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Self indulgence

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Steve Sailer reviewing David Frye's book Walls: I wondered if that deep historical understanding might manage to manifest itself in contemporary popular nerd culture. It does. There are five colors in the M:TG universe. The colors' predominate attributes and the antithesis of those attributes pithily characterized (heading clockwise from noon; white, blue, black, red, green):... Read More
In response to the accusation that this is shamelessly self-indulgent, I'm just following Derb's lead. That's what epigones do! It also serves as an introduction of sorts to those who've found the blog through Ron. What is your idea of perfect happiness? Rediscovering life through the eyes of my children, aged 5, 3, and six... Read More
By the time the scales fell from my eyes in the mid-2000s, veterans of the Steveosphere were regularly referencing a BBC article from 1998 reporting on how 91% of Chinese scientists supported genetic engineering for eugenic purposes. The Han Menace won't be held back by all the egalitarian make believe that is retarding the West,... Read More
Some reactions to the blue splash: - The Kemp, DeSantis, and King contests were three of the night's four most important. Cheers to and for all of them. Kris Kobach's defeat stings. He's regularly been stabbed in the back by corporate interests and in the front by criminal organizations like the ACLU, but he refuses... Read More
New column over at is a brief look at the new Red Dawn remake movie in theaters today, and a much longer look at the man who directed/wrote the 1984 Red Dawn -- John Milius [“I Would Have Done It About Mexico.” American Hero John Milius Denounces RED DAWN Remake, VDare, 11-21-12]: Well, don’t... Read More
Heartiste: Relatedly, the move towards miscegenation--more than 1-in-10 babies in born in the US today are mixed race--could be perceived, subconsciously or otherwise, as a way of protecting offspring. A white woman seeded by a POC will have a child contemporary American culture views as a POC. The one-drop rule gives a white parent a... Read More
- From a friend on business in DC: Wearing MAGA hats in the most hostile place in the country to do so isn't for the faint of heart. These young shitlords are made of stern stuff. They're exactly what we need. - Relatedly, a good dissident cartoon for someone like Ben Garrison to create would... Read More
Ann Coulter picked up the previous post on twatter. In her wake followed a flotilla of what Vox Day derisively refers to as "midwits". Some of the 'criticism' was cringe-inducingly terrible: But some of it was reasonable enough: Yes, following the link would've revealed that it applied to less than one-quarter of all responses, but... Read More
I read the first entries in the Harry Potter series in the span of a couple of weeks in the mid-2000s. My younger brother was enthralled by the books but hadn't seen any of the movies released up to that point. I thought it a nice big brother gesture to watch them with him and... Read More
Taking donations is not something I've done or will ever do. It's a zero-sum game and there are people trying to scrape a living together doing dissident right media who are infinitely more deserving. However, if you're buying something from a vessel on that big river in South America and you'd prefer kicking a few... Read More
I want the cord cut. My wife pleads for baseball and NatGeo. So we've settled on Sling, a service that bills itself as "a la carte TV". It's $25 a month for our selections. Last night, through the course of a half-hour show, this ad played three times (at every break): How can young whites... Read More
The previous post generated a lot of "correlation does not equal causation" responses on the ping pong ball forum. Jayman is fond of the mantra, and for good reason, but most of the people chanting it are tedious to deal with. I understand as much, and that all traits are heritable. I could've as easily... Read More
Scrolling through Nintendo Wii's old game offerings, I see Super Dodge Ball but not Nintendo World Cup. Both were Technos creations and used the same graphics engines. The costs of putting old titles on offer is negligible--sales must be virtually (heh) all margin. The reason one is for purchase while the other is a no... Read More
Happy Spring.
Given the amount of attention it receives, costs it imposes, and passion it engenders, I'm surprised by this Reuters-Ipsos polling result. In a sample of 5,199 Americans, (admittedly vague) responses to the question "How satisfied are you with your health coverage?" breakdown thus: Only 1-in-8 express some degree of dissatisfaction. The demographic differences are modest.... Read More
And then there was silence. Charlatanism and virtue-signalling make perfect bedfellows. All we need to blow our opposition out is an equal playing field.
