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The following table shows the mean Wordsum score by demographics and by highest completed degree (n = 21,502): Education will never 'close the gap' because the width of said gap is pretty consistent across differing levels of educational attainment. We see, for example, that whites have about a full point advantage on blacks at every... Read More
On the politics of grievance, Ryan Faulk writes: The Cathedral isn't going to relent in pushing the Narrative, even as advances in genetic science require its high priests to wield Occam's Butterknife in ever more elaborate ways. Badwhites, however, are increasingly refusing to play along. For three decades the GSS has asked respondents if they... Read More
The following graph shows the percentages of adults under 40 years old--the cohort that shapes the zeitgeist--who are opposed to allowing a racist to speak publicly, by political orientation and over time: We're increasingly a nation united when it comes to stamping out HateSpeech! in the public square. This petition on is something putative... Read More
MTV is one of many now fully SJW-converged outfits:
Ruth Ginsburg attacks Trump. Weeks ago Trump was bombed from outer space for suggesting that a judge presiding over the Trump University case might have it out for him. Well, in either his capacity as a real estate developer or as president, he could find himself in a situation where Ginsburg, who clearly has it... Read More
According to the markets: I must confess a lack of familiarity with most of the potential nominees, so I'll trust that these odds are explainable entirely by the perceived qualifications, temperament, judiciousness, etc of the jurists under presidential consideration.
A high-brow Hispanic 'activist' group followed up the release of its cinematic masterpiece with an offer to pay $5,000 to anyone who would call Donald Trump a racist while he hosted SNL, a production that is recorded live in front of a studio audience in the SWPL paradise of midtown Manhattan. I have to confess... Read More
Steve Sailer, commenting on the how the head of the DEA, following similar remarks from the head of the FBI, recently insinuated that the year-over-year increase in violent crime is in part a consequence of police being reluctant to confront criminal behavior for fear of their every move being subject to intense (and hostile) public... Read More
The question isn't whether or not reparations should be paid out, it is whether or not they should stop being paid out: From 1882-1968 3,446 blacks were lynched in the US. That comes to an average of just under 40 blacks per year. In 2011, to take a recent year in which data are readily... Read More
We will always have more work to do. From a recent Pew report entitled Across Racial Lines, More Say Nation Needs to Make Changes to Achieve Racial Equality, the percentage of Americans who feel more needs to be done to give blacks equal rights has gently increased over the course of the Obama presidency, and... Read More
The bugger and scofflaw Jose Antonio Vargas is hosting an upcoming MTV 'documentary' entitled White People. It "tackles the hot topic conversation of white privilege head-on in a special presentation borne out of MTV's Emmy-winning Look Different campaign". It appears that the formula is to prod some college-aged white kids into humiliating themselves about how... Read More
"A group of teens" (or alternatively, "juveniles") surrounds a man, aged 61, and beats him to within inches of his life in retaliation for his having asked a couple of them to stop fighting on top of his truck which was parked outside of his home at the time of the incident. The story notes... Read More
Illegal Alien With Criminal Record Kills AZ Clerk Over a Pack of Cigarettes: The corpulent cherub had been arrested on previous occasions on his way to acquiring a felonious rap sheet. Inexplicably, he still wasn't deported. Don't expect to hear anything about this from the Justice Department or from Barack Obama about how Grant, the... Read More
Commenting on a story about a minor celebrity in Scotland being investigated by police for making an uncouth joke about ebola, Dennis Mangan suspects women to be the primary moving force behind the lodging of the formalized complaint that led law enforcement to get involved: The GSS contains several dichotomous questions about whether or not... Read More
Reading Steve Sailer's movie review of Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, the sequel to the 2011 Rise of the Planet of the Apes, I expected a mindless, gory, action-packed allegorical illustration of oppressive white America on the receiving end of righteous reprisals administered by the recently liberated non-whites, a la Django Unchained, with... Read More
Writing in the NYT, Charles Blow asserts (via Steve): From Google Trends, the relative search frequency rate for the term "racism" over the last decade: He has an arguable point. We're even lagging behind a couple other Anglophone diaspora countries. On the other hand, the relative search volume for "racist" during the same period of... Read More
For accosting a criminal brazenly disregarding the law and then acting in accordance to police training and protocol, a white police officer's fatal act of self defense is immediately regarded as an exhibit of murderous white racism by the major media and its race-hustling and guilt-tripping comrades. Despite any empirical evidence supporting such vicious accusations,... Read More
The title of an op-ed piece in the Washington Post inadvertently nails it: Ferguson isn’t about black rage against cops. It’s white rage against progress. This is the same progress we saw in Hispaniola as it its western half became Haiti and in southern Rhodesia as it became Zimbabwe--once sub-Saharan Africa's breadbasket and now a... Read More
The ghastly murders and despicable evasion of the death penalty enjoyed by the Carr brothers in Wichita are things many people who live in Kansas--let alone the rest of the country--aren't even aware of (unless they listen to Radio Derb, something everyone should be doing), despite the fact that the demographics of the murderers and... Read More
From Pew: The Cathedral interprets this as reflecting perceived (if necessarily nebulous, since it's seemingly impossible to ever isolate, pinpoint, and verify) irrational discrimination based on race. The assumption, at least among non-whites, is that the problems a group perceives between themselves and members of another group is the result of the latter group's hostilities... Read More
The knockout game phenomenon really, really makes the Establishment uncomfortable. Although it took several years, the seemingly senseless savagery it displayed finally forced the knockout game from being a subject covered almost exclusively by the alternative right to something the mainstream media found increasingly difficult to ignore. Sure, Fox News still does ten minute segments... Read More
For my 30th birthday, Rasmussen conducted a straightforward poll on perceived racism in the US by race. The results: The reaction on the left (to the extent that it the poll has been acknowledged at all) has been predictably dismissive and disparaging of Rasmussen as an organization. Individuals aren't the only ones susceptible to Watsoning... Read More
For the sages of the 'conservative' Establishment (I'm looking at you, Sean Hannity), a revisiting of recent history that illustrates why a coloring in of the country isn't just bad for Republicans' electoral prospects, it bodes terribly for a whole host of social, cultural, and economic positions that define the contemporary American right. The lesson at... Read More
Writes OneSTDV:One excerpts the $PLC's condemnation, from which at least part of the answer is contained within:That's actually quite a generous concession for the $PLC to make, and I suspect it's lacking in sincerity. That the manosphere and game blogs are virtually fact-free zones is a big reason why the $PLC and associates don't fear... Read More
As I was perusing WVS responses to questions about who constitutes an undesirable neighbor, the aversion to Gypsies among those in the five countries where the specific question was asked jumped out at me. Nearly 7 in 8 Italians said they wouldn't want to live near them. Nearly half of those in Spain and Slovenia... Read More
I noticed this retrograde, hate-spewing vile of bile while walking through the arcade wing of a shop just the other day (the relevancy ends after the first five seconds):
Syncretism makes three suggestions for Ngrams. When I was in middle school, I remember my older cousin's reaction when watching an episode of The Simpsons where Cletus returns a pair of boots to a telephone pole where he found them and says, "Back you go, to wait for a woman of less discriminating taste." My... Read More
When I came across the video below (not for the squeamish) via OneSTDV, the following passage from Nick Wade's Before the Dawn sprung to mind (p148-9):