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Is this an angle progressives are going to be able to sustain, or will they be plowed under by the weaponized Wokeness of the neo-liberal corporate Establishment? It is common on the dissident right to mock ConInc for its perpetual tokenism. It's Hispanic unemployment this, black celebrity endorsement that, but never a favorable word about... Read More
From YouGov, socialism favorability scores* by various demographic characteristics: Some Bernie Sanders supporters may be glad to shed the "democratic" pretension, but most Americans never thought it fit to begin with. Does spending infinity trillion dollars on monetary and fiscal stimulus while facing an old neo-liberal warhorse instead of a self-described socialist change the America-will-never-be-a-socialist-country... Read More
In the latest iteration of the GSS, the survey introduced a question asking respondents if they agreed or disagreed with the assertion that "for a society to be fair, differences in people's standard of living should be small". The following graph shows 'sympathy for socialism' scores* by selected demographics. Understand this is assessing the colloquial... Read More
A tasty little morsel from the WVS for our libertarian friends: While 67.9% of Americans regard cheating on one's taxes as "never justifiable", only 59.9% of Swedes do (N = 3,438). Welfare states are even better when you can avoid paying for them! For the purists, yes, I understand in reality that America is hardly... Read More
In the 2018 iteration of the survey, the GSS asked a new question about what kind of company people would prefer to work for. Participants were given three possible responses to choose from--1) "a company in which the government owns the stock and appoints the management to run the company's operations", 2) "a company whose... Read More
In the state of the union address, president Trump rejected calls for the US to adopt socialism (never mind all the socialism that had been proposed and celebrated during the preceding hour!). The term "socialism" is one he had, up to that point, studiously avoided using since commending his campaign in the summer of 2015.... Read More
Despite all the media promotion, there is no organic interest in O'Rourke. Search volume in the US since the beginning of December, after the dust of the mid-terms had settled, for the top four candidates and O'Rourke: Search index scores--basically average interest over the period--are as follows: Biden -- 20 Warren -- 18 Harris --... Read More
Broadly speaking, there are three wings of the contemporary Democrat party--the POC ascendancy, corporate globalists, and socialist progressives. Securing the Democrat presidential nomination will be contingent upon garnering each wing's support, in respective order of importance. Obama won the 2008 nomination by dominating the POC ascendancy vote. Hillary similarly won it in 2016 by doing... Read More
The 2008 numbers are virtually complete for the 50 states, DC, and the four American territories that hold nominating contests. The 2016 numbers include 26 states. For 2016, Texas, Florida, and New York are included but California is not because Hillary Clinton had already secured the nomination by the time California's Democrat primary voters had... Read More
Thought experiment: Instead of Joe Crowley as the ten-term House representative up for re-election, it's a woman named Maria Sanchez. And instead of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez the upstart challenging that ten-term congress critter, it's a young white man named Hayden Stoddard. Keep everything else constant about their political careers and campaign positions--Sanchez is the party machine... Read More
Agnostic, in the context of explaining why ¡Ocasio!'s victory means the invasion will end: Here's her campaign platform flyer: And here's her two-minute TV spot:
Ted Cruz has a sharp mind and a quick wit, and he knows how to find his way to a polemical jugular:
Agnostic regularly offers unique insights that are not found elsewhere. With thought-provoking takes so often unconventional, he can be forgiven for not bowling 300. But I'm compelled to take issue with his reading of the DACA showdown. Several months ago he asserted matter-of-factly that DACAmnesty was a foregone conclusion and that it would be bad... Read More
The following is from a someone I went to high school with who holds some sort of outreach position in the state Democrat party. He's second-generation Afghani but, rather remarkably for a youngish POC in an official Democrat capacity, almost never has anything to say about race. It's all Old Left focus on economic and... Read More
In this week's Power Hour, Z-Man discussed a poll headlining with the finding that more millennials say they'd rather live in a socialist country than a capitalist one. Z gives several reasons not to read too much into this, the most salient one being that millennials don't know what socialism is--just 33% of millennials surveyed... Read More