Foes beaten in Earthbound "returned to normal" and "became tame". Their aggressiveness was a consequence of Giygas' invasion. To my ten year-old sensibilities, it seemed sanitized. Other series implied death. In retrospect, though, Earthbound's universe is more sensible. Creatures of the size and sophistication making up the enemy fodder of those games presumably have life... Read More
As a time capsule, a record of my live reactions to the third presidential debate, starting from the beginning and progressing through to the end. I use facebook instead of twitter because I can't multitask well enough to corral what I write into 140 characters or less while still paying attention to what's being said.---Hillary... Read More
As a time capsule, a record of my live reactions to the second presidential debate, starting from the beginning and progressing through to the end. I use facebook instead of twitter because I can't multitask well enough to corral what I write into 140 characters or less while still paying attention to what's being said.In... Read More
Another small bridge connecting the races together was burned in the virtual world last week. A black guy I went to high school with, Brandon, wrote the following in response to the Charlotte shooting: The line about "the sins of your ancestors" is particularly remarkable because if whites ever lose the religiously-tinged sense of racism... Read More
The following is a response to a friend who wondered about my reaction to this. It's germane to subjects that have dominated the blog for the last several months so it's worth sharing, keeping in mind that it's more free-wheeling than I generally (try to) allow myself to be here. I've added a few relevant links.---So... Read More
The KC Trump rally was an experience. The motley band of societal misfits comprising the protesters was a sight to behold. A smattering of illegals waving Mexican flags, Arab 'refugees' waving Iraqi flags, stencil-necked omega males with neckbeards and double-digit T-counts, physically repulsive feminists who would lose a beauty contest with a pillow every time,... Read More
Seeing this: Served as an impetus for these:  
Evelyn, a behemoth at 10 lbs 4 oz, has arrived! Treading water, which would be enough if we asserted control of our borders. Posting will be light for awhile.
(Click on the link following each tick mark for the relevant break in video) - On the MENA migration crisis in Europe Trump notes the migrants look like young, strong, fighting men who should presumably be engaged in the Syrian melee instead of running away from it. He then expresses skepticism over whether or not... Read More
I was in middle school when Gladiator came out, and I liked it when I saw it in the movie theater. The opening battle scene against a loosely interpreted German tribe like the Marcomanni or Quadi is a thrill. That the disorganized combat melee and use of siege weapons in the forest against a mobile... Read More
2019 is our year. Shockingly, this also starts the 10th anniversary here at SBPDL. Thanks to all who have made this site a destination for so many. We'll start the new year tomorrow. Happiest of New Year's to you and your family!
Steve Sailer asks "Why do felines strike us as more feminine than canines?" A few things that come to mind follow. These are just impressions from a human point of view and are not at all intended to answer Steve's other question about "sex hormones and receptors"! - "Feminine feline" or "feline femininity" are elegant-sounding... Read More
Steve Sailer has recently been mulling over the idea that bringing in former Australian Rules football players to become NFL punters could shake up the game by giving teams that employ them a competitive advantage and making 4th downs more exciting in the process. Steve suspects that punts often referred to by commentators unfamiliar with... Read More
Today is the 20th anniversary of the release of my favorite album of all time. There are objective measures of things like rhythm, harmony, and melody, but much of what constitutes musical preference is subjective, and much of it is a consequence of time and place. People tend to most favor music corresponding to their... Read More
It's not the condom commercial all the time, though. That is, fortunately, a relatively infrequent occurrence from what I've gathered. To finally get the picture above, dinner had to be pushed back half an hour. All we could get out of the first take was this:
Randall Parker has a fun post on hypothetical* time machine travel and what he fantasizes about being able to accomplish if given access to the requisite technology. In that spirit, the first three things that came to this rank amateur's mind: - 326, modern-day Serbia. Locate the place Constantine's (probably) illegitimate but competent son Crispus... Read More
An assortment of reactions and responses (calling it a review would be way too pretentious) to Nicholas Wade's A Troublesome Inheritance follow. First, a couple of minor quibbles: - In the context of the eugenics movement in the US in the early 20th century, Wade equates "restrictive immigration laws" (p38) with the actions of state... Read More
In another virtual context, Jayman posed the following question: The answer seems self-evidently to be an emphatic "yes". I say "self-evidently" because the same set of questions, only slightly altered, could be posed to one's self, and the answer for virtually everyone will be the same "yes". There are a countless number of ways I... Read More
Having heard just about every female I know under the age of 25 gush about the Disney movie Frozen, my wife included, I surely broke at least one of Heartiste's commandments in agreeing to watch it: Frozen with her if she'd watch Gladiator with me. The contrasts could hardly have been starker*. Frozen is the... Read More
Via Steve Sailer and Technos: Someone call Little Mac out of retirement, pronto! Everything is 8-bit to me.
