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Dissident gathers several strains of perspicacity together for the COTW: Yes, exactly! There is absolutely no comparison– on both counts. It’s night and day. Apples to elephants. I commend you as well as Talha and anyone else I may have missed at the moment who made this point. The infernal abyss that the vaunted blessings... Read More
Four members of Congress recently urged the Department of Justice to prosecute producers and distributors of pornography using existing obscenity laws. Three Supreme Court cases in the late sixties and early seventies awarded pornography general constitutional protection, but stare decisis and contemporary public opinion are at odds, especially with regards to children. Says one of... Read More
Views on the desired legality of pornography in the US, from 2010-2018 for contemporary relevance: Hardcore pornography is a couple of clicks away for anyone with internet access despite just 4% of the public thinking it should not be subject to legal restriction. Almost one-third of the population believes it should be outlawed completely while... Read More
Liberating or objectifying? The answer depends more on sex than on politics (or, overly generously, on constitutional interpretation). That's probably one reason it doesn't get talked about often in a political context: My recommendation: Cut out the cranking. Irrespective of your particular situation, you'll be better for it.
Dennis Mangan has posted the transcript of an especially thought-provoking talk he recently gave. Essentially his hypothesis is that because of our biological predilections, contemporary processed food and the easy accessibility of sexual stimulation by virtual means have really screwed with our lives. Dennis speculating on the consequences of ubiquitous, cheap porn: Comprising about 35%... Read More