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The replacements are primarily visual and audible in nature now, but tactile stimulation is just around the corner. In fact, it has already moved passed the seminal (heh) stage. The percentages of men who have ever paid for (or have ever been paid for) sex is on the decline: Orthogonally, I suspect it unlikely anyone... Read More
In service (heh) to the tagline, the percentages of men who say they've paid (or been paid) for sex, by race (n = 6,765):Race%PaidBlack20.8White12.2Hispanic9.8Asian9.8And the percentages of women who say they've been paid (or have paid) for sex, by race (n = 8,457):Race%WhoreBlack4.5White1.7Hispanic1.0Asian0.3Insert jokes about how all (beta) men pay for sex in one way... Read More
Thinking about Razib's post at Discover magazine and then responding to Razib's subsequent comments on the same, Parapundit's Randall Parker wonders how stable social values are across countries:There are changes in wording in most of the survey questions by wave (that is, years in which surveys were conducted), but there is quite a bit of... Read More
++Addition++Roissy does favor legalizing prostitution. That makes sense.---Recently, Roissy interestingly (but not surprisingly, given his trade) asserted that the best solution to the civilizational entropy resulting from what he calls the four sirens of the apocalypse (easily accessible contraceptives, no-fault divorce, female economic independence, and feminist-inspired laws) is as much fuck-and-chuck as guys are able... Read More