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The median number of sexual partners among bisexuals, by sex of the respondent and the number of partners of each sex he or she has had since turning eighteen: Is it that those who have experimented at some point with someone of the same sex who otherwise pursue members of the opposite sex describe themselves... Read More
It's easy to feel like progressive morality is always advancing, sending the gods of the copybook headings heading for the hills and creating new gods in their stead. Writes dfordoom: Homosexuality went from being disgusting to ignored to tolerated to accepted to celebrated in remarkably short order. In considerably less than a single lifespan it... Read More
Freed from intolerance, are people today finally becoming who they are? Or is a new intolerance causing people to pretend to be something they're not in a desperate attempt to obtain some intersectional credibility? Nearly 1-in-5 people under the age of thirty self-identify as other than heterosexual. Just 1-in-100 of those aged 65 and older... Read More
The replacements are primarily visual and audible in nature now, but tactile stimulation is just around the corner. In fact, it has already moved passed the seminal (heh) stage. The percentages of men who have ever paid for (or have ever been paid for) sex is on the decline: Orthogonally, I suspect it unlikely anyone... Read More