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Americans mostly oppose transgender athletes competing against members of the opposite biological sex: For now, anyway. The pattern and distribution of these figures feel a lot like those on same-sex marriage in the aughts. It's not difficult to imagine majority opposition to any sort of ban a decade from now. On the other hand, this... Read More
About 70% of young adults enroll in college after high school. One in three end up dropping out without attaining a degree. About half of zoomers are thus on track to make it through the college grind. About one in five of them benefit beyond the credential from the experience. So anything that saps higher... Read More
Men report being modestly more interested in watching women's soccer than women are: In The Current Year, it's unclear whether this is cause for celebration or censure. Men showing interest in female sports is a Good Thing, but many of these men are doing it for the purpose of ogling young women's bodies, which is... Read More
A lot of people on the dissident right were hoping for a Croatian win in the World Cup. The sentiment is understandable. Despite being under the thumb of the Soviet Union for half a century and part of the doomed conglomerate, Yugoslavia, that gave us the term "balkanization", Croatia is a real country today. France,... Read More
Vox Day ensures we have "a public record of whose analysis was correct and whose was not". I can think of no better company to be in than Derb's and Z-Man's, though some clarification for the benefit of the historical record is in order. VD: The criticism offered here is qualitatively different than that of... Read More
The women's hockey team thinks so, or at least one heroine among them does. My wife had the replay from last night's game on. As we were watching the medals being given out, I made note of how aesthetically pleasing this line of healthy, nubile white women singing the national anthem and waving the stars... Read More
Steve Sailer on tunnels of oppression: I wasn't alone in noticing a similar pattern in market brands on display at commercial breaks during the Super Bowl: With one exception mentioned below, the anti-white messaging from these giants was devoi
From SurveyUSA comes an interesting quantification of the proxy for in-group impulses that is professional sports. The survey (N = 700) was conducted in the San Diego metro area. In the 2017 NFL season, the one that ends next week, the Chargers moved to Los Angeles. The survey inquired about fandom. Some 69% of respondents... Read More
I read the first entries in the Harry Potter series in the span of a couple of weeks in the mid-2000s. My younger brother was enthralled by the books but hadn't seen any of the movies released up to that point. I thought it a nice big brother gesture to watch them with him and... Read More
From a SurveyUSA poll conducted in the San Diego metro area on Trump intervening in China to pull the pampered thieves from UCLA out of the hot water they jumped into, we see an uncharacteristically strong level of support from a demographic group not generally favorable to him. The percentages, by race, who say Trump... Read More
Scrolling through Nintendo Wii's old game offerings, I see Super Dodge Ball but not Nintendo World Cup. Both were Technos creations and used the same graphics engines. The costs of putting old titles on offer is negligible--sales must be virtually (heh) all margin. The reason one is for purchase while the other is a no... Read More
Steve Sailer reflecting on the big three American sports and their relative popularity (football and basketball on the ascent, baseball on the decline) includes this graph from John Rivers: The correlations between the racial composition of the total US population and the racial compositions of the populations of Major League Baseball, the National Football League,... Read More
New guidelines for Olympic competitions will now allow transgenders who are females pretending to be males to compete against men without restriction. It's tempting to write this off as entirely ideological without any realized consequences in actual competitions, since a reasonable working assumption may be that women can't compete with men in any Olympic competition... Read More
++Addition++Heartiste: --- Heartiste's comments on Colorado shooter James Holmes' aspiring harem begs the question of whether or not status, rather than cruelty and violence, is the predominant driver of the female sexual desire on display. Does Peyton Manning--a physically unattractive, salt-of-the-earth niceguy--attract the same volume of mail attention from women that Holmes does? I have... Read More
Steve Sailer has recently been mulling over the idea that bringing in former Australian Rules football players to become NFL punters could shake up the game by giving teams that employ them a competitive advantage and making 4th downs more exciting in the process. Steve suspects that punts often referred to by commentators unfamiliar with... Read More
Steve Sailer recently pondered over ways the NFL might make the point after touchdown (PAT, or "extra point" in the vernacular) attempt a little more exciting by making it's outcome less predictable. Over the last five regular seasons, PAT attempts were successful 99.20% of the time. For people other than Americans or Canadians being introduced... Read More
++Addition++Steve Sailer comments: My emphasis on what strikes me as one hell of an insight into the game. --- Having looked at several years of regular season NFL data, my working assumption is that, more than anything else, winning is about having an offense that is capable of moving the ball through the air, and... Read More
Following this year's superb* Super Bowl, Steve Sailer wondered if the big game keeps getting better. He writes:To try and quantify this, I looked at point differentials for every Super Bowl and averaged them by decade in an attempt to get some sense of how accurate that impression is:DecadePtDif'60s17.3'70s11.6'80s21.9'90s14.2'00s9.8I was introduced to football as a... Read More
With the conference championships teed up for next weekend, here are correlations between several stats and wins during the 2011 NFL regular season. This isn't a sports blog, and I'm not making any audacious claims about being able to provide special insights. Just the raw correlations for entire teams here, next to the same for... Read More
The NFC North is arguably (in sports, what's inarguable, after all?) the best division in the NFL this year. There's a good chance both of the conference's wild card teams will come from it if Detroit is able to steal a big win against the Saints next week and Hanie is able to make things... Read More
With the Superbowl a day away, here are correlations between several favorite stats and wins during the 2010 NFL regular season. This isn't a sports blog, and I'm not making any audacious claims about being able to provide special insights. Just the raw correlations for entire teams here, next to the same for last year... Read More
Increase the playoff pool from twelve teams to sixteen. The controversy this year swirled around divisional winners hosting teams with better records than their own in the wildcard round, but more unsatisfying than the Saints (11-5) having to play in Seattle (7-9) or Kansas City (10-6) getting to host the Ravens (12-4), was the Giants... Read More
In 2004, the GSS asked a question about self-assessed athleticism (and thanks to Jokah for alerting me to it). Conveniently, this is the same year interviewers were asked to rate respondents as being below average, average, somewhat above average, or considerably above average. Among those deemed to be remarkably thin, 27.5% responded that "athletic" described... Read More
One last NFL-related post before the season gets underway (okay, the NFC championship game rematch that have guys who love field position contests like yours truly hoping the Saints' win is a sign of things to come means the regular season has officially started). Playing poker at a friend's house, someone turned on the Royals'... Read More
With the NFL regular season a couple of weeks from commencement, predictions for 2010 are about to (dis)prove their worth. The prevailing mindset seems to be that a few surprises are inevitably in store, as has more-or-less been the case since the Colts clinched a first-round bye in the playoffs during the 1999 season, a... Read More
- I'm not aware of any reason to suspect Armando Galarraga is not a naturally gracious and understanding athlete, but what I do suspect is that on the long road of sports history, umpire Jim Joyce's blown call will accentuate Galarraga's profile, not diminish it. Twenty pitchers have thrown perfect games, and over the last... Read More
In January, after having a little fun with team stats for the 2009 NFL season, I looked at the correlations between success (wins) and per-play passing and per-play rushing throughout the early years of this century. The trend is clear--a strong passing game does a top-tier team make. Running is far less determinative.But rule changes... Read More
++Addition++Steve offers more on 2009, deeming it the year only passing mattered. He wonders whether or not the NFL's popularity will decrease if a successful passing offense and a winning record continue to become increasingly synonymous with one another.It's my impression that football votaries like smashmouth, low-scoring field position games a lot more than casual... Read More