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The following graph shows why American men and women use dating sites and applications. Respondents were permitted to select as many reasons as they wanted to: Dating apps and websites probably aren't as debauched as you think they are, especially if you came of age before the internet swallowed up all social interactions. Not all... Read More
The empirical assessment of the validity of stereotypes--or the lack thereof--is the blog's raison d'etre, so let's reclinate towards the place we began. The following graph shows how much more likely men are to say they find "slimmer women" more attractive than "chubby women", how much more likely women are to say they find "taller... Read More
To the assertion: dfordoom responded: It's a good point, one the blog is fond of making. The leveling impulse still motivates many contemporary progressives, but it has been coopted and repurposed by the neo-liberal establishment for use in their relentless consolidation of cultural, political, financial, legal, and military power. And in an increasingly atomized world,... Read More
Nearly one-quarter of young men at the horniest stage of life wander through a sexual desert: Men in their early twenties are having less sex than men in their sixties do. These zoomers aren't having less sex than those boomers did during the summer of love--they're having less sex as striplings than the boomers are... Read More
In this case conservatism isn't quite the progressivism of five years ago, but it is your parents' progressivism: American social conservatism has been about guns and abortions, little else. GSS variables used: PREMARSX, YEAR, POLVIEWS(1-3)(4)(5-7)
Americans mostly oppose transgender athletes competing against members of the opposite biological sex: For now, anyway. The pattern and distribution of these figures feel a lot like those on same-sex marriage in the aughts. It's not difficult to imagine majority opposition to any sort of ban a decade from now. On the other hand, this... Read More
The inverse relationship between fertility and educational attainment is more pronounced among people of color than among whites and more pronounced among women than among men: When it comes to educational attainment the inverse correlation with fertility is barely detectable among white men, while it is quite pronounced among non-white women. If hypergamy is real,... Read More
Single women were ridin' with Biden by a nearly 2-to-1 margin: The gap in net support between married women and unmarried women was a staggering 31 points. The difference between married and unmarried men was 20 points. Across both sexes, the marriage gap in net support was 28 points. The gender gap was a more... Read More
Libertarians and Greens did relatively well with them as well: Why? Not because the blog's raison d'etre is assessing the validity or invalidity of stereotypes, but because they're people, too, and they don't otherwise get any attention in our heteronormative cisgenderarchy.
Filtering through the archives, it looks as though it has been over a decade since we've put together posts on rates of extramarital sex by ethnicity, and those were presented in a clunky table rather than in graphical format. You've come far Ness, so it's time to rectify that infidelity to the reader: GSS variables... Read More
One of the early analytical errors I made was in assuming guys like Heartiste were wrong about fundamental aspects of the modern sexual marketplace because the data showed, if anything, that the quantity of per capita sex was going down while the share of celibates was going up. Promiscuity? Ha, more like prudishness! Upon further... Read More
Elizabeth Warren on how sexism sunk her campaign (just listen for eight seconds): A bazillion, huh? Among women who participated in a Democrat primary or caucus through Super Tuesday, more than 4-in-5 voted for a man, while fewer than 1-in-5 voted for a woman. There is not a single state where anything close to a... Read More
The sex recession among young adults today relative to the young adults of the past is a consequence of the decline in the institution of marriage. The following table shows, by the decade the question was asked, the percentages of married and unmarried people between the ages of 18-29 who reported not having had sex... Read More
The most recent YouGov poll includes a battery of questions concerning what types of behavior are perceived as constituting sexual harassment. All queried situations involve behaviors by men directed towards women who are not friends or romantic partners. They range from a man asking a woman out for a drink on the low end to... Read More
Most Americans think purveying fake news is part of the corporate media's stock-in-trade. The following graph shows the percentages of respondents, by selected demographics, who believe the media maintains its integrity. They answered that "mainstream media outlets" either "rarely" or "never" report "fake news". The residual percentages are those who think the media reports fake... Read More
How's that for SEO maximization? Commenter Jim Christian writes: As it happens, the GSS has since 2004 recorded the sex of the interviewer in addition to the sex of the respondent. The following graph shows reported average opposite-sex partner counts among those at least 40 years old by the sex of both the interviewer and... Read More
The percentages of married women, by sexual orientation, who report having had sex with someone other than a spouse while married: If the survey asked about pansexuals, maybe the extramarital rate would crack 50%. What kind of man would marry a woman he couldn't, even as an Adonis doppelganger, fully satisfy? Sexual standards are inherently... Read More
