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The following series of graphs show contemporary American views on past (and present) US wars by partisan affiliation. Pat Buchanan was fighting an uphill battle with Churchill, Hitler, and the Unnecessary War: Vietnam is the least popular war over at least the last century and change, the second world war perceived to be the most... Read More
There is no way for the GOPe to rig the primaries hard enough to overcome pro-Trump sentiment among Republican--and many independent--voters. There is no electoral support for the Cheney charnel house or the Lincoln Project perverts. No matter how hard the corporate media tries to manufacture it, they can't even get through the fabrication stage:... Read More
Many people do not think the virtual playing field is an even one: A plurality of BIPOCs and of Democrats perceive social media to be fair. Pluralities of whites and of independents, and an outright majority of Republicans, see the deck stacked in favor of the left. Know thy enemy. Curiously, nearly one-in-five Republicans perceive... Read More
At the moment, anyway: He also appears to be one of the least ideologically driven. The Florida governor has mastered the material. When it comes to the scientific literature applicable to Covid, no other mainstream politician knows it better. Many on the dissident right mock and disdain the normie right's celebration of liberty at the... Read More
And nobody but blacks dig the Democrats: All that talk from the GOP aimed at convincing blacks how the Democrat party keeps them on the plantation has been really effective. Party of Lincoln, freed the slaves! Frank Luntz and Karl Rove are geniuses. The unimpressive Republican figure among conservatives is arrived at by way of... Read More
The following graph shows how positively (or negatively) Americans, by partisan affiliation, view several other countries: The most striking thing is how much the Establishment's bipartisan foreign policy consensus is shared by an allegedly increasingly restless, increasingly populist electorate. There are huge partisan divides on domestic issues like immigration, abortion, and race relations. But when... Read More
The ACAB position is a minority one, even among Democrats, but time is on its side: This poll was conducted a few days before the Derek Chauvin verdict. Whatever the outcome means for ACAB, it is at this point hard not to think at the very least ACAF--all cops are fools. Why would a man... Read More
As if the imploding American empire doesn't have enough explosives along its foundations as is, there has been a marked bipartisan increase in hostility towards the world's ascendant second pole over the last four years: The setup for a spectacular American collapse is nearly complete. If China makes a move on Taiwan, a move on... Read More
All the corporatocracy had to do to neutralize the Occupy Wall Street movement was signal support for Wokeism. We'll cheer on transgender athletes and BIPOC Ivy League graduates, you let us grind the working and middle classes into the dirt while enacting the largest upward transfers of wealth in the history of the world. Deal?... Read More
Until Donald Trump temporarily renewed the left's faith in the corporate media, the integrity trajectory was down, down, down for the merchants of mendacity: The media's knob-slobbering, ring-kissing, bootlicking deference to and running interference for the Biden administration isn't going to sustain liberals in the same way their acrimony towards Trump did. That blue line... Read More
Immigration restrictionism has lost its populist appeal. It is increasingly becoming a distinctly partisan issue. The following graphs track sentiments over time by political orientation: It's hard to fathom that less than twenty years ago, liberals were more than three times as likely to say immigration to the US should be decreased as they were... Read More
New York governor Andrew Cuomo's fate isn't particularly interesting insofar as retail politics are concerned. But the meta ramifications could be fascinating: He has virtually no public support. One-third of respondents are "not sure" and are excluded from the above, but outright majorities of most groups and strong pluralities of even Democrats and of liberals... Read More
The percentages of GSS respondents, by political orientation and by year of participation, who responded they had "no religion" when asked about their religious affiliation: The religious are more fecund than the irreligious. With eccentric but ultimately marginal exceptions like the Shakers, this has been the case for as long as records have been kept.... Read More
The following graph shows, by partisan affiliation, whether voter fraud (too many people voting) or voter suppression (too few people voting) is perceived to be a bigger concern. The results are unsurprising: The right needs to come to terms with the fact that they are no longer the silent majority. They are the persecuted minority--and... Read More
In a matter of weeks the Establishment went from singing New York governor Andrew Cuomo's praises to tossing him to the curb. Pale stale males still have tactical uses, but they're expendable. No position is too ensconced, too high-ranking, to protect them when the decision they've outlived their usefulness has been made. Obstacles occupying spots... Read More
The following graph shows, by political orientation and over time, the ideal number of children GSS participants think a family should have and the actual number of children they do have: There are a lot of intersections on the graph that make it more challenging to follow than it should be. The light colors trace... Read More
