fields than women are. The chicken-and-egg question aside, how do STEM majors compare with the... Read More
A post by Andrew Stuttaford at Secular Right about the seemingly bizarre idea of agape restaurants (about two-thirds of the way down at that link) put forth by Alain de Botton made me wonder what percentage of self-described atheists and agnostics attend religious services at least once a year. The relevant excerpt, which is actually... Read More
At a post on Secular Right in the context of the recent apocalyptic predictions by radio broadcaster Harold Camping, Razib muses on the consequences of nerdish supernatural belief on larger society. He mentions how even as a kid he could scarcely identify a spiritual bone in his body:Since both audacious and epigone are in the... Read More