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Trump laughs at your four television networks! And unlike Tom Tancredo back in 2008, he is dominating in the polls, with the most recent showing him at 25% with the next closest in the Republican field at 12%*. His campaign's official platform position on immigration is here. This is a leading presidential contender putting his... Read More
A montage from a lot of disparate online discussions on the topic follow, with a little sensationalism to get the ball rolling in some places. Not a lot new here, but I devoted some time to this and if your predilections are similar to mine but you're busy with life at the moment, feel free... Read More
In a post lamenting the right-wing crazies and craziness of the HBD-sphere and without any apparent sense of irony, Jayman declares: With all due respect (and I have a ton of it for the guy, who I've had the chance to get to know not just on an intellectual level but also on a personal... Read More
With access to an outlet like this blog, I generally try to keep unsolicited opinions and assertions about 'controversial' topics to a minimum in other venues; at work, on social media sites, on the field, at casual social gatherings, etc. This stuff can consume a person if he's not careful. The cynical, unhappy, misanthropic curmudgeon... Read More
Advances in gene sequencing and brain scanning technologies are continually threatening the human notion of free will, and the smart money appears to be on us coming to the uncomfortable realization that we have a lot less control over our actions, behaviors, and abilities than we think we do, sooner rather than later. That said,... Read More
If my mom has ever voted for a Democrat, it was before I'd become a twinkle in my dad's eye. She's not especially political, but was so disgusted by McCain's "rush back to Washington" that she sold her vote to me (vote 199,314 for Baldwin/Castle). Yet at the Republican caucus last February, she reacted as... Read More
++Addition++OneSTDV asks:From Pew's religious landscape survey, a breakdown of blacks by religious affiliation in the US:Affiliation%Black churcher52.6Protestant (Evangelical)16.2Unaffiliated11.4Muslim7.1Catholic4.6Protestant (Mainline)4.2Jehovah's Witness1.3Orthodox0.6Mormon0.5Buddhist0.5Other (Christian)0.4Other (non-Christian)0.3Jewish0.2Hindu0.1The majority of American blacks belong to black churches, but it isn't overwhelmingly so. Among Christians (including Witnesses), two-thirds are members of black churches.It is conceivable that active black churchers are more racialist than... Read More
Steve Sailer has repeatedly pointed out that election-time exit polling consistently overstates the Hispanic share of the vote. Just as consistently, this tendency putatively provides evidence of the rapidly increasing importance of courting Hispanic voters. Inevitably, the more thorough and reliable Census phone survey of some 50,000 people released months later downwardly adjusts Hispanic representation... Read More
Arthur Brooks has argued the future of the GOP is bright because conservatives are more fecund than liberals are. Half Sigma modified that assertion by showing that the fertility gap by political philosophy did not translate to party affiliation. Self-described conservatives, whether Republican or Democrat, have more kids than self-described liberals, Republican or Democrat, do.... Read More