Via Razib, my results from a Big Five personality traits test (executive branch edition): Given that I reference words from his famous farewell address more than those of any other president, this seems fitting enough. I didn't delve into the methodology employed at the site, but some of the accompanying verbiage asserts that this personality... Read More
From the aforementioned social media foray. One commenter to whom I posed the question, were able to choose, would he opt for his son to be gay or straight, answered thusly: My respond to this dodge, which was prompted by the cheap questioning of whether or not I'd love my son if he turns out... Read More
The post's title really isn't supposed to be ironic or snarky, it's genuine. The GSS previously presented a question that quintessentially distinguishes alphas from betas in the Game paradigm. Heartiste hasn't commented on it previously so far as I am aware, but I doubt he'd disagree. It asks respondents whether or not they'd rather suffer... Read More
A quick cameo of Nathan William Epigone before he gets back to the business, between naps, of taking fluids in one orifice and pushing them out a couple of others:
++Addition++Steve Sailer comments: My emphasis on what strikes me as one hell of an insight into the game. --- Having looked at several years of regular season NFL data, my working assumption is that, more than anything else, winning is about having an offense that is capable of moving the ball through the air, and... Read More
Photo diary of a loyal soldier in Agnostic's legion:         This is only the avuncular role. Just wait until it's the paternal one!
Granting the general political ineptitude of Republican pols and the continual creep of executive power at the expense of congressional restraint, why isn't the riposte to the assertion that the 2012 presidential election was a referendum on Obamacare that the GOP won the house? Every congressional district in the country had an election on the... Read More
My house sold this weekend. The offer was about 5% higher than I--in my more optimistic moments--had thought the place could conceivably fetch, let alone would actually bring. It's not all jubilation, though. It requires that I cover all closing costs, home insurance for a year, and that I leave my major appliances in the... Read More
Steve Sailer's insight into the secure masculinity of biblical male names has been of great personal interest recently. While it's a great place to start, however, it isn't without exceptions. He never claimed it was, of course--I've just finally gotten around to putting a little pressure on it.Aaron/Erin is the first exception that comes to... Read More
Depending on who you ask or what source you trust, generally the sex of a child can be determined with certainty via ultrasound (that is, by sight--we're not talking about chorionic villus sampling, preimplantation genetic diagnosis, or any other futuristic methods of cheating here) at somewhere between 17-20 weeks into a pregnancy. We found out... Read More
Obesity rates by state: And google search indices for "weight loss" by the same: The correlation between the two is a rigorous .77 (p = .00*), a remarkably strong relationship for such a measurement, and at the state level to boot. Candy man tempting the thoughts of a sweet tooth tortured by weight loss--well, at... Read More
I'm interested in setting my child up in the most favorable position I'm able to. Elementary, middle, and high school choices will all be determined by how icy they are because, excluding genetic contributions, our most lasting influence will be contingent upon the kinds of people we surround him/her with. I'm soliciting advice on naming... Read More
Upon further inspection it has come to my attention that the GSS is even more oblivious to PC etiquette than I gave the survey credit for. In 2012, it queried respondents on what they conceived of as the most ideal situation for a family with a young child to organize their family and work lives... Read More
My brother is a junior in college, at the age when passion naturally flows into debates about which band is the greatest ever, speculations on eschatology, and the like. He's a connoisseur of contemporary music, and puts Radiohead at the top of the pile. I have been since adolescence and remain today a dmb votary, so when... Read More