Conservatism is liberalism's shadow, part XXVIII: There is a lot of talk about how the socially conservative, economically leftist quadrant of the political compass is drastically underserved (while the socially liberal, economically 'conservative' is full of corporately-funded chiefs who don't have any indians). Maybe, but one thing that becomes apparent when sifting through social survey... Read More
The liberals of the 1970s found homosexuality more morally objectionable than contemporary conservatives do. Social conservatives have conserved their positions on guns and abortions. Not much else: Gays were widely considered predators and deviants a generation ago. Now they are among the most revered groups in the country. It's a reminder of how quickly the... Read More
If populism means championing the needs of the common man, the Republican party's transition from the oligarchy's marionette to the party of the people has a long way to go. The following graph shows which of the two major political parties, if any, people believe to be more concerned about the needs of people like... Read More
The following graph shows how views on abortion have changed over time by political persuasion: Ronald Reagan's famous Morning in America ad explicitly focused only on economic prosperity. The aesthetics hinted at cultural issues, but they were an afterthought. The modest differences between liberals and conservatives at the time explain why. By the time of... Read More
- Is the February cold snap climate modeling's stagflation? Probably not, but expertise from the comment section is thanked in advance for explaining why. Are there supposed to be days of record breaking low temperatures across huge swaths of the North American continent if the center of the temperature distribution is accelerating its movement towards... Read More
There is no battle for the hearts and minds of the GOP electorate being waged. Trumpism has won decidedly. The idea that there is a McConnell/Romney/Cheney wing on one side and a Cruz/Hawley/Greene wing on the other among voters is fake news. The merchants of mendacity are lying when they frame it this way. The... Read More
The following graph shows the percentages of respondents, with the 13% answering "don't know" excluded, who express a favorable opinion of the people who trespassed into and vandalized the Capitol Building on January 6: Overall, for each person with a favorable opinion, six respondents express a negative one. Not as widely despised as 9/11 obviously,... Read More
Riffing again off a comment thread from a recent post on verbal intelligence by race and political orientation, average Wordsum scores among Democrats, independents, and Republicans by self-described political orientation follow. Wordsum is a ten-question vocabulary test with results that correlate with IQ at .71–quite rigorous for the social sciences, but of course not perfect.... Read More
Net favorable (unfavorable) ratings of nine prominent US congressional members, by partisan affiliation: The new GOP women have hastily stepped in to address leftist TDS withdrawals. Republicans haven't instinctively rallied behind them in response yet. I suspect they will, but maybe these ladies will play the Goldstein role the empire so desperately needs someone to... Read More
McConnell wants the GOP to dump Trump but the voters would prefer to ditch Mitch: It's hard not to sympathize with the independents' bipartisan negative assessments across the board. Julian Assange continues to rot in inhumane captivity and Edward Snowden remains exiled in a land admittedly less oppressive to the human spirit than our own.... Read More
A desire to defend the homeland is an intrinsic part of human nature. It's a universal instinct, not something unique to those on the political right. To the contrary, the story of the last several years has been one of rightists stepping onto leftist land and getting a comeuppance for the trouble. Aggressors come, they... Read More
It's nothing new. Since it's inception, the General Social Survey has inquired about respondents' self-reported personal happiness. In every single year, Republican happiness has averaged higher than Democrat happiness has: It doesn't seem to track much with which party controls the White House, one of the few things about the contemporary United States that would... Read More
Granting for sake of argument that we need "to get the virus under control", she's not wrong: If a lockdown is mandated, it needs to be accompanied by a UBI. It's cruel to deprive people of a source income by government dictate without making up the difference in aid. The US effectively had a means-tested... Read More
Is this an angle progressives are going to be able to sustain, or will they be plowed under by the weaponized Wokeness of the neo-liberal corporate Establishment? It is common on the dissident right to mock ConInc for its perpetual tokenism. It's Hispanic unemployment this, black celebrity endorsement that, but never a favorable word about... Read More
A minimum of 35% and a maximum of 65% of Democrats say the GOP-controlled Senate should've considered Merrick Garland in 2016 but that the GOP-controlled Senate should not consider Amy Coney Barrett now. A minimum of 17% and a maximum of 40% of Republicans say the Senate was correct in not considering Obama's nominee but... Read More
It seems Harry Reid's chickens are coming home to roost: The alacritous president is ready to go: Ruth Bader Ginsburg's death was surely less of a shock to Washington insiders than it was to those of us in the provinces--and it isn't all that shocking to us. The late Justice was a decade older than... Read More
Michael S suggests rather than an electorally unified and active black population directing the Democrat party, the DNC tells blacks what to believe and they believe it: It brings to mind the plantation analogy white conservatives love hearing non-Democrat blacks talk about. There could be some truth to it, though as Michael allows it doesn't... Read More
