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The inestimable Sid: How worried are the Chinese about African fertility? The Han don't suffer from the same self-destructive universalistic, egalitarian impulses that Northwestern Europeans (WEIRDOs) do. China's a big country. They'll keep the dumb Africans outside the walls and everything will be fine. Illegal invasion from Africa into China is nearly impossible. The infiltrators... Read More
Heartiste's take on the coming sexbot revolution is probably an accurate auguring of what will come to pass: It's not inconceivable, though, that the development instead turns out to be a saving grace, putting the West's native stock back on the path to replacement fertility. Here's how it might look. Not only is the female... Read More
Randall Parker has a fun post on hypothetical* time machine travel and what he fantasizes about being able to accomplish if given access to the requisite technology. In that spirit, the first three things that came to this rank amateur's mind: - 326, modern-day Serbia. Locate the place Constantine's (probably) illegitimate but competent son Crispus... Read More
Professional podcaster Jamie Jeffers, in a review of the History Channel's Vikings (which I've never seen), comments approvingly on the show's depiction of Lagertha*: Unsurprisingly, I don't like it. Jeffers regularly juxtaposes the rigid gender distinctions certain ancient civilizations, like the Romans, made with the relatively more overlapping gender roles that existed among others such... Read More
Does the understanding that homosexuality is innate--which is generally the consensus among those for whom so much else is inconsistently believed to be shaped by the socio-cultural environment--threaten the sustainability of gayness in the same way the intellectual primacy of evolution is threatened by Darwinists losing the Darwinian struggle? I am not aware of data... Read More
In an Econ Talk podcast a few years back, host Russ Roberts summarizes one of Walter Williams' putatively great economic insights (begins 41:15):I would be interested in hearing arguments concerning how far this goes in explaining the human evolutionary predisposition toward despising those who have more than one has himself. In pre-agricultural societies, which were... Read More
A handy, brief synopsis of the US Supreme Court's 08-09 session that places the nine Justices on a political spectrum with Clarence Thomas as the most conservative on the bench makes me wonder whether or not black Republicans are cognitively a cut above the mass of their Democratic co-racialists.The only black Republicans I've met who... Read More
The biggest reason I was never able to share Jack Hunter's enthusiasm for Governor Sanford has been his poor legislative history on immigration (from a restrictionist's point of view)--Americans for Better Immigration, an outfit of NumbersUSA that issues grade cards for House and Senate members, assigns him an underwhelming 'D+' for his six years as... Read More
Writes Paul Craig Roberts, who knows the official 9/11 account to be false but whose omniscience unfortunately does not extend to what actually transpired:George Noory scoffs at a lot of official explanations, a response that is not terribly unusual for those of Middle Eastern descent. So what? Most Europeans do not find the narrative of... Read More
++Addition++In the comments, Roissy reviews some of the fundamentals of game, and also takes note in a post about a super beta prostrate. I am uncomfortable making assertions without empirical backing, but I don't really disagree with him. He misreads in saying that I think adopting game only helps the rich get richer--to the contrary,... Read More
Jack Cashill is not pleased by Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius' nomination to become the next Secretary of Health and Human Services. With the backing of both of the state's Republican Senators, her confirmation is almost certain. Jack suspects the following narrative:To a strident pro-lifer, the Sebelius nomination must be horrifying. The political support she has... Read More
In the comments of an Al Fin post on the reduction of sleep pressure in mice through regulation of a brain chemical, I wondered if the diurnal circadian rhythms of most primates, including humans, might have an evolutionary protective effect.The thought process is straightforward: To wander around fruitlessly in the dark, at risk of walking... Read More
GNXP's Razib alerted me to's listing of average credit scores by state*. Not surprisingly, the scores correlate strongly with a couple of the usual suspects. With the percentage of a state's population that is non-Asian minority (NAM), the correlation is an inverse .74 (p=0). With IQ, the correlation is an even stronger .77 (p=0).... Read More
++Addition++Commenter Gullydale does the math:So, even taking into account the fact that a woman Bristol's age is more likely to be impregnated than someone Sarah's age is, women of Sarah's age range are more than six times as likely to have Down babies are girls Bristol's age are to have them.---Half Sigma's 'conspiracy theorizing' about... Read More
For those interested in whether Obama's Dreams was ghostwritten, "Tommy" takes a fairly thorough look at one of Obama's self-described favorite books, Moby Dick, as well as the texts of a few of the Senator's biggest speeches, in attempt to ascertain if either share an affinity for the nautical metaphors found in the autobiography: "Murky"... Read More
Dennis Mangan has posted an email from a reader that captures what more than a couple of people in this area of the blogosphere* have been thinking as flood waters from the Mississippi beat up on Iowa and are now breaching levees in northern Missouri--the scenes of devastation differ from those in New Orleans almost... Read More