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The assessment Facebook banned and the corporate media destroyed people for holding looks to be the correct one. Oops, looks like the fact checkers effed up again. Despite more than a year of the merchants of mendacity running cover for the US and Chinese establishments, most Americans see through the lies: Virtually every aspect of... Read More
The following graph shows the percentages of people--by race, sex and political orientation--who say "genetic testing will do more harm than good": Fetal genetic testing during the first trimester and embryo selection during IVF procedures to screen for conditions like Down or Patau syndromes is eugenics. It's voluntary rather than coerced as many of the... Read More
Black Rednecks and White Liberals part XXVIII: It's time to declare victory and come home. As is the case with flu shots, allow people to decide whether or not they want to take the jab each year or every few months or whatever the recommended schedule is. The Biden administration gets a win, Big Pharma... Read More
Like everything else in modern America, the Covid poke or parry is highly partisan: If there is a Covid kill switch, too many deplorables are going to escape it. If refusing to take the jab is playing Russian roulette with one's health, too many deplorables are going to... die? That doesn't sound like an outcome... Read More
If it is necessary to calibrate the climate, calibrating it through technology rather than by Luddism is the preferable way to go about it: On the other hand, Bill Gates is critical of cryptocurrencies. Energy is a big cost to the blockchain: If the sun provides less light, electricity will have to provide more! Elon... Read More
Our elites, never missing an opportunity to weaponize Wokeness as means of to sowing discord among the population, have asserted it is unfair for elderly people to get the Covid vaccine ahead of non-whites. The public doesn't buy their nonsense, though. They know age is the biggest risk factor by a mile: Some humanity remains... Read More
Things are getting really bad as the third wave washes over the American landscape: The Covid-19 epidemic is sending people to hospitals and urgent-care centers in every state, and medical centers are responding with extraordinary measures: Asking staff to work overtime, setting up triage tents, restricting friends and family visits and canceling elective surgeries, to... Read More
The percentages of people who believe more than 1 million Americans have died of Covid: Stoking hysterical fears in young, poor, politically disconnected women of color? For shame, media, for shame.
From Pew Research, the following table ranks twenty participating countries by how accepting their populations are of "scientific research on gene editing". Net support is calculated by taking the percentages by country who deem it "appropriate" and subtracting from them the percentages who perceive it to be "misusing technology". Because at least a plurality in... Read More
The strong support Marginalized Americans express for a mask mandate by government fiat does little to assure those looking for hopeful signs of resistance to the Covid control consolidation. Want to bank, find a job, travel, or use the internet? Not until we scan your Salubrity chip to ensure your inoculation regiment is up to... Read More
Most Americans do not see a federal mandate to wear masks as a violation of their civil liberties: The American Civil Liberties Union presumably sides with that majority. The right to fresh air is not a right at all, and it has nothing to do with personal liberty. Recirculated carbon dioxide is perfectly functional, thank... Read More
Despite an avowed refusal to take a Covid vaccine approved by the Trump administration being a Biden campaign talking point repeated by both people on the ticket, Democrats are considerably less skeptical of it than Republicans are: Non-black Democrats, anyway. Given the black propensity to believe the US government has explicitly targeted them in a... Read More
There is an increasingly common take on the jaded right that upon Biden's swearing in next January, all the hysteria and top-down dictates concerning COVID will evaporate like the morning dew. Same with the riots. The implicit deal with the American public is if they vote Biden/Harris things will return to normal. This blogger had... Read More
One of the more helpful frameworks for understanding American cultural dynamics is Thomas Sowell's Black Rednecks and White Liberals. It applies to beliefs and behaviors white liberals implicitly disdain white conservatives for having and doing, but that white liberals are forbidden from criticizing non-whites for having and doing--even though non-whites hold the beliefs and engage... Read More
A plurality of Americans now believe coronavirus was "created in a laboratory". This doesn't necessarily imply a belief that it was intended as a bioweapon. Those who suspect it was used for other research purposes before spreading to the public through carelessness or disgruntlement will be included in the plurality alongside those who think it... Read More
