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Listening to Michael Savage is a guilty pleasure of mine. His presentation is not known for being measured in its delivery or factually precise in its content. Thankfully, there's a whole list of places listed on the right side of this page that one may visit to get one's fill of that. Savage is appealing... Read More
Last wednesday, July 22, radio talk show host Michael Savage took issue with a caller who argued that he speaks for conservatives and not for independents (for Savage's part, the former herbalist sees himself as giving voice to independent conservatives), and consequently does not have the electoral heft he claims to have. Savage asked what... Read More
++Addition++At Secular Right, Razib finds that there is a larger gap among younger and older liberals and moderates than among younger and older conservatives on the question of same-sex marriage.---Last week in response to a caller who identified herself as a lesbian opposing same-sex marriage, radio host Michael Savage claimed that most homosexuals shared her... Read More
Listening again to Bob Brinker's Moneytalk, I wonder why the host-and-caller interaction on radio isn't always conducted as if the two were talking on walkie-talkies. Why allow both people to speak at once? It's irritating enough to have to try and distinguish which talking-head is saying what on TV, when you're able to see them.... Read More