One bemusing aspect of the modern zeitgeist is how materially poor people are objects of sympathy and compassion while sexually poor people--specifically men--are objects of ridicule and disdain. This is so even though there is a fair amount of overlap between the two (to avoid racial confounding, only non-Hispanic whites are shown and data are... Read More
Imagine if instead of platitudes about who we are and blather about impeachment, some genuinely interesting culture war questions were asked of the Democrat candidates at the debate tonight. "Senator Warren, what do you say to fathers out there who are uncomfortable with the idea of a male-to-female transgendered person sitting in the stall next... Read More
As commenter EliteComInc would say, Laughing: The reporter and those he talks to are unsure who the fliers "target". So completely does Wokeism forbid intellectual curiosity of any kind that the simple message could be making a statement intended to provoke those reading it into ponderment cannot be given any consideration. The women interviewed are... Read More
Men report being modestly more interested in watching women's soccer than women are: In The Current Year, it's unclear whether this is cause for celebration or censure. Men showing interest in female sports is a Good Thing, but many of these men are doing it for the purpose of ogling young women's bodies, which is... Read More
A recent YouGov survey asked respondents whether male or female elected officials are better on thirteen different attributes of political leadership. The attributes followed by which sex is perceived to excel more at each of them among respondents who gave an edge to one sex or the other: Handling immigration -- Women Working under pressure... Read More
The percentages of adult men up to the age of 40 who had not had sex at all during the previous year, by selected demographics: Jews get a bad rap for putative sexual perversion, but that reeks of jealousy to me! Parenthetically, it's worth noting that the Jewish sample (n = 89) is the smallest... Read More
The percentage of men under the age of 30 who report not having had sex in at least a year came in at 28% in 2018, the highest figure ever recorded in that age range since the survey first began asking about sexual frequency in the late eighties (N = 2,818). From 1989 through 2012,... Read More
Liberating or objectifying? The answer depends more on sex than on politics (or, overly generously, on constitutional interpretation). That's probably one reason it doesn't get talked about often in a political context: My recommendation: Cut out the cranking. Irrespective of your particular situation, you'll be better for it.
As the kids might say, we'll just leave this right here: For contemporary relevance and to avoid racial and sexual orientation confounding, responses are restricted to non-Hispanic whites from 2000 onward who have not engaged in same-sex relations. Incels don't do too well. Celibate women, more of whom are likely to be voluntarily so (volcels?),... Read More
The percentages of respondents in a Reuters-Ipsos poll that ran from late 2016 through early 2017, by selected demographics, who say "all" or "most" illegal aliens should be deported: The sharpest fault lines emerge along partisan affiliation, with other demographic categories that proxy for it like race and marital status rather predictably distributed. A pattern... Read More
After it was all said and done, the partisan swapping of working-class whites for college-educated whites was the only remarkable electoral demographic realignment revealed in the 2016 presidential election. A couple of years into Trump's first term, another realignment appears to be occurring, and it is occurring among all non-Hispanics. That seminal realignment is occurring... Read More
In the state of the union address, president Trump rejected calls for the US to adopt socialism (never mind all the socialism that had been proposed and celebrated during the preceding hour!). The term "socialism" is one he had, up to that point, studiously avoided using since commending his campaign in the summer of 2015.... Read More
From a GSS question that was asked in 2002 and 2012, mean number of children among non-Hispanic white married couples between the ages of 35-60 by whether the husband or wife earns more: The differences are fairly modest but a victory for traditionalism is a victory for traditionalism and since I ran the numbers they... Read More
Not just behaviorally, but morally as well. From Reuters-Ipsos, the percentages who do not say it is important "for your friends and family to be faithful to their spouses": Respondents are not just talking about themselves, they're describing their broader social circles. Same-sex marriage was from the beginning about tearing down the pair-bonded nuclear family... Read More
The marriage gap is not merely a disguised age gap. To the contrary, the younger the cohort, the more pronounced the marriage gap. Married people of all ages vote quite similarly: The increasing aversion to marriage--some of it a consequence of generational neoteny, with millennials refusing to grow up, and some of it a consequence... Read More
Expounding on the marriage and gender (forgiveness please, vok3) gaps, it's pair-bonded huwhite men and women against the world, with unmarried white men on the fence: The male-female gaps, by race: White gentiles exhibiting the greatest amount of gender parity--who woulda thunk it?! Parenthetically is why the gender gap is played up relentlessly in the... Read More
