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++Addition++Steve Sailer makes note, calling out the inclusion of the question on astronomy out (and rightly so, as in reviewing the items chosen, it appears the least obviously commonsensical of the entire field) and waxing on the relationship between vocabulary and intelligence more generally.---Bruce G. Charlton, academic and editor in chief of the journal Medical... Read More
Awhile back, I tried to convince a Dennis Mangan contemplating leaving California that Johnson County, Kansas was worthy of his consideration. Half the county's 350,000 people 25 or older have at least a bachelor's degree, and the poverty rate is half the national average while median income is 150% higher. He showed no interest, but... Read More
During a heartfelt discussion on a long walk with my dad right after the RNC, we got into Sarah Palin's branding. Not overly familiar with her at the time, I mostly threw up what I'd read at Half Sigma. My dad likes her for a variety of reasons, among them the image of the wilderness... Read More
All officers must pass PTs and hand-to-hand combat classes to graduate from academy! The standards are applied evenly across the board, so that all of those in uniform are equally equipped to serve and protect! This tragedy could've befallen any of the city's finest:Yes, it could've befallen any of them! Even--especially!--that guy.Equally equipped, indeed. But... Read More