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++Addition++Heartiste has a lot to add. --- In response to GSS data showing that criminals get more tail than those who follow the law do, Jig Bohnson wonders if it is merely a consequence of people at the bottom of society in general both rutting more and ending up in the slammer more: The question... Read More
Why do those who write about Game tend to overestimate the prevalence of cuckoldry over the course of human history? Fairly recently, Roissy did just this without seemingly even realizing it. Commenting on a study showing a misattribution rate for putative biological fathers of around 1% in Germany, he deftly claimed that he wasn't surprised... Read More
At Futurepundit, Randall Parker wonders:Inductivist recently showed that lifelong monogamy continues to be selected for at the expense of lifelong polygamy, although not as overwhelmingly as it had been in previous decades. The GSS does not address impulsivity directly, but RP's train of thought spurs me into approaching the question of whether or not monogamy... Read More
Agnostic's recent post evincing justification for two pieces of conventional wisdom--that liberal women are more likely than conservative women to hit the bar scene, and that the bar scene is a good place for guys to hunt for flings--gave me an itching to confirm my own stereotype that women who frequent bars usually aren't worth... Read More