If the Republican party is to remain politically viable at the national level, the country must remain majority-white. At what point will a Republican in an official capacity at the national level admit the obvious? What's the over-under on it happening before the country becomes majority-minority? Sure, it'll happen at sometime after the demographic flip,... Read More
The following graph shows the percentages of GSS respondents who have experienced poor mental health ("stress, depression, and problems with emotions") in the last thirty days by sex and by whether or not they use Twitter (N = 800): Steve Sailer, we have your answer if you'll allow us to modify your question a bit.... Read More
DemsRRealRapists will be about as rhetorically and polemically effective as DemsRRealRacists has been--not very. Half the population views Bill Clinton and Keith Ellison as good guys. Calling them the real Kavanaughs just hardens things along partisan lines. It's off-putting to a lot of people in the squishy middle. So is this: Instead of clown world... Read More
Like many on our side who are incorrigible noticers, I noticed a lot of the most vile, acerbic attacks on Brett Kavanaugh were coming from blue-checkmarked members of the 2%: Yes, I know Wise is only partially Jewish--that's increasingly the case for all of the non-Orthodox due to high outmarriage rates--but it's not as though... Read More
Imagine supporting the civil rights movement and all its ructions, affirmative action at the expense of your own posterity, an ever-expanding welfare state transferring an ever-increasing amount of resources from you and your posterity to them and theirs, the cultural poz, miscegenation in every other media ad, the stifling intellectual oppression of political correctness, the... Read More
Sexbots are already destroying civilization and we don't even have sexbots yet. From Trends, searches for "MGTOW" (men going their own way) and "how to get a girlfriend" in the US over the last five years: Graphical representation by state: The fundamental question of the 21st century is whether or not the West has the... Read More
Before the Greater Male Variability hypothesis falls out of the news, take a look at the standard deviations, by sex, among GSS respondents on a host of major life measures: Traits that are more determinative of male sexual market value (SMV) than of female SMV show greater variability among men, just as the hypothesis predicts.... Read More
The average (mean) number of biological children women have by the total number of men they have had sex with since turning eighteen. To avoid racial confounding, results are restricted to non-Hispanic white women. For contemporary relevance, all responses are from the year 2000 onward. To allow family formation to have occurred, responses are restricted... Read More
The civic nationalists want to believe it. A part of me would like to believe it, too. I've mostly shed that part of myself over the last couple of years as it has become obvious that Trump's Authentic American (whites and blacks) vs Fake American (invaders) paradigm isn't going to materialize, but I'm a pragmatist.... Read More
Because there are exactly three genders: 1) Female 2) Male 3) Mentally handicapped Jokes aside, Z-Man devotes an hour to explaining how democracy, if it does not die first, necessarily leads to this. It doesn't stop here. Like a shark, it cannot stop. Once it does, it dies. Until then, it indefatigably moves to be... Read More
Heartiste: Relatedly, the move towards miscegenation--more than 1-in-10 babies in born in the US today are mixed race--could be perceived, subconsciously or otherwise, as a way of protecting offspring. A white woman seeded by a POC will have a child contemporary American culture views as a POC. The one-drop rule gives a white parent a... Read More
The following graph juxtaposes expressed hypothetical support for a candidate who is X but who is otherwise generic (ie nothing is known about his or her political orientation, partisan affiliation, etc). The first bar for each X, displayed in a color based on my editorial discretion, shows net support (% more likely to support -... Read More
After reading a recent post by Heartiste on a young woman throwing herself on a convicted serial killer old enough to be her father (or her grandfather!) and thinking for the 4,140th time how if the vote was restricted to property-owning married men with children so many social ills would be ameliorated almost overnight, I... Read More
Mom and baby have spent a lot of time sleeping in this hospital cell over the last couple of days so dad has correspondingly had a lot time to scroll through Reuters-Ipsos polling looking for interesting queries. The interactive site doesn't organize polls chronologically but instead puts them into categories and sub-categories of which there... Read More
The following graph shows the percentages of GSS respondents, by religious affiliation, who report having experienced poor mental health ("stress, depression, and problems with emotions") in the last thirty days (N = 7,088): Funny that Buddhists--practitioners of a philosophy which is kind of like Stoicism but without an engagement in worldly affairs--appear to have the... Read More
++Addition++Heartiste reacts in detail. --- The Derb on how the kids don't rut like they used to: The following graph is sourced from a
Vox Day, in the context of an interview about sexual promiscuity and the damage it does to children: The following graph shows the percentages of people who have ever cheated on a spouse while married, by their belief (or lack thereof) in God. Responses are from 2000 onward and are restricted to non-Hispanic whites (N... Read More