The support distribution of high school students by race among those who voted for Republicans and among those who voted for Democrats according to the Hispanic Heritage Foundation's huge presidential primary poll conducted in 2016 follows. For example, the five columns above "white" in the first graph shows how white Republicans distributed their votes, the... Read More
Trump, on more of the same in Afghanistan: Remember when the Establishment's licentious left and cowardly cucks made a big fuss over candidate Trump questioning the advice of "the generals"? Well, congratulations to them for having committed America to pouring another decade or three's worth--if she lasts that long--of her blood and treasure into that... Read More
As we wrap up with the Hispanic Heritage Foundation's surveys of high school students in 2016 (a sincere thanks again to Sid for pointing it out), we'll look beyond the strong preference for Trump over Clinton among non-Hispanic whites and look at the enthusiasm gap among those expressing a preference. There's nothing edgy about being... Read More
As it turns out, the Hispanic Heritage Foundation also conducted a massive nationwide poll during the primaries in 2016. Looking at non-Hispanic whites (n = 57,196), Sanders obliterates Clinton among students who support a Democrat,84%-16% in a two-way race. Trump gets three times the support Cruz--who runs a distant second among Republicans--does. Where this gets... Read More
Affirmative action in education benefits wealthy black and Hispanics at the expense of poor whites and Asians. I've had a few conversations about the subject recently where that didn't seem to be intuitive to the people I was talking with so it's worth stating explicitly here even though it's hardly a novel observation on my... Read More
I'd meant to pass comment on this last year but let it get lost in the sauce. It's an illustration of leftist logic at its finest. Dave Matthews in a Rolling Stone interview: We have the front man for the most successful touring band in history, his net worth is estimated at $300 million, claiming... Read More
Stefan Molyneux and Scott Adams tee it up:
Trump shouldn't have walked this back. A debate would be tactically brilliant. Sanders needs the debate far more than he does, so he has enormous leverage. Vet the questions ahead of time, format it in the usual forum style where the actual direct interaction between the participants is minimized, emphasize things he and Sanders have... Read More
The Trump phenomenon has basically taken over here. It's quite fascinating. In anticipation of a lull in quantitative material related to the presidential campaign over the next couple of months, here are a few general thoughts: - In the debates Trump will be playing with house money. Primary turnout has been record-setting on the Republican... Read More
In the general election Trump will peel off some fraction of Sanders voters. In Pennsylvania, for instance, the extent to which that happens could be the state's deciding factor. It's increasingly looking like superdelegates alone won't constitute the entirety of Hillary's margin of victory, but they'll make up most of it. To the extent that... Read More
There is another candidate who unapologetically welcomes the support of white men should those of you who've finally had enough of doing the bidding of a political machine that has no seat at the table for you: Trump has prudently toned down the attacks on Sanders. Sanders' supporters are facing the same sort of Establishment... Read More
Reuters-Ipsos conducted month-long poll asking respondents to choose one label from a list of twelve that most accurately described how they identified themselves. The breakdown, nationally (n = 9,124): Label %Total Democrat 25.4 Conservative 22.5 Republican 16.7 Liberal 11.2 Environmentalist 6.5 Feminist 5.0 Libertarian 4.3 Socialist 3.7 Nationalist 2.1 Anarchist 1.1 Populist 0.9 Communist 0.5... Read More
Hillary dominated South Carolina last night because nearly two-in-three primary voters were black: As I wrote in December: Bernie is running through the beginning of a brutal and potentially campaign-killing gauntlet. South Carolina is just the first of the body blows he's set to receive this week. Following are the percentages of Democrat primary voters... Read More
Looking at the racial composition of his support, one could be forgiven for assuming Bernie Sanders to be a Republican rather than a Democrat. As the last couple Republican presidential candidates found out, that's scarcely enough to make it happen in the general election. It doesn't come close to cutting it on the left. In... Read More
Martin Luther King, Jr. is reported to have said the following in a speech to staff members in 1966:Nearly half a century later, that dream still appears to live on in the hearts and minds of a majority of America's black population.The source of this assertion comes from Pew's recently released report on word associations.... Read More
Maryland Congressman Chris Van Hollen on the Paul Ryan budget plan: What bizarre rhetoric for a US politician in one of the country's major political parties to use. Everything we buy that is not subject to government price controls, directly or indirectly, is "rationed" by income. In the vernacular, this simply means the thing in... Read More