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++Addition2++See Emil Kirkegaard's post on the problems with asserting greater scientific literacy based on a crude, simple count. I understand as much. The assertion is tongue-in-cheek. When it comes to multivariate analyses of disparate data sets, I'm playing checkers in a game of chess. Without downloading the full data set I'm not even sure how... Read More
In the comments of the last GSS science module post, the question of scientific literacy by attendance at religious services was brought up, the suggestion apparently being that while it's not surprising that believers are less knowledgeable than non-believers are, actual adherence to a religion's requirements and the social implications of belonging to a church... Read More
As an excuse to continue milking the GSS science module for posts, Top Arguments suggests breaking down answers by theism (or lack thereof).The following table shows differences in responses, by theistic confidence (for whites only), to the science module of items deployed by the GSS during 2004 and 2006 (except for the last 3 questions,... Read More
The science module rolls on, looking this time at sexual differences in performance. Discussing sexual differences is not without its own risks, but it is far more culturally (and somewhat more politically) acceptable than discussing racial differences is.Many sexual differences are so blatantly obvious that media obfuscation of them can't be taken seriously by most... Read More
Continuing to look at demographic differences in levels of basic scientific knowledge, we now move onto racial groups. The following table shows differences in responses, by race, to the science module of items deployed by the GSS during 2004 and 2006. Some of the questions are inverted from the GSS for viewer ease so that... Read More
++Addition++Razib looks at the same by political orientation (liberal/moderate/conservative) and finds liberals and conservatives to be pretty much at parity when it comes to scientific literacy, with moderates markedly less well versed. He then ran logistic regressions to look at how specific dependent variables correlate with scientific literacy. Education and intelligence consistently predict better performance... Read More
++Addition++In the comments, n/a writes the following: --- Agnostic had a great post a couple of months back on Google search suggestions filling out what has been entered up to that point. He looked at variations of "why are guys/girls ..." Rather than rehash it here, give it a read if you haven't yet done... Read More