Iceland has a fortuitous combination of factors making it about the best place in the world to come by good data on coronavirus. It's an island, it has a small homogenous and cooperative population, and it is home to deCODE Genetics: Whatever the R0 of coronavirus is, the consensus seems to be that it is... Read More
The pandemic pandemonium is driving liberals batty. SurveyUSA recently released a poll containing an interesting battery of questions concerning self-described mental states induced by the coronamindvirus. The differences by political orientation are stark. Percentages who say they are anxious: Who say they are depressed: Who say they are angry: Who say they are afraid: Who... Read More
Countering the fairly strong correlation between coronavirus cases and the size of the ethnically Chinese population at the state level come a pair of polls from SurveyUSA (N = 1,850). The organization asked respondents if anyone they know--a friend, a relative, a colleague, or a neighbor--has been diagnosed with coronavirus. The percentages who responded in... Read More
That's what 1-in-7 American adults think it is: Unfortunately more detailed cross tabs are unavailable, but there is a clear divide on the left between white liberals and non-whites. The former realize the severity of the virus. Those who were virtue-signalling that concern about a potential pandemic was racist a month ago are not doing... Read More
Listening to a discussion between polymath Razib Khan and demographer, social scientist, and geneticist Melinda Mills, I was struck by something Mills said in the context of using information such as polygenic scores gleaned from studies on huge genetic databases to help people with fertility problems overcome those problems. It is clear she is uncomfortable... Read More
The percentages of Clinton, Trump, and third party voters who believe astrology is scientific: More evidence of who f*cking loves science! and who is a superstitious deplorable. GSS variables used: ASTROSCI(1-2)(3), PRES16(1-3)
Vox Day on an alleged attempt at retconning: Given my lack of familiarity, let alone expertise, with the relevant data on potential catastrophic anthropogenic global warming, I have little to say about the issue. Warmer temperatures offer humans a lot of obvious benefits--at least in the short term--that colder temperatures do not, so I'm more... Read More
By the time the scales fell from my eyes in the mid-2000s, veterans of the Steveosphere were regularly referencing a BBC article from 1998 reporting on how 91% of Chinese scientists supported genetic engineering for eugenic purposes. The Han Menace won't be held back by all the egalitarian make believe that is retarding the West,... Read More
Before the Greater Male Variability hypothesis falls out of the news, take a look at the standard deviations, by sex, among GSS respondents on a host of major life measures: Traits that are more determinative of male sexual market value (SMV) than of female SMV show greater variability among men, just as the hypothesis predicts.... Read More
Z-Man devotes an hour to a treatment of the dissident right:
The implicit condescension in the "I f*cking love science!" society wide virtue signal is grating. When it comes to biological differences between human populations and between men and women, they're as anti-science as it gets. It is in this vein I've periodically tapped the GSS to show that Republicans are more scientifically literate than Democrats,... Read More
The percentages of people in the US, by selected demographics, who do agree that modern science does more good than harm (N = 2,675): Some people think the way to Wakanda is through physics, chemistry, engineering, mathematics, and applied technology. Others think it comes from a magic rock falling from the sky that spreads that... Read More
Heartiste, rhetorically fleshing out the unnaturalness of "the totalitarian impulse of your garden variety social scientist femme", in the context of a recent study showing that putatively liberal, open-minded college students tend to react to interracial couples with disgust: To assert that the aversion to miscegenation is some sort of social construct rather than an... Read More
++Addition2++See Emil Kirkegaard's post on the problems with asserting greater scientific literacy based on a crude, simple count. I understand as much. The assertion is tongue-in-cheek. When it comes to multivariate analyses of disparate data sets, I'm playing checkers in a game of chess. Without downloading the full data set I'm not even sure how... Read More
And then there was silence. Charlatanism and virtue-signalling make perfect bedfellows. All we need to blow our opposition out is an equal playing field.
You've probably heard the argument that in the US black job applicants face discrimination in hiring even when their educational attainment is equal to that of competing white applicants. This Think Progress article from a couple of years ago is fairly typical but also notable in that it drills down into the assertion a bit... Read More
From Pew, heaven bless its naive honesty: This is blasphemy! Personal choice cannot--MUST NOT!--have anything to do with how contemporary Western women behave. The misogyny of the patriarchy explains why there are so relatively few women in the STEM fields!
