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The year 2016 was one of cultural upheaval, the full significance of which will become fully apparent only with the passing of time. Since the late seventies, the GSS has regularly asked about the reasons for black underachievement in "jobs, income, and housing" (correctly assessing it to be a relevant question to be put included... Read More
To the dichotomous question of whether "genes" or "experience" play a larger role in determining personality, there is virtually no difference by intelligence, level of education, or political orientation. Non-whites are modestly more likely than whites to attribute differences to genes. Sex and number of children are among the best major demographic predictors: A rhetorically... Read More
Dennis Mangan links to a study finding positive relationships between greater reproductive success and higher extraversion, lower conscientiousness, and lower openness to experience, as well as a more attenuated positive correlation with higher agreeableness. The GSS dipped its toe in big five waters back in 2006, asking survey participants ten questions, two per trait (which... Read More
Heartiste's fascinated post about a bona fide psychopath got me wondering whether there is any evidence that psychopathy carries with it an identifiable evolutionary advantage in the contemporary western world. If it's genetically beneficial anywhere, the atomized, post-modern Occident is probably the place, since in other times and places it could get a practitioner ostracized... Read More
Via Razib, my results from a Big Five personality traits test (executive branch edition): Given that I reference words from his famous farewell address more than those of any other president, this seems fitting enough. I didn't delve into the methodology employed at the site, but some of the accompanying verbiage asserts that this personality... Read More
++Addition++Initially, I forgot to include Italians because I was asleep at the wheel. Looking through all the GSS categories for sample sizes sufficient to include, I apparently just missed them, and though people of Italian descent are on the low end (n = 81), it's still worth including them, for suggestive reasons if nothing else.... Read More
Are you an absolutist or a relativist when it comes to defining contentment and happiness (or telos, if you prefer)? Is there one definitional formula, or are there countless possible combinations leading to the same answer?I'd describe myself as a relative absolutist. That is, there is one specific optimal formula for realizing happiness for each... Read More
The Big 5 personality traits are intriguing, but aggregate measures are often unsatisfactory. I've previously posted on the counterintuitive inverse relationship between credit scores and conscientiousness at the state level as an illustration of this. Continuing that approach, the correlations with voting and estimated IQ for each of the five factors, as measured by Jason... Read More
I am intrigued by personality variations among populations for many of the same reasons I am interested in how IQ relates to other social attributes, but have been skeptical of the reliability of state level measurements of the Big 5. Eyeballing the research released last year by Peter Jason Rentfrow of Cambridge University, I've had... Read More
Given that the Big 5 personality traits are 50% hereditable, it is discouraging to find that three in four people believe experience, rather than genes, is the primary determinant of a person's personality. That acknowledged, the naturist majority's dominance is not of equal strength across the board. Women are more inclined than men are to... Read More
++Addition++Agnostic points out that 10, which should represent 55% genetic, 45% environmental, gets a large number of responses, even more than 11 does. This is presumably because many people incorrectly see 10 as the midway point between 1 and 21. It's impossible to completely untangle this, since 11 gets a higher response rate than other... Read More
Kevin Mac Donald presents a standard summary of the putative political positions on the nature and nurture question. For conservatives:To leftists:In 2004, the GSS queried respondents on whether they believed experience de