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From time to time, I receive eBay 10% off purchases under $100 due to some disruption in an auction on an item I'm bidding on. I'm not that active a member, probably using the site a couple of times a month on average, yet this has still occurred on multiple occasions. The coupons' expiration dates... Read More
The skill set required for successfully conducting broadcast public interviews is not a relevant one for most people to have. But for those who are in the business, I wonder if there are any protocols, spoken or unspoken, against giving distracting verbal cues to show that, I guess, as the interviewer, you are indeed listening... Read More
For the last several years, I've been using Facebook as an effortless, free archival backup for TAE. I edited the privacy settings on my notes so that I was the only one able to view them. A few months ago, I happened to notice that the privacy settings for notes had disappeared, but I asked... Read More
I recall one of the HBDers on the blogroll off to the right (though I'm having trouble finding the exact post) expressing wonderment at how some people are so physically inert while others, faces contorted, run themselves--literally--to the brink of collapse.Thinking about the question while doing P90X's plyometrics routine today, the psychological benefits alone make... Read More
With the first blast of this winter's frigidity upon those of us in the Midwest, allow me to dispense a bit of practical advice. When a patch of ice causes you to wipe out, most of the time you're going to be landing on your ass after one of your feet slips forward from underneath... Read More
Tangentially related to the recent post looking at the relatationship between intelligence, conscientiousness, and credit scores at the state level are discussions over tactics to build (or more accurately, inflate) one's individual credit rating. Not long ago, Razib emphasized a few ways of going about this (the web is, incidentally, brimming with this kind of... Read More
Mickey Kaus profers some poor advice for navigating four-way intersections on foot (via Steve):As one who has run and biked regularly for a decade, I vehemently dispute this. The following is applicable whether you are obeying pedestrian traffic laws or not (I admit I rarely do and simply cross as soon as I am able... Read More
Three years ago, I presented a listing of countries by how much purchasing power an American would have in each of them if he liquidated his domestic assets and made the new place home. It remains one of the top posts for bringing people in from search engines and I have received frequent email requests... Read More
Awhile back, Fat Knowledge pointed to a report by Ford finding that drivers coached by "eco-driving experts" increased their fuel efficiency markedly:People are actually trained to do this? I presumed most people are aware their driving habits do not optimize fuel economy, but for various reasons (high time preference, not wanting to focus on something... Read More
Occasionally I'm struck, as most people are from time to time, by a thought I perceive to be commonplace that turns out to be a novelty to many of the people I bring it up to. A few of those:- Barack Obama really is an authentic African-American, something the blackest black guys like rapper 50... Read More
In casual conversation, I've heard IQ compared to running ability. That works well enough as a loose analogy, but I'd like something more open-ended for social purposes (Kenyan dominance in middle distance running is more pronounced than Ashkenazi dominance in law). What about thinking of it as anchored boats at sea, able to move so... Read More
Since I do not (okay, could not) make any money blogging, I've developed a sense of entitlement to being able to do it for free. After all, that is only "free" in the accounting sense of the word, not the economic one. Not only am I entitled to blogging for free, but also to the... Read More
To enhance the experience of going to a concert, don't listen to the act performing for as long a period of time prior to the performance as you are able.That's the approach I'm adopting from here on out, anyway. The Trans-Siberian Orchestra rolled through here last weekend at the new downtown Sprint Arena. I usually... Read More
I'm usually critical of public awareness campaigns and service announcements. DARE is one of the most oft-cited examples (in elementary school, I became aware of drugs I never knew existed, like Angel Dust and Ecstasy, from the program, and even recall a couple of kids wanting to realize those drugs' effects having just then heard... Read More
To clear up any potential confusion, in playing around with movie releases from 2005, unless otherwise noted I've been using total box office receipts rather than absolute profitability in judging a movie's success, as that is what the media care about. It is the metric used in determining a film's popularity. Although an adjustment for... Read More
Steve Sailer posted recently soliciting advice on making a vehicle purchase that will reduce his fuel costs. I regularly hear complaints about EPA fuel economy estimates being unattainably high, even after they were adjusted downward. I don't mean to question anyone's integrity, but I don't buy it. They are attainable, and surpassable, if you drive... Read More
Steve Sailer's blogspot account previously served only an archival function. Last December, he began using it as a forum for reader commentary as well. Now, he's using it as his primary posting location. Due to technical problems, is indefinitely on hold. I've edited my roll to reflect that.I've wondered why more writers do not... Read More
A favorite Sailer post consists of an amalgamation of reader suggestions on ideas that journalists (and everybody else) should keep in mind.I have another to add, that I've seen ignored on several occasions. As someone fairly well-versed in statistics, it's obvious. But as someone who frequently struggles to grasp so many things that more informed... Read More
When I take a load off for a couple of hours in front of the computer screen in the evenings, I generally split the time between posting and reading. Posting, of course, requires interspersed amounts of re-reading, depending on the subject. The first half goes to posting, the second to reading.Or at least that's how... Read More
I've been a Wal-Mart regular for several months now, ever since discovering the company's helpful per-unit price displays (usually in pounds or in ounces and standardized across all brands offering a certain product) to the left of each item's total price. Instead of having to fire my parsimonious neurons at full capacity to compare per-unit... Read More
I've noticed more than a few times in conversation one person asking another about a pay rate for this or that position. After getting an hourly rate, the person will indicate he wants to know about annual pay.Save some breath. Take the hourly pay, double it, and add "thousand" at the end. That approximates the... Read More