If it's not careful, the Pew Research Center may have soon be given a new name, something along the lines of The Cathedral's Fifth Column. The center's latest report concerns "what the public knows and does not know about science" for which Pew administered a 12-question survey to a nationally representative sample of 3,278 people... Read More
The convergence of homo sapiens and Mr. Potato Heads has given the information technology industry a reprieve from the media scrutiny it had recently received for being too male, too white, and, if pressed, too Asian. I'm indefatigably vigilant, however, and I'm not about to allow the icy chauvinists to escape the censure they so... Read More
An assortment of reactions and responses (calling it a review would be way too pretentious) to Nicholas Wade's A Troublesome Inheritance follow. First, a couple of minor quibbles: - In the context of the eugenics movement in the US in the early 20th century, Wade equates "restrictive immigration laws" (p38) with the actions of state... Read More
... is not to emphasize positive over negative iterations of the idea, or even, as I've done in the past, to focus on the consequent egalitarianism that these approaches, if put into practice, will presumably foster. No matter how delicately broached and amenably angled, it's inevitably received as being too harshly comparative, too judgmental, and... Read More
Writing for The Atlantic, Robert Wright floated a too cute hypothesis (that Razib promptly undermined). The hypothesis, in essence, is that the militant atheism propagated by people like Richard Dawkins and PZ Myers has reflexively pushed Christians, who feel under siege, into "anti-scientism" (as Wright phrases it). But as Myers and Razib both point out, perceptions haven't... Read More
One of my favorite rhetorical devices to use on those who cast moral aspersions on the actions of historical figures involves a thought experiment about the consumption of meat, or more precisely, eating animals slaughtered for the sole purpose of becoming our dinner. It doesn't seem inconceivable to me that in the future, the thought... Read More
In the previous post, we looked at the likelihood to have received treatment for a mental health problem by political orientation based on GSS data. It turns out that self-described political liberals are twice as likely to have been treated for mental health issues as conservatives are, with moderates falling in between*. This spurred several... Read More
Ed Tom Kowalsky asks:I'm not familiar with the relevant science, but a bit of googling turns up some survey results showing that Republicans are more likely than Democrats are to describe themselves as being in good mental health. Another commenter, JOhn, asserts that liberalism and neuroticism are correlated. From what I'm able to gather, the... Read More
Prior to the release of the 2010 GSS data set, finding questions on the perceived danger of nuclear power generation required going back as far as the early nineties. In response to a commenter, I attempted just that. Now, more contemporary responses are available, albeit still prior to the Japanese tsunami.Responses are on a 5-point... Read More
In the comments of the last GSS science module post, the question of scientific literacy by attendance at religious services was brought up, the suggestion apparently being that while it's not surprising that believers are less knowledgeable than non-believers are, actual adherence to a religion's requirements and the social implications of belonging to a church... Read More
As an excuse to continue milking the GSS science module for posts, Top Arguments suggests breaking down answers by theism (or lack thereof).The following table shows differences in responses, by theistic confidence (for whites only), to the science module of items deployed by the GSS during 2004 and 2006 (except for the last 3 questions,... Read More
The science module rolls on, looking this time at sexual differences in performance. Discussing sexual differences is not without its own risks, but it is far more culturally (and somewhat more politically) acceptable than discussing racial differences is.Many sexual differences are so blatantly obvious that media obfuscation of them can't be taken seriously by most... Read More
Continuing to look at demographic differences in levels of basic scientific knowledge, we now move onto racial groups. The following table shows differences in responses, by race, to the science module of items deployed by the GSS during 2004 and 2006. Some of the questions are inverted from the GSS for viewer ease so that... Read More
++Addition++Razib looks at the same by political orientation (liberal/moderate/conservative) and finds liberals and conservatives to be pretty much at parity when it comes to scientific literacy, with moderates markedly less well versed. He then ran logistic regressions to look at how specific dependent variables correlate with scientific literacy. Education and intelligence consistently predict better performance... Read More
Randall Parker points to coverage in the Washington Post of the CDC's "gold standard" study of sexual behavior among young adults shows that promiscuity continued its decline through the 2000s. The trend has been one of consistent decline for more than two decades now. RP suggests some potential reasons for the steady descent: Sucked into... Read More
It's neither my forte nor my foible, but when Razib and Randall get this worked up about something, I'd be a pretty crappy squire not to pay attention. The AMA doesn't want you to be able to access your own genomic profile directly from companies like 23andme (as I have). In the proceeding video, doctor... Read More
The CDC released a report this week quantifying what had previously been widely known to be true, but only in a general sense--that AIDS is a gay problem. Pat Buchanan put it bluntly when he wrote that gays "declared war on nature, and now nature is extracting an awful retribution".It's also a black problem. And... Read More
... a week ago today.Medical Hypotheses' editor, Bruce G. Charlton, is truly an intellectual polymath whose impact on my own thinking can hardly be overstated. Dennis Mangan raised the banner and has fought valiantly in the trenches of the blogosphere for several months now in BGC's defence, while a host of scientists wrote the management... Read More