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As assessing the empirical validity of stereotypes is the blog's raison d'etre, here's one that holds up. The percentages of adults, by the number of children they have, who "almost always" regard their pets as members of the family (N = 670): I enjoy our dogs and so do my children. If the SHTF and... Read More
Thin gruel, but 2018 is the first time the survey has ever asked about pets and since I took a look I may as well share the results: Dog owners are about 35% more likely to be conservative than to be liberal, while cat owners are marginally more likely to be liberal than to be... Read More
Checking around before renewing home insurance for the year, imagine the triggering I experience as I come across this: Racism in any form is intolerable enough, but to have it so blatantly incorporated into a routine business transaction shows just how far we still have to go to achieve true social justice in America! Obviously... Read More
Steve Sailer asks "Why do felines strike us as more feminine than canines?" A few things that come to mind follow. These are just impressions from a human point of view and are not at all intended to answer Steve's other question about "sex hormones and receptors"! - "Feminine feline" or "feline femininity" are elegant-sounding... Read More