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Political dissolution

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It will come as a surprise to many that left-leaning YouGov finds net nationwide support for Texas Senate Bill 8. The pro-life bill bans abortions of fetuses with detectable heartbeats. Heartbeats become detectable as early as six weeks into pregnancy. When the bill takes effect in September it will be one of the most restrictive... Read More
In the comments of a recent post discussing support for breaking the US up into smaller countries, the familiar presumption about political dissolution being a means to the end of an ethnostate (or ethnostates). Here again is the graphic by region and by partisan affiliation: The Heartland is the whitest of the three regions (78%... Read More
One of the common objections to political dissolution is that the idea is dead on arrival because the cultural commissars will never let the others go. A recent poll from Bright Line Watch casts doubt on that presumption. It found 29% of Americans in support (10% strongly, 19% somewhat) of the US breaking up into... Read More
A desire to defend the homeland is an intrinsic part of human nature. It's a universal instinct, not something unique to those on the political right. To the contrary, the story of the last several years has been one of rightists stepping onto leftist land and getting a comeuppance for the trouble. Aggressors come, they... Read More
It is difficult to discuss the idea of political dissolution without eliciting comparisons to the American Civil War. The often unspoken presumption is that secession will inevitably lead to violence. More likely, though, Texit or Calexit will resemble Brexit more than they do the Civil War or America's other secessionary war, the American Revolution. Given... Read More
During the crisis of the third decade, every political event is centrifugal: The 330 million people living within the borders of the American empire are aware of it. The following graph shows net optimism (pessimism) that "Americans of different political views can still come together and work out their differences": Democrats are enjoying a small,... Read More
I have a feeling support for the political dissolution we've long pushed for just became a lot more popular. It's obviously not scientific but no TradCon influencer would've been caught dead entertaining the idea of separation a year ago: The Supreme Court rejected Texas' straightforward suit against four states that chose their electors by means... Read More
Just as there are betting markets for the number of tweets Donald Trump will send out over the course of a week, there are scientific polls conducted on the public perception of those tweets: From 2016 through 2020, many Democrats viewed Trump as an illegitimate president. A majority of Republicans now view Joe Biden in... Read More
It is difficult to describe a situation in which four-in-ten people view the electoral process as fraudulent in any other way: A common assertion among dissidents is that we're not voting our way out of this. That dissident perspective is one of the things that make a dissident just that, a dissident. Most people do... Read More
The country is disunited culturally, religiously, ethnically, politically, linguistically, morally, and racially. The only strong bond remaining is one of economic expediency and that is rapidly coming to an end. It's too bad the autonomous zone inside Seattle is doomed to failure because the political dissolution of the US is overdue. Still, an imperfect contemporary... Read More
COTW from 216: It's a variation on the prediction often echoed here that Sulla is on the way. On the other hand, a popular groundswell of anger--the manifestation of which will dwarf the size and scope of both the Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street combined--is on the horizon. Its primary target will be the... Read More
Commenter iffen points to an interview at Nate Silver's FiveThirtyEight of a white leftist advocating political dissolution. More graceful than I, the interviewee sticks to Czechoslavakia as a pacific illustration of how the US could go about it. Parenthetically, the Soviet Union is not a model that would or could be emulated, but it is... Read More
There is no support for dissolution. A Reuters-Ipsos poll that concluded in 2017 found 23% support for "your state peacefully withdrawing from the USA and the federal government", another 20% answering "not sure", and 57% of respondents opposed. That's nothing like majority support, but it's hardly a fringe idea no one finds worthy of consideration.... Read More
Never mind the obvious permaban--and in certain countries, court summons--one would receive for replacing "Rural white Americans" with "black Americans" or "illegal immigrants" and then tweaking a few of the particulars in the post above. This even though such a message, while equally cruel and mean-spirited, would be more veracious. Never mind that one reason... Read More
The following three things strike me as necessary (if not necessarily sufficient): 1) A moratorium on immigration lasting at least a generation 2) The repatriation of non-citizens unauthorized to be in the country 3) The return of native fertility to at least replacement level If these things do not happen--and it seems unlikely that any,... Read More