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On Pew's most recent news IQ quiz, the tendency for men to be better informed was confirmed for the umpteenth time. Men outscored women by double-digit percentages on all but two of the ten questions. Take the quick quiz here to see the questions and to remind yourself that, as someone reading this blog, you're... Read More
Via Pew (with a heads-up from Anatoly Karlin), the following table shows the percentage of each country's population that approves of Trump's US-Mexico border wall as a percentage of the percentage that disapproves it (not a typo!). Unsure/don't know responses are excluded. There isn't a single country where more say they approve than disapprove, but... Read More
In addition to asking respondents to racially self-identify from among 16 categories, including "White", "Hispanic", and "Other", the GSS separately asks respondents if they are "Spanish, Hispanic, or Latino/Latina". The following graph shows the percentages of those who racially identified as "White" (rather than as "Hispanic" or "Other") who, when asked whether or not they... Read More
The Trump phenomenon is the deadliest foe political correctness has ever faced. It's not lost on his backers. To the contrary, after immigration it is quite possibly the next single biggest driver of his support. From a Pew report on PC culture: Trump supporters are more hostile to political correctness than Republicans as a whole... Read More
Pew recently released a report on the intersection of presidential campaigning and the American cultural landscape that contains several interesting insights for those who enjoy that sort of thing. This graphic is especially worth taking a look at: On identitarian issues Trump and Sanders supporters are worlds apart. Immigration launched Trump's campaign and it continues... Read More
From a Pew report entitled "Parenting in America": In this case, (educated white) mother knows best. NAMs are more likely to attribute their children's outcomes to the specifics of their parental approaches than whites are. That's a recipe for perpetual frustration and heartache. Beyond making sure basic needs are met, a parent's two most important... Read More
From Pew, heaven bless its naive honesty: This is blasphemy! Personal choice cannot--MUST NOT!--have anything to do with how contemporary Western women behave. The misogyny of the patriarchy explains why there are so relatively few women in the STEM fields!
Polling on immigration often appears to be all over the place. Wording is crucial. When the choices are "deport everyone" and "secure the border and then offer a path to citizenship", the Cathedral can manufacture headlines to try and create an illusion of amnesty as a political winner. When the questions are more objectively designed,... Read More
If it's not careful, the Pew Research Center may have soon be given a new name, something along the lines of The Cathedral's Fifth Column. The center's latest report concerns "what the public knows and does not know about science" for which Pew administered a 12-question survey to a nationally representative sample of 3,278 people... Read More
We will always have more work to do. From a recent Pew report entitled Across Racial Lines, More Say Nation Needs to Make Changes to Achieve Racial Equality, the percentage of Americans who feel more needs to be done to give blacks equal rights has gently increased over the course of the Obama presidency, and... Read More
Created using preliminary data on US births in 2014: A few years ago the Census bureau announced that (non-Hispanic) whites no longer comprised a majority of newborns in the US, the implication being that in (less than) five years' time they would no longer constitute a majority of kids under the age of five, in... Read More
A few points worth remarking on from a Pew report gauging public opinion on the subjects of inequality, optimal economic systems, and the like in a host of countries: - Of the 44 countries where the survey was conducted, residents of only one, Argentina, have a less favorable view of "a free market economy" than... Read More
Some findings from a recent Pew Research report entitled "How Americans Feel About Religious Groups" follow. Allow a few technical considerations to be run through beforehand. The (ir)religious groups under consideration are not defined in the questions Pew posed to survey participants, so the somewhat nebulous terms "Jew" (is it an ethnicity, religious persuasion, either/or?)... Read More
Below are selected hatefacts from Pew's recent statistical portrait on racial groups in the US. Because Pew is an empirically-driven, mostly honest and respectable organization, I'll add my own color commentary on the data to redirect the hate away from Pew and towards myself. Cross-bearer, I know, I know. For brevity's sake, all groups are... Read More
Pew recently released a report entitled "Global Views on Morality" in which respondents in 40 countries were queried on the morality of eight traditional 'values'-related issues: Infidelity, gambling, homosexuality, abortion, premarital sex, alcohol usage, divorce, and contraception. Respondents categorized each of them as morally acceptable, morally unacceptable, or not moral issues at all. The following... Read More
The Pew Research Center is an honest organization that provides often interesting and useful data on social issues, public opinion and demographic trends. That assertion, though, needs to be qualified by pointing out that Pew is honest by way of commission, while it is often less so by way of omission. The center regularly conducts... Read More
Pew reports "Spanish is the most spoken non-English language in U.S. homes". In other news, the sun rose in the east this morning and is projected to set in the west later this evening.In seriousness, predictable social data like these are valuable, even when they're not 'controversial'. But while Pew is deserving of admiration for... Read More