It does not look upon them favorably. Excepting the proper noun "White House" and an instance in reference to the Ryan White fund, the following excerpts exhaustively contextualize contemporary official Democrat doctrine on whites and whiteness: The string "white" makes 23 appearances in the document but is notably absent from the list of "all our... Read More
A few notes upfront. The data on both social class and partisan affiliation are based on self-reports. Until the year 2000, the GSS question about racial identity included only three options--"white", "black", and "other". Those who participated from 2000 onward and self-identified as Hispanic split evenly between "white" and "other" on the aforementioned ternary question.... Read More
The pandemic pandemonium is driving liberals batty. SurveyUSA recently released a poll containing an interesting battery of questions concerning self-described mental states induced by the coronamindvirus. The differences by political orientation are stark. Percentages who say they are anxious: Who say they are depressed: Who say they are angry: Who say they are afraid: Who... Read More
Biden's back. He won the largest primary contest of the season up to this point by the widest margin of the season up to this point, making him the leader in popular votes through the nomination's opening month of elections (with 99.73% of South Carolina reporting at the time of this posting): The power of... Read More
is a lot lower than the blue state rate. From The Council for Community and Economic Research: The following table ranks states, colored in accordance with their 2016 US presidential vote, in ascending order by their cost of living indices: COL index 1) Mississippi 2) Oklahoma 3) Arkansas 4) Missouri 5) Michigan 6) Alabama 7)... Read More
One of president Trump's greatest abilities as a politician is his remarkable ability to bring out the worst in his opponents. Case in point: Nancy Pelosi's cringe-inducing paper-ripping gimmick. Following on the heels of Trump's acquittal made it appear especially petty. Independents were not amused. Net sentiment* by selected demographic characteristics follow: Democrats didn't cheer... Read More
Republican Senator Mitt Romney's favorability, by partisan affiliation, follows. "Not sure" responses, constituting 19% of the total, are excluded: So brave! Surely the newfound respect Romney has earned will pay big dividends down the road:
Is a bill the WSJ editorial board, with its long history of advocating for open borders, should be honored to have helped give life to. From the text of the proposed legislation: The 35 initial sponsors of this open borders bill are demographically representative of new America, one in which border control of any kind... Read More
Supreme court justice is not blind. Like everything else in the current year, it's political. The following graph shows net favorability* of the current crop of Supreme Court justices by all Americans and also by partisan affiliation: The inverse correlation between Republican net favorability and Democrat net favorability across each of the nine justices is... Read More
Rates of household gun ownership, by partisan affiliation, over time. Note the displayed range of the y-axis being 50 points in total, from 20% to 70%: That gun protections are the one battlefield in the culture war the right has largely won on is made even more impressive by the fact that gun ownership rates... Read More
Though strict polling results foreshadow a Democrat presidential victory this year, one possible reason the betting markets see the race as a coin toss is that voters who approve of Trump are considerably more enthusiastic about voting than those who disapprove of him are. The following graph shows net enthusiasm by electoral category, calculated by... Read More
Like Hector and Ajax, Kirk and Fuentes have fought to a standstill. Google search volumes over the last three months for the two variants of contemporary American conservatism: Though interest across the entire country is near parity, there are marked regional differences: Fuentes' America first populism has an important edge in the upper Midwest and... Read More
The following graphs show partisan affiliation among native-born Americans and among immigrants from 2000 through 2018: The first thing to do when you're in a hole is to stop digging. They don't call the GOP the "stupid party" for no reason. GSS variables used: BORN, PARTYID(0-2)(3)(4-6)(7), YEAR(2000-2018)
From 2008 through 2018, the GSS surveyed 814 non-citizens living in the US. Eighteen of those 814, or 2.2%, reported voting in a US presidential election during that time. The number who would have been legally permitted to have done so would of course be zero. Maybe it's transcription error, maybe it's respondent confusion over... Read More
Ben Shapiro, smiter of strawmen: Shapiro asserts that race and ethnicity have no bearing on how people vote. He allows that culture does, though, because culture "is about how people think". Neat if true. But people who think the same way, sharing conservative positions on various things, vote in radically different ways--depending on their race... Read More
From Harvard-Harris, the percentages of American adults (with parenthetical estimates of absolute numbers) who self-identify with four cultural-political movements outside the mainstream and thus of outsized interest to readers of The Unz Review: Democratic Socialist -- 8.1% (20.6 million) Libertarian -- 7.0% (17.8 million) Alt-Right -- 2.2% (5.6 million) Antifa -- 1.2% (3.0 million) Respondents... Read More
A recent in-depth YouGov poll contains a fascinating series of questions about perceived differences in which major political party cares more about members of various demographic groups than the other does. In most cases, self-identified Democrats say Democrats care more about the group in question and self-identified Republicans say Republicans care more about the group... Read More