Pew Research delivers some inspiring Saturday morning reading, of the diversity-is-strength variety:In fidelity to the blog's raison d'etre, let's look at the risk factors among women of becoming never-married single mothers by comparing non-whites to the non-Hispanic white rate of bastard birthing. The following table shows the rates of this strain of alternative family formation (that... Read More
After mulling it over, I think we need a third party presidency for budget deficit reduction to become a sustained, acted upon priority. Pew has tracked public prioritization of reducing the nation's federal budget deficit for nearly twenty years, and from someone whose default position is one of starving the beast, looking at how partisan... Read More
Rand Paul is spitting into the wind. Unfortunately so from my perspective, but it's what he's doing all the same. Pew recently released the results of a survey in which respondents were asked whether they would increase, decrease, or maintain current spending levels across 19 different expenditure categories if they were writing up the federal... Read More
Just in time for the bipartisan, full-court amnesty press, Pew provides some insight into why our political class is so eager to elect a new people. The research center surveyed people in the US on the levels of trust they have in the federal government. Guess which group was the most likely to say that... Read More
A little with this report, anyway. Pew Research is an admirable organization that has given me buckets of food for thought and more than my share of blogging material to make use of, all without asking anything of me in return. Countless hours of entertainment for free. What could the organization possibly owe me? If... Read More
As well aware of public sentiment as I like to think I am, I'm not impervious to the occasional surprise, this one of the pleasant variety. The following graphic comes from Pew Research's recent report on how Americans feel about our involvement in the Middle East and North Africa generally and the 'Arab Spring' in... Read More
Criticizing a joint effort by PBS and Pew Research to construct a 12-item party identification quiz, Charles Murray makes a few questionable assertions. Firstly, his commentary on the "I never doubt the existence of God" item: Murray's elitism (and I say that not with derision but with admiration, as the best minds are almost by... Read More
Of the 13 major media outlets queried about by Pew, the only one Republicans trust more than Democrats do is Fox News. "Question everything" is a tired phrase leftists often employ as a means of obtaining morally posturing cheap grace, but the late George Carlin's proscription of it characterizes those on the right better than... Read More
Half Sigma recently rehashed the familiar reasons why Asians are, as the so-called "model minority", also the inconvenient minority: A Pew survey on Asians in the US adds another reason for why Asians are the left's stickiest minority group, even though they tend to be socially liberal on issues like abortion and mostly vote Democratic... Read More
As has been reported here (and iterated elsewhere), Jews in the US--including Orthodox--are, on the whole, further to the left politically than white Democrats are. There are lots of varying explanations for this--Jews being yoked to the American left wing because "it represented the closest American counterpart to the forces on the left that had... Read More
++Addition++See Steve's insights on the Pew results.---Expanding beyond the News IQ quizzes it periodically conducts, Pew Research recently released the results of what the organization calls the Political News IQ Quiz, which you can take here. I answered them all correctly, as I suspect the majority of readers of this blog and others like it... Read More
As the Hispanic tidal wave perpetually approaches election cycle after election cycle, always just about to crash upon the shoreline of US politics, establishment types repeatedly talk about the urgency with which Republicans need to Hispander or face electoral oblivion. This latest WSJ article is just the most recent incarnation of the phenomenon: That there... Read More
A Pew survey on the online social networking habits of adults reveals unsurprising gender differences in personal privacy settings. By a ratio of nearly 5 to 1 (67% to 14%), women make their profiles private and thus only accessible to their friends rather than making them publicly available for viewing by whoever looks them up.... Read More
Martin Luther King, Jr. is reported to have said the following in a speech to staff members in 1966:Nearly half a century later, that dream still appears to live on in the hearts and minds of a majority of America's black population.The source of this assertion comes from Pew's recently released report on word associations.... Read More
Though it is persistently asserted by self-proclaimed 'Latino activists'*, media types, and Establishment Republicans alike that taking a restrictionist stance on immigration is to commit political hara kiri, Hispanics are not particularly concerned with immigration (and to the extent that they do care, their opinions are far more ambiguous than the casual observer has been... Read More
From the Pew Research Center comes more evidence that the open borders Republicans' nonsense about Hispanics being natural Republicans because of their putative "family values" social conservatism is just that, nonsense. Pew conducted a survey earlier this year in which respondents were queried about their positions on seven areas of contemporary change in family structure... Read More
Pew recently published a report accompanied by a press release that highlights the recent growth in the ratio of the median wealth of white households relative to that of black and Hispanic households. As of 2009, the median white household's net worth was 20 times that of blacks. Just four years prior, the multiple had... Read More